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There was no question about the fact that I liked men. Craved them. That must've been why the thing across the street caught my scent. But what it came hunting for was much more than I'd have ever guessed and his appetites would be unlike anything I'd ever known before. The question was if I'd be able to go unscathed after just the one night in his possession.

Érotique Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

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I clamped my mouth shut. Trying to adapt to this situation. I pulled at one chain, then the other. Trying to make my movements subtle enough he wouldn't be able to tell. I was holding my breath.

His hands were sliding under the thin film of my nylon dress until reaching the curve beneath my breasts. He ducked low to reach high up my dress and just frame them. Pressing upward enough to test their weight before dragging those palms back down my skin. Rough calluses making pinpricks of tingling on my sensitized skin.

My body was nearly trembling. I tried to hide the hints of fear taking over my body and come up with a clever escape.

Didn't women always manage that in the movies?

"I'm going to take my time with you..." He growled. "Until your hunger is fully fed."

"Fed?" I whispered in question. Trying to distract him from the fact that I was toying with the chains. Trying to twist my wrists enough to unwind them.

To get some slack.

"Watch you struggle is beautiful. These bountiful tits." He cupped them over my dress and thrust his thighs against the foot of my bed.

Startling me enough I gasped.

The movement sent the big mound of flesh rolling upward and into his hand. Making him growl appreciatively.

The nylon barely contained all my flesh, and I hadn't worn a bra. With the open back it'd have detracted from the fine fit of the garment. So, it was opened down the front to several inches below my naval. Sitting open as wide as the curve of my ribs all the way down from just beneath my breasts. Revealing soft brown skin that I'd always received compliments for. The gap between well over six inches. Exposing all of my cleavage and the upper rise as it connected just below my collarbone. Open so far that it left only a bit of fabric barely covering my nipples as it went up over my shoulders.

Realizing my struggles may've freed one, I glanced down my body, hoping to not tempt the man to anything more than he intended.

I caught sight of the edge of one brown areole on my right. Dammit.


"What are you staring at?" He purred.

I looked up at him. Lip curling in contempt.

But his dark gaze was locked where I'd been looking.

"Ah. I see..." Lifting a hand to slowly reach up and trace the edge of that areole with a broad fingertip. Before edging the fabric over enough that it hooked to the side of my nipple. Immediately making it jump and stiffen to a hard nub which kept the fabric from sliding back and sent thrills of sensations through my body.

"It is delightful, isn't it? How every inch of a woman's skin can be lit on fire by the right touch. How no matter how scared she is..." His eyes roved over the opening in the dress, that fingertip slowly trailing the edge of fabric down to my lower pelvis just above my pubic line, where he pressed slightly.

Making my ass immediately flex to press upward against the pleasurable pressure pushing on the outside caused me inside. Especially when my body was already over-sensitized from wanting the man I'd intended to come home with and then from teasing myself with my toy.

"Her body is still that of an animal." He continued. "It will still respond to the correct touch. Still wet itself for the acceptance of a man...No matter what she is thinking."

I was thinking, I was getting the hell out of this. I hated the feeling of being chained down. So tightly that I was sunk into the bed. I couldn't move my legs because he was between them, bent over the bed to freely touch me.

Like in my nightmares.

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