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Matthew Clark is socially awkward - and he's ok with being invisible. He is a smart student and all he wants is to have good grades to grant his so dreamed scholarship in Havard. But, then Olivia Barrow arrives to his school. And when she focus her attention in Matthew, things will change in his life.

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Chapter 1

I was stirring in the chair, making draws in the notebook, and looking out through the window.

Mr. Perk, the math teacher, was once again talking about the equations he had already taught the day before. I had spent all the last afternoon studying them, so I didn't need a second explanation. All I had left were these useless actions, at least until the bell rang. And I was praying that it didn't take too long for that to happen.

"And so, what we need to do when we have the X to the other side is..."

I tried to pay attention, but it was really difficult since I already knew what he was talking about. I look up to Liam, who seems to be more restless than I am. He moves his feet back and forth like a child while looking at the teacher as if he was speaking a foreign language. I couldn't decide if he was bored because he wasn't understanding the subject or if he just had already studied it and wasn't in the mood to hear it again. With Liam, we never know, he's the most unpredictable of my friends. A good part of this fact was due to the fact of him being my only friend. As if it felt that my gaze was over him, he looks at me, blinks me an eye, and quickly turns his attention again to the teacher. I roll my eyes, and sit back on the chair, praying that the bell doesn't take too long to ring.

Finally, the awaited moment arrived and all my prayers corresponded - the bell rings. I put the things on my case as quickly as I can and get out of the class. All the students are doing the same as me, getting out of the class while chatting with one another. I look at my feet and start walking down the corridor, hoping that no one would notice my existence. As soon as I see the left corridor at the corner of my eye, I change my direction while keeping my head down. It's only when I reach the school front that I allow myself to look up. As I expected, it was empty. At this time, everyone would be at the cafeteria having lunch. I sit at the stairs and take my sandwich and my bottle of water from my backpack. When I'm about to start to eat, I see Liam coming in my direction.

"It's so easy to find you at lunchtime", says Liam, while seating at my side, "I wonder if you ever talk to another human being outside of your parents and your little brother."

"I am talking to you", I respond, raising my eyebrow.

"I don't count because I am the most amazing person in the world. It's easy to talk to me, I attract people."

I can't help but laugh. Liam was a really funny person when he wanted.

"What was the menu today?", I ask.

"For today's lunch, we had a fillet mignon in a bed of asparagus and a sauce of black truffle."

"You really have to stop to see so much Masterchef", I say, with a laugh.

"OK, OK you got me, it was puree with a strange meat."

"That's why I come here with my sandwich and my bottle of water."

This time, he laughed, "Who do you want to fool? You come out here because you don't want to see anybody."

I shrug my shoulders and continue to eat my spinach sandwich. Liam stays in silence at my side, which I appreciate. But of course, with Liam, the silence never lasts.

"Have you heard the news?"

"What news?"

"You never know anything, it's impressive. Are you sure you leave on the planet earth?"

"Are you sure?", I return the question.

"Sometimes I doubt, to be honest. So, where was I? Oh, the news, have you heard of the news?"

"I think that you already asked me that", I say with a smile.

"Yeah, I know but I thought you could remember something if I asked again. But get this - Olivia Barrow will arrive today at our school!"

My face must have revealed my lack of knowledge because Liam's expression becomes horrified, "You don't know Olivia Barrow? The Olivia Barrow?"

"I'm afraid I don't know who Olivia Barrow, the Olivia Barrow is."

"Oh my God, you really don't leave on this planet. Olivia Barrow is a kind of legendary girl. Some say they joined the circus during summer. Others say that she was the principal dancer in the national dance company. And others say that she was so good at acting that Hollywood had already made her several proposals for her to participate in movies."

"And as far as you know that could all be just lies."

"Or not, you don't know", says, closing their eyes for a bit while a soft smile appears on his face.

"Earth calls Liam, are you there?"

"Sure, I'm always here. So, are you excited?"

"For what?"

He raises an eyebrow, "Have you heard what I've just said?"

"Yes Liam, I heard. Uh, uh, I'm super excited", I respond, rolling my eyes.

After some time, he says, "I'm happy you are excited because Olivia Barrow has just arrived."

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