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A dream about my starlight and what I would like her to do to me

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Take Me Like This

I just got out of the shower and had a towel wrapped around me when I heard you call my name. "Hey", I said, coming into the bedroom. You were standing at by the door waiting for me, those beautiful eyes on fire and your bottom lip pulled softly between your teeth. I walked up to you to give you a kiss, but you reached up and grabbed the edge of the towel on both sides of me and started pushing me towards the bed. I felt the back of my legs touch the edge and you put one hand on my chest and pushed, making me fall backwards onto the bed. You climbed on top of me, opening the towel and letting it fall to my sides as you did. Straddling my hips, you slid your hands up my body, taking my hands and bringing them above my head, leaning over to kiss me deeply as you did. You fumbled around for a moment and I felt something cool snap over my wrists. "What are you doing"? I asked, my eyebrow raised at you. "You'll see, love", you replied, pulling away from the kiss. You raised up and began to pull off your shirt, showing me that you werent wearing a bra underneath. Tossing your top somewhere across the room, you leaned back over me, moving foward enough so that your bared breasts were presented directly in front of my face. "You asked once if you could make me do something with these. Suck on them. See if you can make me cum." I complied with your command, raising my head enough to begin licking between them. My reach was limited so you shifted so that I could focus on one at a time. Opening my lips, I sucked in as much as I could, hearing you moan my name as I gently applied pressure with my teeth, the entire time steadily swirling my tounge across your sensitive nipple. After a few moments you moved to the other side, making me switch. I gave that one the same treatment, feeling how aroused you were and causing you to grind on top of me. I started to tease you some, leaving that tender spot, kissing and licking, occasionally nipping with my teeth, all around as far as I could reach, then pulling you back into my mouth, determined to mark your flesh as mine. Eager to fulfill your request, I devoured what you presented to me with a ferocity. You whimpered as I brought you to the edge several times, but not close enough to tip over. Frustrated and desperate for release, you sat up and lifted off of me for a moment. You had a wicked light in your eyes as you stared into mine, removing the rest of your clothes. You climbed back onto the bed and as you did so, you stopped for just a moment, and, looking up at me, licked the length of my cock, then pushed your lips down the shaft as far as you could take me, making me lay my head back and push my hips upward, involuntarily trying to make you take me deeper. You smiled at me as you let my cock slip out of your mouth and you started to move back up my body. "Make me cum," you told me, "Make me cum and Ill reward you." You shifted further up my body until your knees were on each side of my head and you were looking down at me. You lowered yourself and I moved my head to lick you. I began to feast on you, dragging my tongue between your legs, feeling the wetness of you, tasting you, hearing your beautiful moans of pleasure as you encouraged my attention to your pussy. You leaned forward as the tip of my tongue found your clit, your arms resting on the headboard while I flicked that sensitive area without mercy. Griding into me, my face was covered with you as I pushed you towards climax, occasionally driving my tongue deep inside of you, drunk on the taste of you. "Mmmmmm.. oh, f#&k!" you cried, your legs clenched around my head, yours thrown back as you poured over me, juices trickling down my beard and neck, hands holding onto the headboard to keep yourself upright. "F#&k, f#&k, f#&k," you kept repeating when I didnt let up, causing you to orgasm one after another, each one building into the next, only stopping when I could feel your legs shaking around me and the sounds coming from you had become an unintelligible moaning. You took a few moments to catch your breath, still straddling my chest and face. As your breathing returned to normal, you looked down at me and stroked the side of my face before sliding back down, kissing my forehead as you did so. "You deserve an extra special reward for working so hard for me," you whispered into my ear. Moving further down my body you took my hard shaft into your hand, and leaning over as you stroked the base, licked the head of my cock. You continued to stroke me as you sucked on the tip, tasting me, teasing me, looking up at me with those gorgeous hazel eyes of yours. You paused for the barest of moments before going back down on me, as far as you did earlier, causing me to thrust upwards as I groaned in pleasure. Pulling up just before I hit the back of your throat, you came conpletely off of my cock before going down again, a little deeper this time, once more causing me to moan at what you were doing to me. You began to bob your head up and down my shaft, your tongue doing all sorts of delicious things as you did. Your hands were tight on my hips, making sure I didnt push too deeply along with what you were doing to me. "Hmmm! I'm getting close baby," I managed to say, my hands clenched against the restraints, breath coming in ragged gasps. Then you stopped. You held your mouth, those wonderful, sexy, and amazing lips, just a hairs breadth away from me. Looking up at me you asked "What do you want me to do?" "You're teasing me love, I need to cum, Im so close." I answered, twisting, trying to get to you. "Should I do this some more?" you asked as you sucked in my cock again. "Mmhmm" was all I could answer. I groaned in frustration when you let go once more. "Or," you teased as you moved up my body, kissing my skin as you went, "do you want me to do this?", taking my shaft in one hand, sliding down and taking me fully inside you. It was all I could take as you ground on me, kissing me deeply, the sensation and feeling of you on top with me deep in you causing me to climax explosively. I pulled aginst the restraints, growling in my release as I thrust upwards into you as you rode me, draining every drop of cum I had to give you. "Mmmm, good boy," you purred into my ear as you reached up and unsnapped the leather cuffs on my wrist. I put my arms around you and held you against me. "I think we both need a shower now..." I murmured to you, loving your giggle in reply.

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Sean Elliot I write mostly because and about my Starlight, a person very close to me and something more. The twin of my own soul. I write mostly poetry, but also some short stories.

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