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A 38 year old teacher name Mrs. Samuels that has the hots and feelings for 16 year old name Jamal, as she deal with other young boys that is Jamal's age.

Érotique Interdit aux moins de 21 ans.

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About Mrs. Samuels

Mrs. Samuels was a 38 year old English teacher at a high school who had the hotts for a 15 year old boy named Jamal, and also has the hotts for boys and girls younger than her. Mrs. Samuel as a young girl growing up at home, where her mother worked at a diner and her father worked as a Machanic. Sandra at a young age, was always molested by her older sister Brenda Huggings, which was a terrible experience for her, as she would tell her mother and father, but they would'nt believe her which led her to move out her parents house at the age of 18. She then moved on to marry her husband Barry Samuels, as her last name before was Samantha Hugging's as had they were married for 30 years and two children a boy and girl. Sandra's husband, the only man that ever cared about her, and loved her, died in a car crash, while on his way home from work, which left her a widow as she mourned for his lost.

Sandra was in class teacher English to her student also the main one, none other than fifteen year old Jamal walker as he was the straight A student in her class as he was also the boy she wanted to be with, after her late husband Barry died in a car crash.

Mrs. Samuels as a widow started having fetishes for young boys at ages like fifteen to ninteen years old. She also had a thing for young girls as well, as she like to go both ways. When moving out her parent's house at age eighteen and lived on her own, she was able to work and go to school which led to her being able to afford her on place.

There in the state of Los Angeles California she worked a job as a teacher at a high school were she teaches English. However, as her being a teacher at the Los Angeles high school, she had a crush on the 15 year old boy named Jamal walker as she would always pass him by winking, blowing kisses and waving Hi at him everyday at school as he was either in the hallway, or at lunch with his friends. There they were, in class as Mrs. Samuels was teaching English, as the students were being thought punctuation, grammar, verbs, similes, nouns and adjective. Every time Mrs. Samuel would ask a question to the class, Jamal was quick to answer the question and would get them right. He was good at the work he was doing in class and the homework he was doing at home. He was a top student in his class as the teachers, his father and mother were all proud of him, for the zeal that he has for learning English and other subjects in school.

One time Jamel had finished his class and went to his locker to put his books in it. There as Jamal was at his locker, he unlocked it and open it, and as he did so, he heard a voice behind him "boo!!." Then as Jamal jumped from hearing the sound he turned around to see Cindy behind him laughing. "Hello Jamal, how are you?" Asked Cindy greeting Jamal with a smile on her face, "I'm doing just fine and you my love?" Asked Jamal as he and Cindy kissed each other on the lips as she says "wonderful honey, as I'm seeing you finally." Then as Cindy and Jamal were standing there, along came the teacher Mrs. Sandra Samuel the most sexiest teacher in the school walking down the hallways of the school, with the click clacking of high heels and womanly walk. Then as Mrs. Samuel walked the hallway of the school, the boys in that hallway would be checking her out as all of their eyes are on her, while she gracefully walked the hallway of the school. Jamal himself standing with Cindy was mesmerize at her beauty. Then as Mrs. Samuels walked the hallway she looked at Jamal and waved at him with a beautiful smile on her face. Then as Mrs. Sandra Samuel saw Jamal the principle Mr. McClain came to talk to her.

Jamal as he saw Mrs. Samuels speaking with the school principle, he was still looking at how sexy and fine Mrs. Samuels is, as he saw her beautiful figure and nice looking butt. While standing there admiring Mrs. Samuels someone snapped a figure in his face. "Hello Jamel, looks like someone needs to snap back to reality, don't you think?" said Cindy as she was the one that snapped her fingers in Jamal's face. "What is it Cindy" said Jamal after Cindy took his focus off of looking at Mrs. Samuel, "why the hell are you checking out Mrs. Samuels Jamal?, is it because she waved at you just now, anything for you little boys to crave a woman's attention" said Cindy to Jamal "yeah Cindy like you female don't crave they attention of men with your breast, your butt and your vagina as you wear sexy lingerie, swimsuits and bikini" said Jamal explaining the double standers of men and women in todays society. Jamal still at his locker while still continuing talking with Cindy, along came his friends Zack and Damien. "Hey what's up Jamal, what's good fam" said Damien "What Up!, Jamal" said Zack as he gave them both a fist bump. "Hey Cindy" said Zack "hey Damien and Zack, seems to me that this is going to be guy talk, so with that I'm out of here, bye Jamal" said Cindy as she gave Jamal a kiss on the cheek and walked off. There Jamal was with his high school buddies talking with them "Tell me Jamal ladies man, you want to go out with us tonight at Zack's place" said Damien "yeah dude, they're going to be a lot of girls their" said Zack "Yeah right you guys and besides my father and mother want me to be home doing my homework" said Jamal to his two friends. "Homework? come on man it's Friday, you can do that over the weekend and you know that" said Damien as both Zack and Damien caught their friend Jamal looking and check out Mrs. Samuels talking with the principle of the school Mr. McCain. Then as Jamal stood there looking at Mrs. Samuels, one of his friends Zack waved his hand in his face "hello!! earth to Jamal" said Zack to Jamal as Jamel then woke out of his daze of seeing Mrs. Samuels. "Hey there Zack, What's up man" said Jamal as he spoke to Zack, "man, why on earth are you checking out Mrs. Samuels?" asked Zack "what man, come on, she is fine as hell" said Jamal, "Yeah, she is fine as hell and your English teacher, look stay away from Mrs. Samuel, if you want to have a girl at lease deal with Cindy, she around your age" said Zack as he warn him about Mrs. Samuel as she was the English and English literature teacher. "Come on Jamal so what she is what, 38 years old and you're 15 years old man, man you could at lease smash that" said Damien as Jamal said "yeah I could smash, but I should still take into consideration that she is my teacher" said Jamal, "well Jamal, have it your way, well, anyway, check you later man" said Damien as he and Zack gave Jamal a fist bump and walked off.

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