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This is a short story about how humans destroyed an animals home, so the animals destroyed the humans home. This turned into a never ending war.

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The carnage

Some time ago in a old town, a whole bunch of wild animals held meetings. They held these meetings to make shure that the humans didn't mess with them. If they did then they would announce war on the humans, the humans normally steared clear of the animals. Then one small thing changed, the animals had a food shortage. So to survive the food shortage they had to steal from the humans, the humans got mad at the animals.

The humans decided to have a small meeting of their own, "you said that you knew the animals are to dumb to get hungry!"

"well then why did you believe me then?!?!?!?"

" I trusted you!"

"That was your mistake."

"Oh your right I never should have trusted a snake!"

At the end of all the human's bickering and arguing they finally came to a conclusion, to go war with the animals.

The humans set up catapults with large boulders, to destroy the forest and animals. Unfortunately the animals were in a meeting of the forests, far in the woods. Which ment that the humans couldn't hit any of the animals with the catapults.

When the animals came home from their meeting they found their homes crushed in pieces, nothing was left of ther precious homes.

So the animals called a second meeting and told the other animals about the destruction the humans created.

When the animals heard this devastating news they rushed immediately to attack the humans, the lions went to the place attacked and kept look out. The other animals built defenses around the edge of the woods. Then after the defenses were built the animals attacked the humans and demolished their houses.

This war lasted centuries, and eventually the animals and humans eased of the war and it became more of a small fight. They didn't ever stop fighting though, so the war that became a small fight will last for years on end. I dought that neither the humans or animals have learned their lesson. There hasn't been anyone or anything that can stop this never ending fight.

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Horror writer Hello, I love to write stories but occasionally I can get carried away with other things. So I’ll try my best to update my stories on time.

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I think my story is amazing but honestly I wold like a little feed back.
February 11, 2022, 22:27