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I hope you enjoy this wonderful story about a girl going on a crazy adventure !

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Willa Jane Walker

It was Saturday and I was getting ready for her birthday party. I was going to be turning nine on Monday and she was very excited about it. And to think I was turning nine!

My best friend Charlotte would be coming to the birthday party! In fact my intire class would be going to the party! My mom was running around the house and trying get everything ready for the guests.

On Monday I couldn't wait for everyone to come! But something unexpected happened. Her mom got a phone call. After she hung up, she came over to me and said, "honey, you can't have your party. You have to go to your Aunt Wendy's house. She is having a birthday party for you at her house."

I was very mad that she couldn't have her birthday party. But instead of holding a grudge and not going, I decided to go because she has never met her Aunt Wendy.

My mom said she canceled the party and that she was very sorry she couldn't invite any friends.

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