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“Sir, I’m really sorry, but I don’t know you and if you keep coming back I will call the police!” she said as she closed the door in his face. It was futile. He knew she was being serious about the police, she wouldn’t joke about that. He knew because, after all, she was his mother.

It happened three days ago, while getting back from work. It started with his house key not fitting in the door lock, which was strange enough, but then his own mother didn’t recognized him, in fact, she didn’t recall having a second kid. It was so strange.

His brother was in soccer practice so he figure he should try talk to him. Maybe his mom was developing Alzheimer’s or something, it was the only thing he could think of. He caught up to him during his break.

“Hey Sam!” he greeted, and the stare he gave him send a chill down his spine.

“Do I know you?” those words froze him in place. Him too? Was it a sick family joke?

“It´s me, Jacob. You brother. Remember?” he looked at him as if he was some weird psycho.

“I think you got the wrong guy, I don’t have a brother.”

It couldn’t be. What was going on? He insisted they knew each other but that only made his “brother” more wary of him, so he stopped.

Why did they forget about him? Was it a dream? I was all too real to be a dream. His existence was in question, he needed to find proof that he was a member of that family, but how?

The only thing he could think of was getting a family photo album, but that would mean breaking into his own house. It was the only way.

Night came. He waited patiently until all family members were fast asleep. There was an extra key under the doormat, thing he had forgotten was available before. He opened the lock and entered the house with only a flashlight in hand. The house was exactly as he remembered. The albums where in the shelf besides the old couch. He looked for the family vacation album, where he was sure were always photos of the entire family together. He flipped through the pages and his heart sunk.


Pictures where he was sure he was supposed to be in had an empty space in his place. He was nowhere to be found. It didn’t seemed Photoshop. He didn’t like this at all. He frantically searched in every other album but the results where the same. He was not there.

“Who´s there?!”

Someone was coming down the stairs, if they found him he would go to jail for breaking and entering. He quickly bolted out the door and into the darkness of the night. He slept besides a garbage can that night.

There had to be something to acknowledge his existence, anything.

The he remembered. He won the tennis championship last summer, there was a picture there with him and the mayor in the town´s sport hall. He was the only one from that town to win it, the only one who could be in that picture had to be him.

The sports hall was not a busy place, so it was fairly easy to get where he wanted to be. The same story happened again. In the trophy shelve, the one besides the mayor was not him, it was the guy that came in second place after him.

He wanted to scream, something was terribly wrong. Why was that happening to him?

He was getting hungry and went to the nearest gas station to get some crisps. While paying the cashier he noticed his ID card still in his wallet. It was in one of the pockets so he had to take it out to see it completely. He took a deep breath and unveil the card.

It was blank. Was that even possible? What madness was going on here?

He forgot about the crisps and ran away.

It couldn’t have gotten worse than that, but it did.

He tried to meet a friend of his, hoping he would know him. She worked as a ticket seller at the cinema.

“Hello, Elena” He greeted, but she didn’t respond. He tried to greet her again but, again, there was no answer.

Frustration got to him and he screamed, a scream that everyone would surely notice. But they didn’t. No one was noticing him.

He tried to make funny faces, scream insults at everyone and do everything he could to attract attention, but it was as if he was invisible.

He looked at his own hands and found them translucent. He was disappearing.

He yelled in horror and realized not even him could hear his own voice.

Suddenly, with only despair as reminder, he was gone.


Three days earlier…

“Jacob! Come clean the kitchen!” his mom yelled.

“Mom I’m playing a game here! Can’t it be later?”

“No! Come clean and you need to go shopping later!”

He gave a large whine as response and had no choice but to do what she asked. After the kitchen was clean he was heading out to get groceries like his mom asked, only to be greeted at the door by a punch in his chest.

“Hey nerd! Got some friends coming over so I´ll be using your video games.”

“What?! You can’t just do that, they are mine.” His brother gave him a menacing stare.

“Wanna fight for them?” he couldn’t fight his brother, he was twice his size. He gave up and just continued with his task.

Back from the store he took a detour towards the park. There was this new fountain installed, he was curious about it, since it was the first installation placed in the park in decades.

It was a dull looking fountain, nothing really big. He saw some kids throwing coins inside. They thought it was a wishing fountain, how adorable.

He got closer and saw his reflection in the water.

He took a penny out of his pocket and throw it into the well.

He laugh at himself for doing such childish thing and headed back home. Giving no importance to the wish he just made, not realizing that you have to be very careful of what you wish for…

…As you never know if it will come true.

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