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I know you all have read this story, the Bremen Musicians before but have you ever imagined it in real life before. In my version of the story I will highlight all of them out. All the behaviours of the animals the donkey, cat, hen and dog. What did do they for their master to maltreat them? Did they ran for real? How did they even ran out their master's house secretly? You will find all of your answers here! So please stay tune!

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The Fulfilment Of Dreams

The Bremen town musician story is a history in a small town in Germany, Bremen. They got their inspiration from this story. If you have stayed there before, you can see that the animals in this story are presented in all their Museums. Many authors have written their point of view about the story but right now I share it with your it in real life. THE STORY BEGINS…………

A donkey once lived with his dumb evil master. Earlier was the animal strong and too hardworking but for years he had worked all day, every day without any rest under the roof of the master. His master was just an evil jerk who don’t care about animals and he always says “The donkey was old and useless”. Despite that, the master worked with the donkey but decided to stop feeding him for some time.

The donkey later became so ill. One time while his master was away, he sneaked out of the mill where he was working and decided to run away to chase his dream which is singing. It wasn't easy though for him to leave because the master had huge tall walls and also some dogs who were trained for barking. It took the donkey some hours for him to run away because the dogs were around. He was able to succeed.

In this part, the narrator can say that we shouldn’t follow others to their dreams while they chase for but we should always think about ours first.

As he went away and the master later came home. The master couldn’t find him. The master said to himself “he ran away! Oh no problem I don’t even want him anyway”. But as time passed by the master then realized how the donkey was helpful and not greedy like him. Things became worst and worse.

For the donkey not before long after he met an old hound who was sitting, crying by the roadside. He said to the donkey that his owner had abandoned him because he was too old to work. Donkey comforted him since he had been through the same situation before. He also told the hound too about his problem and said “Don’t be sad. Come with me and let’s start a band in Bremen town”. The hound agreed and they set off straight away. Although, sometimes is hard for us when we have problems but there is certainly someone or two who has the same problem as ours.

On the way to Bremen town, the donkey and the hound meet a cat who was thrown out by his owner because he was too old to catch rats and also too lazy. Which are destroying all the crops of his owner. Donkey and hound said to him, “Come with us and let's start a band in Bremen town. The three of them then went off down the road together happily and singing. While walking and singing along, they met an older rooster who was singing a very sad song. He told them his sorrowful situation. They felt sorry for the rooster. They also told it that they all had the same problem. “Your voice is great and wonderful,” said the cat. “Why don't you come with us to Bremen town and let's all together start a band,” the donkey said after. Then the four went together ready to chase their dreams.

I will end this part with the saying, “Together we climb faster”.

They walked for many hours. It became dark and the four determined friends arrived in a park. They were so thirsty and hungry and also needed a place to stay for the night. But before they all fell asleep, their eyes caught sight of light and sooner they found a house, inside of it which lights were shining brightly and colorfully. The neck stretched through the window of the house and saw that several dangerous-looking robbers were sitting around a table eating and drinking greedily. What they saw next made their mouth wet. In the same room was a table decorated with all kinds of tasty foods and drinks and a big chest full of gold and silver additionally.

The four animals friends threw themselves and opened the window and started to sing loudly altogether. The Donkey brayed, the cat meowed, the dog howled and the rooster crowed.

The robbers were suddenly frightened. “Who is there?” one of the robbers said. The next sounding made them think there was a big monster coming for them that they jumped up and ran away. The animals laughed as the robbers ran away like children being chased by an ant.

Donkey, hound, cat, and rooster went into the room, sat down around the table, and began to eat happily. Minutes later after they had eaten and drank enough, the four animals settled down to sleep to cover up their long journey. In the middle of the night, one of the robbers returned and crept into the house to see what chased them away.

The dumb robber was so scared that when he saw the shining eyes of the cat in the night he firstly almost screamed but he thought they were normal lights so as he moved towards them, he used his hands to touch to know the exact thing. This made the cat awake and scratched the robber’s hand. The robber turned and headed for the door. Unfortunately, he was bitten by the hound, who was sleeping behind. Frightened, he shot out of the door and was given a hard kick by the donkey on his butt. The donkey was standing outside. The robber ran to the garden, where he was pecked viciously by the rooster.

Back to where the other robbers are, one of them said “Why is this idiot still in the house”. “I don't have any idea, maybe he is eaten up by the monster,” the other said and they all giggled but before they finished, they saw a figure running towards them. It was their partner. His speed towards the others made all the robbers break into a race, dropping their weapons to run for their lives with their fear. They went far away and never were seen again.

From then on, the donkey, cat, hound, and rooster lived happily together. Since they were never troubled by anyone else they easily forgot about going to Bremen to sing but didn’t forget their dreams. With their talents which are, the donkey who plays the guitar, the cat a violin, the rooster a singer and can also play the trumpet and the hound drums they grew and multiplied to create a big community. Even their masters later came to apologize and supported the dreams of the animals. They all lived happily after.

I hope you enjoyed the story and had learned how you all can chase after your dreams without giving up. Always be attentive and be ready for any situations like how the animals did when the robber came in the night to destroy them.

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