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The story telles about the conflict among motherhood, chastity and feminity. Mira Jwardar a deserted woman lives in inlaw's house. She has sacrificed her every desires ,passions love and feminine intinct in the name of chastity and motherhood. She feels her husband every moment on her own.

Romance Suspense romantique Tout public.
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Her Midnight Guest. Ch 1

All of a sudden Mira woke up hearing a stranze sound from the kitchen.She was sleeping in the near by room on the floor. Five years back , Mohan her husband deserted her . He was the single kid of her father-in-law. No quarrel ,no issue but he left all. Even his small newly born baby Shantanu could not chained his legs. In a rainy night he abondened his spouse, kid, his octogenerian father and his family...
Since then she left the room and started sleeping on the floor. She became a complete vegetarian.Shantanu , her kid was very small then grew to three years boy . He was one night expressed his will to sleep with grandpa Shnehmaya Jwardar.The old landlord of Gouripur village owns a big estate. He has everything big palace like building , beautiful garden ,car and numbers of sarvents and maids, what is nothing is peace in mid. It is his only grief that his only son is missing . He tried to seek him but failed.He is still remained untraced. He cannot bear the pain of his daughter- in-law. He loves and cares her as his own daughter.He consles her most of the time that Mohan must come one day , it is his firm believe.
"Rani Mashima,Oh! Mashima ,Mira cried.
You did not close the kitchen tonight?"
"Na gomaa erokom bhul amar hoy na! Tumi biswas koro. Darjata ami thik deyechhilam. Ki bhabe khule gelo janina bachha!(No, my dear I generally do not do such mistake.Believe me I did close the door perfectly.My dear ! how dit get open , I don't know) .Saying all these old Rani aunty came to the kitchen hastily. She has been working in this house for decades. She took responsibility of taking care of Mahan when landlady Aparna Jwardar departed the family fifteen years back after suffering a long illness in cirvicle cancer.
Mira and Rani tried to trace the cause of sound in the kitchen. They guesed it could be a cat or a mouse. The kitchen door was half opened. They also doubted it could be a sneak thief.
The gate keepers Ranu and Bhola too reached the spot and wanted to know the incident. They too started thinking differently. They searched the store room , outhouses cattle shades. They doubted it to be thief who had ventured into the to take the advantage of this rainynght. They left no stone unturned. So they left kitchen one after one. Mira back to her room. She tried to sleep , but she couldnot immediately. She tried to imagine Moahan .He was a nice guey lady killer heart throbing young man. He used to sleep grasping her tightly whole the night. She loved it.Often would tell her beautiful love stories .Closing her eye would she listen him.Then she used to sleep suddenly. Mohan asked her from her back ,when he would find her sleeping. He too fall asleep beside her.Someday if he felt little more romantic he would ask her to join in love game. Most of the time she agreed and very seldomly she denied. After one year of their marriage the cute baby Shantanu came to them.

She took a long sigh,habitually she sktreched her bed as if to find Mahan. Her body and mind suddenly felt him to the bed.Her body got fired in excitement .She still dreams him, his acompany his softly cares. Really he was very caring for ,her real her. Often her adrinal gland secrates excess amount its hormone , her blood gets speed of a race course horse!! Fire !A fire that no one see but she feels tolerating it !..She rushed into the bathroom poured cold water on her body violently to extinguished the fire arousal and senstion. She tried to sublimate her fire and bodily hunger.Shnehamayb-abu too awake by listening the pouring water in the bathroom.

He waited till she came out of the bathroom. "-Are you fine bouma!Or you are feeling unwell ?" "Nothing that sort.Simply abrupt breaking of sleep ,eyes were not closed again ....(She fumbled). Old gentleman understood she had been ashemed off.He got up without further ado. Silence wraped entire sky except a single owl was hooting after certain intervals. Darkness had dominated sky ground hills village river bank everything. Mira heard her father - in - was suddenly started caughing. He tried to check keep it under control but coludn't.She the wax candle searched the small box of Clove Cadamom."Take these and slowly chew them it will check your caughing." Shnehmay slowly streached his trembling right hand took cloves. Indicated her to go her room and sleep. Mira silently moved away........

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