Mary Tevis

Getting forced into a party with your two best friends nothing can go bad. Who new running into someone can change your life forever. And not for the good. He became obsessed with me. And controlling and threatened me when I didn’t listen. Would Bella be able to change his mind set or would her life take a change for the worse. Read and find out

Criminalité Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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The party

"girl hype up this could be the day you meet someone." my best friend of 9 years Avery said hugging me.

"you know how I am," I said leaning my head on her shoulder.

"you're pretty and have a heart of gold there's nothing for you to be worried about," Avery said giving me a glance

Avery and my other friend of 8 years mia has convinced me to go to a party with them. but me being me is having a hard time being social.

"I'm not doubting you on this, but I just freeze when others talk to me," I explain for like the millionth time.

"we'll just follow me and Mia and we will get you someone right away," she said wagging her eyebrows at me.

"is Mia ever going to get here?" I asked.

"I know she is taking long it was her idea to get ready together," Avery said going to my dresser to get her phone.

Mia finally showed up with a bag full of stuff.

"Hey Avery, hey Bella," Mia said putting her stuff down.

" We are going to a party, not a vacation." I joked seeing all her stuff.

"yea but I couldn't choose what to wear so I brought a few outfits," Mia said grabbing her clothes.


this was my outfit as I'm not a dress kind of girl.

I had whites shoes and curled my hair into beach waves. I had vans that finished the outfit with a little makeup.

Mia wore a tight blue dress that went mid-thigh. with black heels and she did half up half down hairstyle.

Avery wore a tight black dress with light black heels. she had makeup done and curled her hair. they both look hot.

"you guys look amazing," I said smiling

"you should of taken our suggestions and wore a dress," Mia said.

"you know I don't do dresses guys," I said standing up grabbing all my stuff.

" I know but you can't blame me for trying at least," Mia said smiling.

we all got into a taxi and left my house. luckily it's only a 10-minute drive so we will be there soon.

"Tonight we are going to let all our problems go and have fun," Avery said grabbing our hands.

"no drama or anything just fun," I said smiling.

we finally got there and let me tell you the place was packed.

"dang," I whispered.

we got out and walked into loud music. now this isn't my first party but this is the most extreme I have been to.

"let's get this party going," Mia yelled grabbing mine and Avery's hand pulling us into the dance floor.

I was dancing for about 15 minutes before I started getting thirsty.

I told the girls I would be back and walked away. as I was walking around the corner to the kitchen I ran into this big handsome man. spilling his drink all over him.

"oh my gosh, I am so sorry," I said my eyes widening in surprise that I made a complete fool of myself.

"don't worry about it sweetie it was an accident," he said looking me up and down.

"let me help you clean up," I said having him follow me upstairs.

we got to a bathroom and I saw that he was taking his shirt off. I looked somewhere else which made him chuckle.

" you know you shouldn't be hanging with me," he said with a smirking walking closer after he took his shirt off.

"what do you mean," I said giving him a confused look.

"I mean you shouldn't have done this babe" he growled this time grabbing me by my throat throwing me to the wall.

I groaned looking up at him with fear.

he bent down in front of me.

"you also picked the wrong day cause I came to this party to do one thing," he said smirking.

"Please don't hurt me," I begged. he rubbed his thumb on my chin.

"you can say what you want but it's not going to work, I have so many girls in your position." he said looking at my lips. "give me your phone," he added.

"I don't have it in my it's in my purse," I said looking down.

he got up going to my purse as someone knocked on the door.

"yes?" he answered looking at the door.

"Hey Andrew it's me." the guy at the door said.

"Bella go open the door," Andrew said looking through my purse. how does he know my name?

I got up walking to the door unlocking it and opening it. a tall dude about 6,1 blinding hair with blue and green eyes mix.

"oh you finally got her?" the guy asked staring at me.

"come in and close the door," Andrew said now looking through my wallet.

the guy grabbing pushing me back walking in closing and locking the door.

"Bella go sit back down over there," Andrew said not even looking at me.

"I'm not a dog," I mumbled I didn't think they heard but they did.

the guy grabbing me roughly and pushing me to the wall.

"what was that? I don't think we heard you," he said glaring into my eyes.

"Nothing," I whispered.

he had a satisfying look on his face and let go. I went back to where I was and sat back down.

"there it is." Andrew suddenly said.

"I would of thought her phone would be on top." the guy who just came in said sitting on the toilet.

"now I'm going to put our numbers in her phone and get her number," Andrew said. it got quiet for a few minutes before Andrew got done and put his and my phone in his pocket.

"now do you live with your parents?" Andrew asked looking at me.

"n..no," I whispered.

"good," he said pulling a rag and liquid out oh no.

"no please don't," I said standing up and trying to move away. but the guy I let in grabbed me and pushed me against the wall as Andrew walked closer.

"wait can I at least ask one question," I said.

"what.?" Andrew said looking at me.

"who is this guy?" I asked looking at him.

"oh right, this is mike," Andrew said walking to me.

"wait why don't you just drug her because if you run into her friends what are you going to tell them. mike said Andrew nodded putting the rag away.

he grabbed two little pills and my eyes widened.

"Nowhere comes the fun part," Andrew said walking up to me.

"Please no don't." I panicked trying to get out of Mike's grip.

"open up," Andrew said squeezing my cheek making me open my mom he pul the two pills in and put water in my mouth, and hold my mouth and nose so if I wanted to breathe I will have to swallow.

I finally swallowed giving up.

these were strong like really strong. I groaned as I started to fall but Andrew fought me holding me close to him. my whole body was in pain.

"now let's go." mike said.

everything was fuzzy as Andrew started to walk and I went to go walk to but I kept tripping. that's when Andrew picked me up bridal style.

we made it downstairs about to walk out.

"hey, what are you doing with my friend?" I heard faintly.

"you must be mia?" Andrew said.

"Who are you?" mia asked. I was too tired to pay attention but I forced myself to.

"my name is Andrew Blake this is Mike Anderson," Andrew said.

"she had too much to drink so we were going to take her home for her safety," Andrew explained. I felt like passing out but I had to fight it.

"how do I know you are telling the truth let her speak," Mia said.

"Bella." I felt a shake. it was Andrew.

I slowly opened my eyes looking up at him.

I looked at mia and saw she looked worried. I felt the pain go through my whole body.

I groaned trying to get the energy to speak. "I'm f..fine mia I had too much," I said more like slurred. mia looks satisfied. come on mia I know your smarter than this.

"I'll get her home safely," Andrew said and I felt him start walking.

"good job sweetie. but I suggest going to sleep and stop fighting it," he said the last part quietly.

we got in the car and I let the darkness come take me away from reality.

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