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Panic and fear

Panic and fear; I am sure the whole damn world can hear!!

So much going on in our lives,

too much information being shared,

so much so,

we couldn't escape even if we were all blind...

A world so stressed out,

with far too many we could blame…

So much shit going on,

you either feel crazy or about to go insane…

This life is just a huge mess that we all wish we could explain…
Give me a second,

give me a chance,

I almost can't breathe,

God tell me please,

how much longer this chaos is gonna last…?
I need a vacation from all this stress,

I can't hide and I can't run away…

Awake terrified of the future, asleep having nightmares of the past…

wow I think 2021 is gonna be a blast…
2020 RJW

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LS Liyas Syarifuddin
Good poetry and I like the way you express your beautiful words
January 28, 2022, 06:06