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Am I blessed? Would I survive this world? What to do to escape from the negative people? Are there any good friends for me? Am I blessed?? You want answers right! The book you chose is correct!!

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I am Blessed!

I am blessed! and I am blessed,

I may not know

what would happen tomorrow,

I may not know

where I will be in the next ten years.

But I feel blessed

For the present minute, I'm living,

for the people who surround me,

for the life which values me,

for the parents who encourage me.

I feel blessed,

for the people who come

when there is a stress

and when my heart

needs a rest.

I've seen better days,

I've also seen the worse,

I don't have everything I want

But I do have all I need


Poem by a blessed,

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Vijay Shriram Young author looking towards the life! Books of mind or maybe out of the mind but the thoughts are always the hearts.

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IC Indrani Choudhary
Nice poem I feel touched.
March 19, 2022, 18:40