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A little poetry for the day can make a road have many ways! Many times we feel lost in our own mess and seek guidance. I believe that experience is the best teacher. In these chapters I'll be sharing with you how I perceive things to be. Write down in the comment section what youd like me to write about next! have fun reading. This book has been taken from my previous account due to complications with my login.

Poésie Satire Tout public.

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Your first kiss should come from yourself

For I have no potential to bring you peace and no ability to show you bliss, my work here is to show you mercy and teach you your wish. The wish for calm, tensions to fall and never have to beg forgiveness. Take the pain, remember it then clutch it tight and let it fade. Take to you the hate I give and leave the kindness you give me, who shall you be now? A person with no love, no care. Someone who's respect has dropped so low. A being of pure negativity and who shows no mercy. If everyone were to do the same, would everything be ok? So leave the hate people bring to you and take the love you give so free. You may not deserve it and may not be free but allas I know its you and none else shall it be. You make mistakes and fail to be. Your voice is quiet, it shies and flees. Your head is spinning your chest can't breath and yet you stand here forced to read and eat and be and here lies the question, is this really me? You long to be free and soon you shall be once you take your voice and place it in a scene. Make it rage and boil and fill that void with strength and soil. grow your courage and treat it well, for if you step on it it will rot. Be true to you and others too, good people know how to help you. So do me a favor and rest that pretty little head with rosy squishy cheeks and manifest thee, so mote it be.

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