Kaitlyn Shabou

A Evil queen, Darkstar, wants to take down three kids, Aisha, Jake and Mary Rose down. She finds a way to rule the world but, the kids will take her down and she will die.

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The kids

Mary Rose, Aisha and Jake were exploring the zoo. The zoo had so many kinds of animals like pandas and Zebras and hippos. It had alot going on. Mary Rose got her magnifying glass and discovered that koalas have warm blood. When they were walking they saw the man worried before talking into the speaker. "The bear has escaped the cage, everybody panic!" Everyone starts running and running. Jake gasps and grabs his rope. He throws it in the air and grabs the bear by the neck and then rides the bear back into the cage. The bear roars and goes into the cage.

A news

women comes by and claps. "That was awsome!" She Shouts. Everyone piles on Jake and cheer. Then, he gets over the news and everyone jumps. While that happens, the Evil queen looks at the mirror and frowns. "I shall rule the world, nothing can stop me now!" She looks at her skeleton heads and groans. "I will just need a little help." The skeleton heads come into the air and form and big monster. She raises her staff and Shouts, "Fetch those disgusting kids!" The skeleton monster stomps his skeleton feet and Roar. "Reeeeer Roaaaar!" And it goes and destroys everything!

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