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After losing his wife giving birth, Raymond raises his son Mikey, ten years has past and now grown ten years of age, Raymond and Mikey we're leaving from a school play, When a storm bruise over head and was driving home through the country when they encounter a terrifying vampire that's stops them in there path.

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Night of the vampire : full story



1 The Beginning

2 Two Months Later

3 The Birth

4 The Funeral

5 School Play

6 The Night Visitor

7 Fright

8 The Search

9 Search Continues 


10 Moving On

11 The Visitor

12 The Murder Scene

13 The Homeless man

14 Midnight

15 The Crime Scene

16 The Visitor

17 Detective Lance Will house

18 The Watcher

19 Morning Meeting

20 The Cafe

21 Returning Home


22 The Article

23 Later in The Day

24 Stakeout

25 The Homeless Man

26 Calling for Help

27 Mikey

28 Flame

29 The Library

30 The Tunnel

31 Stay Alive

32 Prepared to Fight 


Far beyond our imagination in the depth of the dark realm, there are more sinister forces at work that we can’t opera hand.

In this world, anything is possible, even in the underworld that lurks through the darkness.

Beyond the other side waits an evil that lurks—Waiting for its prey, the one that it craves.

“Human blood” feeds off the fear of people, searching for fresh blood to survive in this modern-day world.



In a small country town called Rockville, a population of 600 people lived in town, two lovers Ally and Raymond Clayton, fell in love in seven grades, and have been high school sweethearts since school.

Growing up together, always spending time with each other, nothing could split them up, enjoying their happiness together, falling deeply in love with each other every day of their lives.

They finally got married later when Ally turned 24 years old; soon after, they moved in together, having a community church wedding. The locals were invited and supported throughout the marriage.

The church was stationed in a field, looking over at Bell’s River; the river runs through the past town that leads to the ocean.

It was the happiest day of their life; So much in love Ally and Raymond stood in front of the priest looking at each other smiling, happily when the priest asked Raymond to say his vowels, turning to stare at Ally, telling his vows he smiles, when Ally smiles back, waiting for her turn to speak.

looking back at Raymond; Ally said her vows with a smile that warms Raymond’s heart; he stared at her knowing he had the perfect woman for him,

After the vowels were said, the priest told Raymond, “Do you have the ring”? Raymond turns to his best man Clive, Clive gave him a ring; taking ally’s hand placing the ring on her finger, the priest asked Ally, “ do you have the ring”, Ally also did the same as they both smiled happily, the priest says both of them, “Now you can kiss the bride”, Raymond looked at the priest then turned back to Ally, stepping forward kissing her passionately, Everyone cheered and clapped when they held hands and when they turned walking down the aisle.



Arriving home from work, Raymond pulled up, switching the headlights off locking the door as he walked towards the front door. Ally was waiting, standing inside near the door, greeting Raymond with a smile.

Opening the door, Raymond walked in, noticing Ally standing there as he smiled back at her.

Approaching Ally reaching out, grabbed her hands, and gave her a gentle kiss on her lips, “How's your day, my love? It was good. I have good news; oh! What is that with a deep smile, we are having a baby? Raymond was shocked. What! Raymond reacted. That's excellent news, kissing Alley again. We should celebrate, Ally agreed as she shook her head and said we should go out for dinner, yes, we should. Let's get dressed and go out, OK Ally replied.

They went upstairs and got ready, preparing a 10night out for celebrations; later in the night, at dinner Raymond and Ally were at the Cheers golf restaurant, sitting at the table next to the window with a view overlooking the golf course, eating, and drinking wine as they celebrate a night out.

Raymond and Ally sat there laughing and smiling at each other when they made conversation, talking about names and their future, Ally asked Raymond what he wanted in a child, a boy, or a girl, Raymond told Ally that he didn’t care about what it was, only wanting a healthy baby; staring at each other with their eyes locked on with smiles so happy when Ally told him that she loved him very much, Raymond replying.

Raymond reached over the table, leaning over given her a kiss when they kissed passionately.

Outside, the light from the post started to flicker; Ally noticed the light flicking slowly as her lips unlocked from Raymond; Raymond stared at her as he noticed Ally staring outside.

Raymond saw the light was flickering and gazed upon Ally and said,” It must be our kiss that light to flicker”; Ally responded with a smile, “I don’t think so”, as she giggled.

Ally stared at Raymond with a sweet passionate stare. When they both smiled at each other, taking sips of wine, they enjoyed their night in town sitting




Days went quick, turning into weeks, then into months, as time went by.

It's been nine months since Ally fell pregnant Ally’s stomach was huge.

At home, sitting on the bed, Ally asked Raymond to come to bed. Still, something was bothering Raymond, pacing up and down the room, he was making Ally concerned, please dear come to bed. I'm not tired, so what's wrong, I don't know what it is, but I feel something is going to happen, like what, I don't remember Raymond replied.

It's just nerves; everything will be fine,

At that exact moment, Ally's water broke. Oh dear, what, I think my water just broke, did it Raymond turn to see. Oh, my, did you wet the bed? Of course not. It’s water, oh boy, you’re having the baby, OK, don't panic, let’s get your stuff and get to the hospital.

Raymond drove Ally to the hospital.

On arrival, they parked outside the main entry as Raymond ran inside and grabbed a nurse, “My wife has a baby her water has broken”, OK Sir Don't worry, OK, Gentle, that's it.

“What's your name mam”, The Nurse asked; Ally, my name is Ally.

Hello, Ally, I'm a nurse, Patty; let’s take you inside.

It was at that time Ally, and Raymond were in the labor ward.

Taking her to the delivery room, Ally laid down on the bed as Raymond stood beside her holding her hand; the nurse Patty asked Ally to breathe and try to relax; Raymond stared down at Ally as she stared back the tractions were getting stronger as the pain got more intense.

The nurse prepared when Raymond watched and looked around. Ally squeezed Raymond's hand as she squeezed it tighter each time.

The pain was getting aggressive, and Ally started to cry and tried to say to Raymond, there's something wrong,

It hurts, keeps breathing, Baby Raymond replied. Patty told Ally it was just normal everything would be fine keep breathing.

Nurse Patty checked to see if the baby was ready, and she had seen that blood had come out of Ally. Nurse Jane, can you come here - Nurse Jane walked over, noticing the problem straight away. Go and get the Doctor, Patty said.

Something was wrong with the labor. Ally struggled with breathing and pain, holding hands with Raymond; he told her to take deep breaths, baby, breathing in and out, taking deep breaths. Raymond supports her by doing the actions with her.

Raymond stares worried and concerned; when he asked, “is everything alright?”, staring at Raymond with a concerned look, the nurse asks Raymond to wait outside but “is everything OK?” he spoke.

Alley is having problems. She’s losing too much blood, and she needs the doctor. I must ask you to step outside - Please wait outside, and we will let you know. She is going to be alright, walking outside the nurse followed and told him to stay here OK. On arrival, the doctor walked inside, Raymond stared with worry when the doctor arrived with the nurse, staring at Ally, the doctor and the nurses noticed the problem and worked on the delivery to help Ally; Screams came from outside when Raymond started to panic. A cold shiver came down his spine as he could hear the cries and pain from Ally.

Finally, the baby was retrieved, but Ally had complications while giving birth; Ally had lost too much blood.

walking up and down the hallway feeling uneasy and worried, Raymond was concerned for Ally,

But unfortunately, it was too late Ally had passed away, the nurses couldn't save her, the doctor and nurses tried their best to keep Ally, but it was too late.

One of the nurses came outside and told Raymond the terrible news. Raymond nervously asked, “Is she alright - What was going on”, the nurse looked at Raymond with a tear in her eye. “What's wrong - Is she OK”, asked again.

“I'm sorry we couldn't save her - She had lost too much blood”, “No! No, I must see her”. Raymond pushed past the nurse when the nurse called out Raymond, walking into the room noticing the doctor and the nurse standing at the base of the bed.

Ally Raymond called out, walking around grabbing her hand as he stared down at her noticing she had past Raymond broke down crying as he grabbed her and held her.

The Doctor stepped forward and paid his respects. I'm sorry for your loss, Raymond; we tried to save her; standing up; Raymond wiped his eyes when he turned to the doctor and said, I know - You did what you could; thank you, the doctor nodded his head. I will leave you to grieve and to say goodbye, what about the baby - What happened to the baby is, the baby is fine he's in intensive care you can see him soon, did you say he, yes you have a baby boy, Raymond smirked with a grin, but we will sort that out soon take your time, The Doctor replied.

The Doctor left the room with a nurse as the other stayed near the door. Raymond reached to grab Ally’s hand as he bent down to kiss her on the forehead, with a tear running down his cheek " Goodbye, my love, Raymond replied. Looking over to the nurse, Raymond nodded his head as she made her way through, covering Ally with the sheet.

Goodbye, Raymond replied.

I want to see my son, yes, of course, please come outside, and I'll bring your baby to you. Walking out, Raymond glanced back to Ally before leaving the room; please wait here. I'll be back ok, waiting in the hallway. Raymond was trying to put himself together when the nurse arranged to bring his son.

Arriving back with the son, the nurse said to Raymond,” Raymond meets your son. The nurse held Mikey when the nurse said, “would you like to hold your son”, Reaching out Raymond took hold of his son, holding him in his arms, the nurse smiles and asks, what are you going to call him, staring down at his son Raymond starts to cry, tears ran down his face, Mikey, that’s a nice name said the nurse. Is that Michael, the nurse asked, yes, it’s short. After the name of my wife’s dad, the nurse smiled and said, yeah, that sounds great, Raymond.

Staring at Mikey, Raymond starts to cry, saying hello, my son, "I will look after you. I promise I’ll take care of you, my son, handing Mikey back to the nurse, more tears run down his face when Raymond couldn't hold his emotions, sorry give me a second, Sure...Take your time, the nurse replied, I'll wait for you when you’re ready, then we can talk,

The nurse held Mikey as she walked away, placing him back in the delivery room, lowering him in a crib; another nurse stood smiling down at Mikey.

The two nurses stood staring down at the crib, looking at Mikey, when one nurse replied, “Such a beautiful boy, yeah, I love it when we receive new babies”, it makes me blush, what do you want kids, oh no! I squirm when a new one comes along.

Mikey lays in his crib staring up at the nurses as he smiles and makes a slight noise; the nurses stare down as one says I think he is trying to say something when they giggled, staring at each other.

Soon after, Betty Raymond’s mother arrived at the hospital; walking down the hallway, she noticed Raymond sitting on a chair in tears.

Betty placed her arms around Raymond when he held her tight, crying when her apologies to Betty,”

I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, I couldn’t do anything to save her, Betty told Raymond” it wasn’t your fault – there’s nothing you could do, but Betty asked what about the baby, Raymond told her” he is safe, he is a healthy boy,” I have a grandson – that’s great, yeah, Raymond nodding his head, Betty said Raymond “ look don’t worry, we will look after him ok, just you and me everything will be fine, ok, Raymond stared at Betty agreeing by nodding his head; Betty asked” where is our boy, they had taken him away to get checked I think”, is he alright, Betty asked, I think so, Raymond answered.

I would like to see my grandson, and we must find the nurse, Raymond said, Betty stood up, noticing a nurse walking towards her, stopping the nurse, and asking if she could see her grandson, the nurse agreed with a smile and took Betty and Raymond to the labor ward.

Arriving at the room, the nurse pointed out Mikey to her and walked inside when Betty stood with Raymond looking through the window noticing Mikey in the crib; the nurse picked up Mikey and brought him to the window when Betty was so pleased and happy for her first grandson, “He looks like his mother Betty replied, Raymond, said yes he does, Betty held Raymond as they stood there staring at Mikey very happy.




One week later,

Outside of town, a local graveyard named Greystone lies near the woods on the outskirts of town. A funeral was taking place for Ally.

Raymond held his son Mikey when his friends and family were around him, grieving when they gathered around the grave, saying their goodbyes.

A priest was saying his prayer speech.

When Mikey was sound asleep in Raymond’s arms, Raymond looked down at him and turned to his mother, Betty; tears ran down his face as Shirley placed her hand on his shoulder, Betty asked Raymond to hand over Mikey when she grabbed him out of Raymond’s arms, listening to the preacher’s voice Raymond looks down at Mikey then turned to the coffin.

After the priest had finished talking, he asked Raymond to take a rose and place it in the coffin. Everyone else placed a rose on the coffin as one by one they paid their respects, Raymond and Betty stood to the side when everyone came by, paying their respects to them, the funeral is over, people left the area when Raymond stood there, Betty told Raymond” I’ll give you a few minutes to say goodbye, I’ll wait by the car, Betty walked off with Mikey waiting at the vehicle watching Raymond when Raymond took a few steps forward telling Ally that he loved her. He will look after Mikey” I will look after Mikey the love I promise”; Raymond placed his hand on the coffin when he cried out as Betty stood watching her son grieving before arriving back at the car; “come on dear, let us go home, they got into the car as Raymond stared over to the grave as he asks Shirley to hand back Mikey; the vehicle drove off as Raymond stares down at Mikey with Betty looking on with a smile.





ten years later,

Raymond had been raising Mikey all by himself. Raymond found it hard, but he coped with a lot of situations. Raymond’s mother Betty also had passed away when Mikey was five years old,

Mikey had grown up, looking like his father but with his mums’ eyes.

Raymond was proud of Mikey, a grade student and popular at school; teachers loved Mikey, always talking about him. The teachers never had a problem with Mikey. He was always willing to learn new things and focus on everything he did.

For Raymond, he had just turned 43 years old, working as a sales rep for a high-tech firm dealing with high technology. The job was good, well paid, and Raymond was always busy, but when it came to Mikey, Raymond dropped everything for his son to be there at any given time.

It's the year 1993, A Friday night, It's Christmas Eve, and there's a storm brewing outside,

The wind was strong' Mist flowed in, covering the whole area thick as smoke.

The rain poured down. Lightning flashed in the dark sky as the temperature dropped.

It was Christmas Eve, Raymond and Mikey had just arrived at the school, walking down the hallway. Mikey was in front of Raymond, rushing as they were Nearly late for the Play.

Backstage Teacher Mrs. Jones was waiting to prepare the kids for the school play arriving behind the curtain. Mikey and Raymond appeared. Oh great, you’re here Mrs. Jones replied, sorry we were late the storm is getting worse out there. It’s OK you’re here now - Mikey quickly goes and get dressed, get ready and go over there with the others gets I'll be there soon, Yes Mrs. Jon.es., replied to Mikey.

Making conversation, Mrs. Jones asks "

How bad is the storm, it’s terrible oh - Well it shouldn't interrupt the play tonight - I think the children will be great tonight, Yeah, they will. Well, I better go and sit down and wait with the other parents - let you get back with the kids, yes thank you, Raymond talks later, Raymond shook hands with Mrs. Jones then went to sit down outside with the other parents.

Mrs. Jones walks up to Mikey. "Hello Mikey, how are you? Are you ready for the Play, yes, Mrs. Jones?

The children were dressed and ready to go on stage when thunder echoed above the building; the children freaked out as Mikey Looked up to the ceiling. Mrs. Jones Watched Mikey it's only a storm, OK, Children look at my focus on the play everything will be fine. Mikey, look here. Don't worry, OK children, get in your places, stand where you must be, and let's start the play.

Mrs. Jones appeared on stage talking to the audience. Hello everyone, welcome to the Christmas Eve play; I hope you will enjoy what we have installed to sit back, relax, and let the children entertain you; so, let's not wait any longer; let’s start the Play. The audience clapped as the curtain opened and play began to form.

Mikey was on stage starring in the school play and watching Mikey as the space started.

Raymond watched Mikey perform as he smiled and enjoyed the play, clapping his hands; the audience clapped as well,

The storm outside got heavier and louder as the roof of the building shook the wind blew branches when the rain filled the streets, mist flowed through covering the area making it thick. The lightning flickers brightly as a roar in the sky echoes.

The audience looked up to the ceiling as the children on stage stopped the play. Frozen starring up at the roof, Mikey stared at Raymond. Staring back, Raymond it's OK, so it's only a storm, Mrs. Jones came onto the stage and calmed the children as they were frightened.

OK, children look at me; it’s just a storm. It’s only going past. It will be over soon,

The children stared at Mrs. Jones, feeling comfort, and listening to what she had to say.

The play resumed, and the space went on; the storm had calmed down the roof stopped shaking. The wind slowed down; the lightning gently flashed in the distance when the rain slowly came down spitting.

An hour later, the play came to an end.

The parents in the audience stood up, clapping their hands as Raymond starred at Mikey smiling. Mrs. Jones came back on stage making a statement on behalf of the children. Well, and I hope you enjoyed the play,

Did you like it? The parents clapped and replied. Yes, thank you for coming and enjoying the rest of your night; Mrs. Jones asked the children to take a bow as the audience applauded. Walking off stage, Raymond stared at Mikey walking off with a smile on his face.

Moments later, Raymond came behind the curtain behind the stage as many other parents collected the children. Mikey had just gotten dressed, walking out when Mrs. Jones told him Well done, Mikey; you did very well tonight; thank you, Mrs. Jones.

Raymond walked overlooking out for Mikey. When Mrs. Jones approached, the kids did well tonight. Yeah, they did, you like the play, I enjoyed it, well done on the hard work, thank Raymond Mikey saw his dad and ran over Dad. How did I do dad, did I make you proud? Of course, Mikey - you did great,

Well done, Mikey, Mrs. Jones replied to thank the kids did all the work they should be pleased with themselves.

Are you ready to go home now? Yes, dad, Mikey answered, OK then let's go, thank you again, Mrs. Jones, see you after Christmas, Raymond replied, of course – bye, have a good Christmas.

It started to rain heavily again, pouring down as the storm returned,

Raymond and Mikey walked through the hall heading towards the main door.

Other parents were waiting at the door as the rain fell hard. Raymond and Mikey arrived at the front door noticing the rain was coming down.

OK, we will run to the car – ready? Raymond asked, yes, dad, hold my hand. Get ready to set. Go running down the stairs Raymond held Mikey's hand as they ran to the car.

Arriving at the car, Raymond pressed the button to unlock the car as he told Mikey to Jump in, closing the door " Slam “We made it, other parents watched on as one father said See, they can do it so can we,

Reversing back, Raymond drove off as they drove out of the car park and onto the country road.




The headlights on the car shone brightly as the rain came down hard, the wipers on the window were on rapid speed when Raymond turned on the air conditioner to make sure the windows didn’t fog up " Boy, that rain... The windows I better turn on the aircon for windows, so they don't fog up,

driving along, Mikey stares out the window when the lightning flashes. Jumping back in fright woo, Dad, that scared you, yeah, don’t worry, it's only lightening we will be home soon.

The road was wet and slippery the headlights on the car shine only a few meters on the road as Raymond knew he had to be careful while driving,

The mist was terrible. It covered the road Making the road visible to see, better drive carefully. Mikey stares at him with a concerned look, be careful, dad, I will, son,

I won't drive too fast. It’s too wet and slippery. I will focus on the road.

Driving through the country around the mountain and across open fields, the rain had dined down, sprinkling as the headlights shined against the mist as they moved through,

suddenly a figure was on the road; the lights shined as the image emerged. The silo wet appeared. Watch out! Mickey called out. Raymond reacted quickly, swinging the steering wheel, swerving but losing control of the car as it slid and skid into a tree " SMASH " The vehicle crashed into a tree on the other side of the road when Raymond was knocked out cold from hitting his head on the steering wheel. Mikey was also knocked out, but the mist followed the street with minor injuries as the train stopped.

A creature from the darkness, A Vampire, what came from the Mist, the silo wet appears from the mist approaching the car as the vampire stares into the window. Noticing Raymond was unresponsive, The Vampire sees blood running down his forehead as he sniffs the air smelling Raymond's blood; Mikey is unconscious

And the Vampire stared down at Mikey, sniffing his hair.

The Vampire opened the door, grabbing Mikey and holding him in its arms when they disappeared into the mist.

Moments passed, Raymond had woken up,

opening his eyes, feeling dizzy and nauseous,

feeling the pain in his head as Raymond sits up, he leans back, grabbing the rearview mirror noticing the dripping blood downside of his face; wiping the blood with his fingers, Raymond stares at his hand covered in blood. Turning to see if Mikey was alright, he noticed that Mikey wasn't in his seat. Mikey, Raymond called out.

Panicking as he looked around, calling out, Mikey Raymond stumbles to get out of the car.

Opening the door, Raymond slowly gets out as he stumbles, exiting the car. Raymond stood by the door, looking around as he called out to Mikey.

Placing one hand on the car moving around to the front, Raymond ends up on the road taking a few steps as he struggles to see through the Mist,

Looking up and down the road, Raymond turns back as the lightning flashes above him.

Standing there in the thick of the Mist a silo wet of a figure appeared, Noticing the Figure holding something, Raymond called out, " Mikey, the figure didn't move. Raymond focused on the Silo wet seeing it was carrying something.

The thunder roars as it starts to rain again lightning strikes brighten the whole area.

Fear and anxiety went into Raymond’s veins putting him in shock, noticing the creature standing there holding Mikey. Realizing what it was, the lightning flashed again

Raymond freaked out, taking a few steps back.

The figure growled and made an intimidating sound which scared Raymond, stood frozen, and scared. The creature smiled at him, then stared down at Mikey, opening its mouth showing its sharp pointy teeth. Raymond’s eyes opened, what he saw was a Figure standing in the light, Raymond was noticing the fangs.

Raymond watched, as it took a bite digging its teeth into Mikey's neck; drinking the blood from Mikey, Raymond screamed out,” No, give me my son”; the vampire rolled its eyes, staring up at Raymond, staring at the creature, realizing it was a blood-sucking Vampire from the night, Raymond watched the Vampire as it spread its wings; Raymond stood back in fear, frightened, and scared for Mikey; the vampire stared at Raymond with intense eyes and a smile that rips through the nerves from your face. Watching with fear, Raymond couldn't do anything. The vampire leaped, flying off into the night as Raymond ran forward yelling! No! Mikey.

The creature flew off into the darkness, Raymond stared into the sky, the rain came falling onto Raymond’s face before dropping to his knees crying, leaning back calling out for Mikey “Mikey”.




Moments later, Raymond was walking alongside the road stumbling as he moaned and grieving for his lost son Mikey, unaware the Vampire was watching him high above kneeling on a branch.

Staring down at him, Raymond walked along Sobbing, and the Vampire watched Raymond then turned to look down at Mikey as the Vampire opened its mouth and drew its teeth into Mikey's neck, draining the blood out of him.

Walking along the street, a vehicle was approaching from the distance. The headlights on the car shone brightly when Raymond held his hand up to his face trying to block the glare.

The mist had disappeared from the road; the rain gently came to ease as distant lighting appeared brightly.

Thunder roars as the vehicle get closer Raymond spots the car coming towards him, moving to the side of the road Raymond rushes towards it waving his hands signaling the car, realizing it is a patrol car, the vehicle approaches when red and blue lights appear flashing brightly as they came to a stop, the vampire raised its head after biting down on Mikey's neck.

Staring down as it watched Raymond and the vehicle, the Vampire hissed, holding Mikey as the Vampire spread its wings and took off into the night; constable named James Harris Pulled up

When Raymond made his way to the driver’s door shining the spotlight, James noticed it was Raymond. What are you doing out here, Raymond?

In a panic response, Raymond called out, “You must help me, my son, Mikey is gone, who asked James, my son, Mickey! Raymond yelled out, - He was in the car, but now he isn't there anymore,

Constable James noticed blood on Raymond’s shirt” is that blood on your face? Yes. Still, it’s Mikey’s, Raymond, where is your car - did you have an accident, reacting in panic, Yes - I Crashed, it just over there, but are you listening, Mikey is gone missing, Raymond kept saying, yes, I heard you, Raymond, calm down, ok? Tell me what happened, it wasn't my fault there was someone on the road who took Mikey, Constable James looks over noticing the car against the tree, then looks at Raymond, what do you mean, you saw someone on the road, a man, or a figure who took Mikey, who did you see, asked James, don’t know some man, Raymond replied. Where was the last time you saw Mikey! I told you he is gone. He was taken...

Haven’t you been listening to me? He is gone, a man grabbed him, what man, the man, who was in the Mist. James looks over to the car, then tells Raymond, you need to calm down. Turning back James, opens the door getting out.

James stands near the door, looking at Raymond then back over to the accident; grabbing Raymond around the shoulders, James tells him to stay calm and stay here I’ll go and have a look, noticing the passenger door open on Raymond’s car, James,

He walks around standing in front of the vehicle,

pulling out his torch, he points it over to the car and shines around the area.

James asks,” why would anyone take Mikey? There wouldn't be anyone out here”; Raymond stares at him with a freaked-out look, not saying a word to James’s question, staring at Raymond. James tells him he is out there; we will find him. Raising his voice Raymond replies” no he isn't he was taken, you’re not listening, Raymond, you’re not making any sense there wouldn't be anyone out here at this time at night, James frowned at Raymond and didn't understand what he was talking about; James walked over to the car, looking around, scoping the area as he shines the light all over the vehicle and the bush all around him, walking around Raymond’s vehicle James glances over to Raymond making sure he was OK. James arrived back onto the middle of the road, turning to Raymond, telling him he couldn’t see anything, James told Raymond that he had to report this.

“Raymond, I have to call this in, so please be patient, I can't say my son is missing, just let me call it in; I need to call the sheriff and let him know what’s going on, walking around to the driver’s door, James reaches in grabbing the CB, Raymond asks what are you doing, I told you, Raymond, I’m calling this in," Constable James to Base Come in, Base here " I have a situation here, I'm on route 39. I have Raymond Clark with me, he has been in a car accident, and his son is missing as well, send back up and a tow truck, over, sorry say that again, did you say his son, Mikey is missing, that’s correct he is nowhere to be seen a copy, send back up and contact the chief, copy that James, I have a patrol car on the way I will send an ambulance as well, copy that thank you.

James asks Base for a tow truck as well, but Base wasn’t sure if they could get one this late at night,

but will try, James told Raymond " OK! I called it in, back up is on its way and so are the ambulance, what about the sheriff Raymond asked, yes don’t worry, the sheriff has been called, don’t worry Raymond, we will find Mikey, but Raymond told James that” we can't wait we have to find Mikey right now, he said in a panic voice,

We can't do anything about it for now - wait for the backup to scout the area better; it’s better with more people to search the site.

It doesn’t matter he is gone; we will find him, James replied, staring at Raymond with a strange look; James knew something wasn't right, Raymond's reactions analyzing him as he turned staring over to the accident, James felt something else was going on.




An hour later,

The chief of police Ronald Harris heard receptionist Linda talking on the radio and walked outside the office, approaching the desk, Ronald asked “what was that about. Linda said. That was James he needs back, it looks like Raymond has got into a car accident out on route 39, and his son Mikey, is missing,” what, what do you mean he is missing, tell James I'm on my way, Ronald grabbed his keys and told Linda, tell Raymond that I'm coming, the chief told her, OK sir,

Linda called James, Base to James are you there, hearing the call James answer’s the radio, James, here over James the director just said to me that he is on his way tell Raymond the chief is coming to Copy that Jamie's answered OK Raymond just been told, the leader is also on his way so please stay calm and wait OK everything will be fine now Raymond shook his head side to side saying no as James looked at him strangely knowing something was wrong with Raymond.

Fifteen minutes later, the area of the car crash was covered with police, ambulance, and the rescue team.

Chief Ronald was at the scene, standing next to his

car talking to James, " tell me what's going on James, Well Raymond had come running towards me waving when I arrived, and he kept on going on about a man taking Mikey.

What man! I don't know, what do you mean you don't know, strictly that what I said to him, Raymond kept on saying the man in the mist, Chief gazed over to look at Raymond, so he saw someone a man, Raymond said the man in the mist - well to me that could be anyone, what did he look like, Raymond just said he saw a silo wet that's all. Well, that's not much to go on with - but let me talk to him know about what I can get out of him.

The mist was slowly disappearing when soft lightning was flickering above the clouds.

A tow truck pulled the car from the tree, pulling it up on too the platform,

Raymond watched the tow truck when Ronald walked up to him and stood near as he asked Raymond what had happened.

Raymond, I know you already told James, but I need to hear it from you myself,

please tell me what's going on and tell me where Mikey I know you already said it, but for me and as a friend, we have known each other since school, so I'm asking as a friend. Would you please tell me? The man took him, Raymond replied. James told me you said that 'A man took him, but what man, there's no one out here.

James watched from the distance when Raymond and Ronald talked.

Raymond turns to Ronald giving him a look. Ronald knew the look he saw on Raymond's face he hadn’t seen before.

"Why would anyone be out here this late it doesn't make sense”, Asked Ronald, there was, I nearly ran him over I swerve to miss then crashed Ronald stared down at Raymond knew he was upset, and the tone of his voice knew Raymond was telling the truth and frightened.

Ronald told Raymond, " I know you love your son, and I know you wouldn't do anything to hurt him, but my question is if there was someone out there, who and why would anyone kidnap Mikey, Chief asked.

Raymond raised his voice " I don't know why someone would do that and be in the middle of the bloody road, calm down Raymond doesn’t yell, I'm trying to help you. We need to find my son not sitting here wasting time; we can't do anything tonight, What, it's too late. We need to search the area during the day so that we can see better in the day,

Raymond was getting more upset when he replied to Daylight; it would be too late then. There is nothing we can do about it tonight; I’m sorry, Raymond, sighing as he takes a deep breath. Ronald calmly asked Raymond one more time. The last time you saw Mikey, Raymond stared at Ronald in the eye and said the man in the mist had taken him. Ronald saw his eyes and saw the fear and shock that he had has never seen before.

Placing his hands on Raymond, we will look for Mikey tomorrow; I promise, he is out there, and we will find him; Ronald told Raymond, " He isn't out there. The sheriff turned to look at James, giving him a curious look when James stared back at the sheriff in a concerned look.

The chief told Raymond I’d be back. Walking over, Ronald approached James, making conversation, when the sheriff asked, " Well, I've heard many stories, but this is very strange. James stared at Ronald in curious look; Ronald asked James,” What do you think, what I think - I think he is telling the truth, how do you know, I know, James replied, Ronald and James stared over to Raymond, when James calls out to Raymond” Raymond, turning around James asks “where did Mikey go Raymond.

Raymond raises his head staring up to the sky, when the lightning strikes, flashing over the dark clouds high above,

the sky rumbled when Ronald and James stared at each other before looking up to the sky in confusion.



The Next Morning


The following morning at 6:30 am, Ronald, James, and Raymond were back at the scene; the search team ESA (the Emergency Service Australia), had already started a broad stretch search for Mikey.

Chief of police Ronald Harris took charge of the search, listen up eyes on me. We have a ten-year-old boy who has been missing since last night. He was - no Mikey was wearing shorts and shirt all Christmas decorated.

I want a full sweep of the area starting on that side of the road, " I want ten meters spread from the person next to you.

I don't want to miss anything, so make sure you look carefully, and if you see anything out of place and looks suspicious, report to me straight away. Raymond is a close friend of mine he is like family so is Mikey. We must get this right. We all have someone we love, and we wouldn't want this to happen to any of them, so let's go and find Mikey and bring him home.

Critical now we don't overlook and miss anything. Do I make myself clear? Yes, Sir! Everyone responded, good, let's get going, move out.

Everyone walked in line, heading into the bush, searching for Mikey.

Ronald stood watching the men entering the bush as Raymond’s heart was pounding, scared but worried, knowing his son wasn't in the bush.

Starring at everyone looking around, Raymond knew he was gone and knew what took him but didn't say a word only the thing Raymond knew wasn't human, Ronald stood next to Raymond as they watched the ESA start to work, asking questions about last night’s information.

The only thing Raymond knew was he took a couple of steps forward and replied Mikey isn't out there. I told you before he is gone. We are wasting time doing this, Ronald reacted. Excuse me! I don't want to hear that he is out there. We will find him. Just wait and see But Raymond knew too well staring, and the only thing he could say was it was too late.

Hours went by, and the day went quick,

The sun was setting behind the tree line. Ronald had no choice to call the search off. No one found anything, calling on the CB Chief Ronald to rescue search come in, the team leader called in "SAS team leader here, I'm calling the search off. It’s getting late, so return to base. I repeat return to base over, copy that the search leader called to the other follow searchers to return to base, the search has been called off, so everyone back to base.

The rescue team walked back to base when Ronald watched on; James spotted people coming out from the bush; Ronald took a few steps forward as the team leader came forward, walking up to Ronald shaking his head side to side with a negative response. Ronald sighs, turning back at Raymond, staring at him when silence was in the air. The rescue team packed up started to head out when Ronald and Raymond were the last ones to leave, opening the front driver’s door, Ronald told Raymond to get in. I'll take you home, Raymond walked over and got in, staring across at Raymond Ronald replied let's assume your home, Raymond sat quietly when Ronald asks are you OK Raymond, yeah, I'm fine; shaking his head, Ronald drives on, driving towards the sunset.

It has been six months since Raymond had lost Mikey, and days turned into weeks, and there was no sign of Mikey anywhere, the rescue team could never find Mikey anywhere. When searching for him, there was no choice. Ronald had to stop the search and pronounce Mikey as a missing person.

Raymond never gave up hope and went to the same spot every night, parking the car on the side of the road, Sitting, and waiting to stare out the window looking into the darkness.

Hours went by, and it was nearly midnight when Raymond decided to start the car and drove off.

Arriving home sitting on the veranda staring out day, Chief Ronald was sitting on the porch waiting when Raymond had pulled up. The headlights shone brightly when Raymond saw Ronald, Hopping out of the car. Raymond walked over to the steps walking onto the veranda when Ronald replied Hi Raymond, how are you? I’m OK - What are you doing here? I’m sorry to tell you this, but I must call off the search... there's no sign of him, can’t find him he sounded miserable.

I know - I told you he wasn't out there, but you didn't listen to me. He is not out there, Raymond told him, well! Where is he then, Raymond? I don't know. But I can still feel him. He is out there somewhere; Ronald sighs and moans as he tells Raymond that people are talking and aren't saying nice things about you. Raymond chuckles replies Why I'm not surprised? Who cares? They don't know anything.

Maybe so, Raymond, But I must ask more questions, and I was hoping you could come to headquarters so we can talk.

What for asking me here? I can't. It’s just procedure; Raymond stares at Ronald. Are you saying I did something to him? I'm not saying that you are. I can't believe this. Now stay calm, relax, stay calm. You want me to stay calm when you are causing me to murder my child, no! God no, why would you say that I know you love your son and do anything for him.

I want to ask you some questions. Please come down to headquarters and have a chat. Raymond just sat staring at Ronald in disappointment as he answered, " Fine, let's go”, standing up, Raymond followed Ronald to the car; they got in and drove down to the headquarters,

Ronald and Raymond walked into the station when Ronald told Raymond to sit down, sit here, do you want some coffee? No, I'm fine. OK, sit here. I'll be back in a second. Raymond sat at a desk when everyone looked over to Raymond. Feeling the eyes of people staring at him,

James looks around and says, what are you all looking at? Get back to work.

Approaching Raymond, “how are you Raymond, Raymond replied I'm no different from yesterday, nodding his head, I understand, it’s good to see you again, responded to James; Chief Ronald arrived back at the desk sits down when James walked off " talk to you later Raymond”, Ronald spoke to Raymond about his son and asked to tell him the story again from the start.

Look, I told you already this is wasting time,

No, it's not. I must put this in the report

It's just how it is after Raymond had told the chief what had happened; the guy in the shadow, Ronald, told them there were no fingerprints at the scene and no evidence to back up; Mikey was taken. There's nothing to buy. He can't just vanish into thin air; Raymond knew they wouldn't believe him if he had told what he saw, so Raymond knew his son was taken but kept that to himself.

Raymond just kept his cool and agreed with Ronald as he replied, “Someone took my son. I don't care if you believe me or not, don’t be like that; no, It's OK, Ronald! We have been friends for a long time; it’s OK, don't worry, thank you for trying anyway. I better be off. Standing up, Raymond was about to walk away when Ronald said, "Wait, let me get one of the guys to take you home. I’ll take you home”, James replied. Thank you, James noted, Ronald; Raymond thanked James as he agreed.

What are you going to do now Raymond Ronald asked? Raymond, turned back to look at Ronald and said What I should've done before sitting around doing nothing? I'm going to look for my son. Ronald stared back at Raymond with an unsettling face, then Raymond and James walked out of the department and got into the police car?

Leaving the station, James drives Raymond home. Along the way, Jamie and Raymond don’t have much to say; the conversation is minimal. Arriving home James pulls into the driveway " Here you go, Raymond, your home, Thanks James, Sorry if it was quiet in the car, don’t worry about it - I don't blame you, look after yourself, OK. Yeah, see you later; Raymond got out and walked inside the house.

He was arriving Inside! Raymond closes the front door. Standing in the hallway as Raymond walks into the lounge room, standing still looking around, staring at his surroundings, when he felt and knew there was emptiness.

It didn't feel like home anymore. Over the next few days, Raymond went out every night.

The exact time was he was waiting in the area where he had crashed the car sitting in the same spot.

Parking the car on the side of the road hoping and waiting for his son to come back, the headlights shine brightly on the edge of the road; sitting in the dark, Raymond waits in the darkness for a chance something might happen.

Days turned into weeks. Months go by nothing, sitting in the same spot for a few hours each time, waiting patiently, knowing he wouldn't be there and there's nothing he could do to bring Mikey back.

Taking a deep breath in, Raymond turns on the ignition, takes one more look for the last time out the window, whispering Goodbye Mikey, Raymond drives off.

All of Raymond's stuff was in the car, only pictures of Mikey for memories of Mikey; Raymond left town never to return to Hillside.




One Year Later...

It's been a year since Raymond left the country town of Hillside,

Finding an apartment downtown not far from the city called Bradshaw 107 Heights.

The building has been there for many years, built in the early 1930s; it’s an old building but still intact; water runs fine, but the pipes shake. Raymond lives on the top floor of the apartments overlooking the view to the main road and intersection, Raymond brought the studio apartment for a reasonable price $100,000.

Raymond has been living there for three months, restarting his life, even a career change, selling his old house that he and Ally lived in; Raymond used the money to buy his apartment.

The apartment had a huge vast space big enough that Raymond could use it how it wanted.

Raymond started writing for the local newspaper, the morning circle, sitting behind the desk writing any of the stories that had been given to him.

Sometimes he gets given a job to investigate stories out on the streets, but most of the time, he sits behind his desk writing and editing as the past flickers through his mind.

It was one morning when Raymond was standing on the veranda staring down at the vehicles driving by, watching as they go by, listening, as he stood there during the morning, the sound of traffic and motorbikes, the noise and vibrations echoing through the apartment, is piecing it sounds like metal grinding warehouse.

There were other buildings in the area spread out all around, but the ones in front of Raymond blocked the view of the river; the sun was barely hitting his building; Raymond didn’t get much light in the morning, only in the afternoon when it shined over.

The beam of light shines barely between the buildings, the main road was like no other, but Raymond wasn’t used to the noisy traffic, something that he had to get used to; it was a standard intersection with vehicles come and go.

Standing on the balcony, taking a deep breath in, Raymond relaxed, feeling the morning breeze, the warmth of the sun beaming shining through.

Raymond spotted a boardwalk in the distance and decided to take a morning stroll walk along the river boardwalk and check the area and enjoy the scenery.

Raymond walked along the boardwalk near the water, looking all around when he stopped, leaning on the rail staring across the river.

The sunlight glimmers off the water when Raymond stares down at the tiny waves.

The waves crashed onto the bank as a city ferry went by, watching the ferry getting further away

Raymond turned his head as another boat was approaching; Raymond brushed his hand along the rail as he kept on walking along the path,

A day never goes by without thinking about his son, Mikey; Raymond walked for hours when the time had passed. The afternoon crept up the sun was fading over the building creating a shadow over the town. Dusk has sent in, a shadowy creature appears flying past flying over the water when the sounds of the wings flapped, standing there leaning against the rail Raymond thinks about Mikey as his memories flash back to the past appearing in his mind, thinking of the good times when Raymond and Mikey had.

A cool breeze gently blows across; when Raymond stares up at the sky, looking around, the stars start to come out, the light gets dark, stars twinkle brightly as one by one they come out, Raymond stands still enjoying the night.

Time went by when Raymond decided to go home.




Arriving home entering his apartment, Raymond placed the keys in the bowl next to the front door.

Walking to the kitchen, Raymond started to prepare dinner, standing in the kitchen by the window, when a bat flew by,

Raymond Stared up at the window catching a glimpse of the shadowy creature, noticing it was a bat. Raymond watched it fly by before it flew out of sight in that last glimpse.

Minutes later, sitting at the table having dinner, Raymond sat drinking wine and eating when a figure was on the balcony. Sneaked next to the glass door, peeking from outside of the glass, the figure moves back and forward as it watches Raymond.

After dinner, Raymond got up and placed his plate and glass in the sink; turning to turn on the kettle, Raymond quickly reacted, staring at the glass as he prepared a cup of coffee, thinking that he saw something. Raymond ignored it, opening the draw, grabbing a cup, and placing coffee and sugar in a cup, waiting for the water to come to boil; Raymond stands listening to the kettle; pouring water into the mug as he grabs a spoon. He was stirring briskly as he tapped the scoop on the side of the cup, placing the spoon in the sink.

Taking a sip Raymond walks over to his computer, sitting down as he reads his story, on the case of a homeless man who is a local man who is rich but lives on the street, the figure watched him, taking another sip placing the coffee on the computer table. He started to write; Raymond tapped away on the keyboard writing his story about his Alley and Mikey, who wanted to share the life that they had together.

Hours flew by, Raymond got lost in his story, sitting back, wiping his eyes, grabbing his cup as it was empty, staring into the cup, deciding to take a break, Raymond pushed the chair back as he stood up, walking over to his bed sitting down as he took off his shoes.

Lying down staring up to the ceiling, Raymond tried to fall asleep listening to the sounds of the fainted traffic outside. Raymond’s eyes closed, trying to lose asleep, he struggled to do so,

Raymond opened his eyes, turning his head as he reached over to grab the remote' turning on the TV.

Flickering through the channels, Raymond switched on the late news. Watching the late notice, a reporter talks about a body found down at the wetlands near the river. "The body was found this evening down at the marshes at the boardwalk when two men arrived about to fish throwing in a line when they spotted the body floating near the shore.

Detective Lance Will house was on the scene, and the reporter had asked him, what can you tell us,

We can't discuss it now, but we know it's a female in her early twenties.

All information will be released, so when we find out more, then you will know; Raymond was watching when he reacted "Jesus - Poor girl, listening carefully to the reporter, she also said two teeth marks were found on the Neck and there was no trace of blood; the body was drained what looks like a unique tool used by the killer and leaving no trail behind, only two puncture marks on the left side of the neck on the victim.

Raymond thought it was strange starring at the news with an intense look upon his face.

Sitting up, Raymond sat at the end of the bed, watching the news until it finished. An ad break came on, and Raymond stood up, walking out of the room with the TV on, grabbing his cup, heading to the kitchen, placing the cup near the kettle; Raymond thought about the body when he decided to walk over to the veranda door, opening it, walking onto the veranda standing near the rail, looking outstaring in the direction of the wetlands.




The following morning, the sun was rising in the distance the beam of light glowed brightly between the buildings, Raymond was walking along the boardwalk, heading towards the wetlands, as he arrived looking over to a block wall that stand-alone, looking curiously, Raymond noticed in the distance a police officer and a group of people in bio clothing were cleaning the area, the group was finishing tidying up, two police officers were standing around a taped area where it was blocked off.

One policeman wrapped tape around the area that had caution kept on it, Isolating the area.

Raymond watched from a distance, stopping near a fence on an incline of a hill, looking over as he stares down towards the scene, Raymond stood scoping the area, looking down, trying to get down there to get a better view of the area.

Raymond watched when one officer got a call from the CB, standing and waiting. The officer had told his partner he had got a call for a disturbance a few streets away to check it out, but the first officer told him to stay and keep people away while he should be fine to check it out.

Replying OK, Raymond stood watching an officer walking back to the patrol car and got in; driving away as he watched and turned back to the other officer, Raymond waited for the second officer to leave before getting closer to the area.

Looking around, watching his surroundings, Raymond decided to walk down the street, making his way closer to the river.

Reaching down the bottom of the street, Raymond walked around the corner when he reached the river’s shoreline; walking closer, Raymond went to the crime scene stopping near a wooden shed, noticing an officer walking around the banner.

Raymond watched the officer as he leaned against the wall; the officer suddenly walked off, heading behind the bush nearby. Raymond managed him then decided quickly to walk out as the officer went behind the bush, standing near the banner, scoping the area carefully; the officer came back out, noticing Raymond standing there next to the flag; Raymond looked around scoping the room when the officer came shuffling from behind the bush” Oh – what are you doing,

Raymond stared down where the body was found, jumping back, taking two steps back.

Raymond reacts quickly, noticing the officer,” go on, get out of here; this is a crime scene – you shouldn’t be here”; Raymond took off, rushing away, making his way along the shoreline.




Raymond looked back as he walked off, noticing the officer watching him, making his way, stepping over rocks; Raymond slips on one rock with moss on it.

Landing on his hands, Raymond gets back up when he stops and notices a homeless man standing on the edge of the grass, staring at the homeless man. Raymond gazes in his eyes when the homeless man says, did you see it too, Raymond frowns as the officer comes around the corner and calls out, “Oi, you come back here; Raymond quickly takes off as Raymond keeps staring at the homeless man as he walks on.

Reaching the top of the hill, Raymond stops looking back down at the crime scene, taking deep breaths in, Raymond off; the homeless man watches Raymond in the distance when he follows Raymond and observing him, Raymond was on his way back home, when he approached a bench at the bus stop, sitting down getting some rest. The homeless man stood across the road near a dead-end street when he watched Raymond.

Raymond looked around, noticing a café up the road, thinking to himself,” I need coffee”. Raymond stood up, and then that’s when he spotted the homeless man, standing there watching him; Raymond looked away as he walked off glancing back at the homeless man watching him staring at him; Raymond kept on walking on when he reached a café, stopping outside staring back when he stared down the footpath noticing the homeless man walking towards him.

Entering the café, Raymond stood in the doorway as he looked around, finding a seat next to a wall,

Raymond sits down when the homeless man approaches the front of the café; Raymond spots the homeless man at the show, trying not to take any notice; the homeless man spotted Raymond and walked into the café, walking up to Raymond,

the homeless man asked Raymond, “why were you down at the crime scene? Everyone stared when Raymond noticed and said, “what? Everyone in the café stared over at Raymond, when he tried to tell him, “I don’t know you”, the homeless man made himself welcome by sitting down; staring at Raymond, he asked Raymond again, “why are you down at the river”, Raymond stared back when he told him I don’t know you and I don’t have to tell you anything.

The homeless man sat there staring at Raymond with a grin on his face when he asked Raymond,

what do you know about the woman, sorry, the victim who was washed up on shore; Raymond stares in silence, what do you mean, the woman a man didn’t kill her, what are you talking about? You know, no, I don’t, a female staff member of the café walked over to the table and told the homeless man “you’re not supposed to be here”, sorry, he replied as he stood up walking out, when he turned back to Raymond and said” I know your secret”, Raymond stared at him with a concerned look on his face, when the lady asked whether you see that man, no, Raymond replied, as he watched the homeless man walking across the street.

Raymond asked the lady, “excuse me, yes sir, “do you have a back door? Yes, of course; why? Raymond told her that he didn’t want the homeless man to follow him, the lady told Raymond it was at the back, and Raymond stood up starring across the road as he walked to the back of the café and exited the café, the homeless man spotted Raymond walking at the back of the alleyway when he walked after him and called out to Raymond, hearing the voice of the homeless man, Raymond turned to spot the man walking towards him when Raymond ran off; trying to escape the homeless man, Raymond ran off running down the back streets when Raymond got stuck at a dead-end road.

Running to the end of the street, a wall was blocking Raymond’s way “dam it, turning around to head back, the homeless man arrived, walking down the alleyway towards Raymond,” dam it – Raymond told himself to ignore him. Still, the homeless man stopped in front of him and asked why you are running from me, all I’m trying to do is talk to you,” what do you want, the homeless man told Raymond I know you know something about the murder, no I didn’t, so what were you doing there then, ok, I saw it on the news. I don’t live far from the area; the homeless man reached into his overcoat, pulling out a canteen, taking a sip from it.

Raymond stared at the homeless when the man asked whether he would like some, no thanks, suit yourself; the homeless man told Raymond, “you know that wasn’t the only body that was found there at that spot; Raymond looked at him with a curious frown and asked,” what are you talking about, a second body was found there, really, yes, and do you know - I know who the killer is, really, Raymond replied, with a low concern voice.

Before the homeless man said anything, a voice appeared in the distance, Stop! Don’t move, the homeless man turned to get distracted when he saw a police officer was standing at the end of the alleyway, watching both of them; you’re not supposed to be here, now moved on? Raymond stared at the officer when the homeless man ran off, turning back around noticing the homeless man running away disappearing around the corner, The police officer walked towards Raymond staring at him as he glimpses over to watch the homeless man.

Raymond replied Sorry, raising his hand to apologize, " very Sorry! Move on; you’re not supposed to be here, gazing upon the homeless man, the officer told Raymond, “You shouldn’t be talking to him – that homeless man is crazy, Raymond shook his head, with the agreement, telling the officer he didn’t know him, and he was asking for money, the police officer staring Raymond with a strange look.

Walking away from the area with a nervous look on his face; heading home, Raymond walked on crossing the street, making his way home.

Arriving home, placing his keys down on the side table, Raymond walks into the kitchen, making himself a coffee, standing there waiting for the kettle to boil, Raymond was Getting hungry. His stomach rumbles feeling puckish; when he decided to make something for breakfast, opening the cupboards grabbing whatever he wanted, Raymond made jam on toast, placing bread into the toaster, and making his coffee; Raymond made his breakfast and sat outside on the veranda having breakfast, looking over to the buildings and thought about the crime scene Raymond was thinking about the homeless man what he was saying and where he was cut off by the officer, interrupting, when they made conversation.

After breakfast, Raymond walked back inside, placing his cup and plate in the sink; sitting on the lounge, Raymond turned on the TV to find out anything on the news about the woman and to find out anything how she died, no report on anything was on TV about the body and no source of information given; Leaving the TV on Raymond wasted no time with the case, Raymond walked back into the kitchen making himself another cup of coffee before stepping into the office sitting down at his computer and started writing.

Spending all day writing and drinking coffee, the day went on. Focusing writing working on his book at the desk, taking sips of coffee getting a lot of writing done, time went on, Raymond didn't realize what the time was; the day went quick, it was getting late in the afternoon the sun was about to set, the light from the sun dimmed as dusk set in. The glow of light fading between the buildings when it became dark, Raymond finally decided to take a break from writing Standing up and stretching then walked outside, staring up at the clock, 6:45 pm Raymond whispered to himself I guess I'll start making dinner, the TV was left on when Raymond walked by staring at it, entering the kitchen to start cooking the sound of the TV echoed through the room when Raymond came and stood in front of the TV, standing and waiting for dinner to cook, when Raymond watched a TV, show, a drama based on a true crime.




Later in the night, Raymond watched movies on TV before falling asleep in the lounge.

The time was 2:00 am it was a clear night a cold breeze was in the air, outside down at the footpath, a teenage boy named Daniel was walking home from a friend’s house after sneaking out to go to a party; unaware Daniel had been followed by a shadowy figure from the darkness watching him when the figure got closer.

Walking along, Daniel felt the chill in the air as he forgot a jumper when he rubbed his arms as he walked on, Daniel made his way through the back streets when he reached a set of apartments nearby; coming to a stop, Daniel felt an unease welcome around him when suddenly something flew by.

Reacting quickly jumping around reacting, Daniel noticed it was a bat flying by as it flew under the streetlight,” bloody bat – scared the crap of me, Daniel kept on walking, looking around, being cautious what was going around him and where he was going, when only streetlights shine only a few meters onto the road, darkness covered the area when Daniel walked on approaching an ally way, a light on the brick wall was flickering rapidly.

Daniel stopped, turning his head to stare at the light, watching the light on the wall flicker; Daniel turned to look down at an ally way that was pitch black and looked scary. Daniel started to feel uneasy when he was about to begin walking. When he turned back and spotted a car in front of him, he decided to kick the can; Daniel suddenly heard a noise coming from the darkness, standing still looking back into the night; Daniel focused when he heard footsteps walking towards him.

Observing, listening, Daniel notices red eyes glowing in the darkness, freaking out; Daniel steps back when suddenly a shadowy figure stood in the edge of darkness,

Daniel stands quiet staring at the shadowy figure as his heart races, beating quicker than expected; Daniel only can see a wet silo figure, knowing something was there, the eyes vanished when Daniel stood watching when they reappeared from the darkness, Daniel quickly looked away, running off, up the street, Daniel kept on staring back noticing the eyes disappearing in the shadows again.

The figure came from the darkness standing under the streetlamp; staring at the figure as he stood still watching the figure in the distance, Daniel kept an eye on it as his nerves were shaken up; breathing rapidly, Daniel stared in panic; when he turned around and kept on walking faster, the figure moved from the light, Daniel turns around to see it, but it was gone, Daniel reacted “oh shit – where did it go, the figure followed Daniel when he looked around and decided to keep ongoing.

Daniel approached another ally way, refusing to enter, but Daniel looked around as the figure watched from nearby; Daniel knew he had to walk through the ally way to get home, but he was getting scared, and no one was around to help if he even needed it; the sound of a bat echoed through the night frightening Daniel as he keeps looking around, staring down the alleyway slowly entering carefully stepping one step at a time, making his way through the ally way.

Making it halfway through the ally way Daniel came around the corner when he realizes

it was the wrong way, and it came to a dead-end.

The figured cornered Daniel in the ally way, and the vampire stood at the beginning of the ally way, waiting for Daniel to turn around.

Coming back around to exit the ally way Daniel spotted the figure standing at the edge of the footpath, standing frozen, noticing the figure at the alleyway; only light that shined on the wall wasn't enough light to see who or what it was, panicking Daniel looked around, finding a way out trying to stay away from the figure that haunts him.

Feeling scared and worried the Daniel kept on looking back at the figure, when the vampire started to walk down the alleyway, getting nervous, Daniel kept his eye on it, turning around as he tried to find a way out; noticing when he kept looking back time the vampire came closer,

Suddenly, Daniel turns around again, spotting the figure standing right behind him,” please leave me alone, who are you”? The vampire came into the light as it showed its teeth; Daniel screamed and saw what he was against.

Daniel stared at the vampire, telling himself, “There’s no such thing as vampires”. Before he knew it, the vampire attacked, lunging at him; Daniel screamed out loud when the vampire drew its fangs into his neck and drank his blood from his body.

Across the road, on the top floor of the apartments, Raymond wakes up, sitting up quickly, listening to the screaming, when he jumped to his feet, hearing the sound coming from outside, down from the streets below.

Raymond appeared outside, opening the veranda door stepping outside as he walked over to the rail and looked around; a third scream appeared when Raymond's heart pounded nervously.

Grabbing the rail, Raymond looks down towards the alleyway.

Staring down at the alleyway, a dim light shines slightly as it hanged upon the old bricks wall. Darkness covers the rest of the alleyway.

Struggling to see into the darkness, Raymond tries to focus squishing his eyes trying to see through the night.

Suddenly, the vampire appeared coming forward into the light, standing on the edge of the darkness where the light stops, noticing a silo wet of a figure someone or something standing there when the eyes of the figure glowed in the dark staring up at him.

A cold chill came over Raymond an uneasy feeling, not sure what it was, but something wasn’t right; the figure stood back into the darkness, disappearing when Raymond's heart was pounding, standing there trying to focus upon the dark, breathing heavily as Raymond looked on, all around, scoping the area; knowing something wasn't right, Raymond stepped back, walking inside closing the sliding door behind him and locking it.

Standing at the Glassdoor staring down at the darkness, a car appeared shining bright lights as it went by, the headlights shone brightly through the alleyway for a few seconds, brightening the area, but nothing wasn't there, the vampire had disappeared, Raymond was sure he had seen something standing in the darkness as he gazes down at the alleyway.

Stepping away from the glass door, standing in the middle of the room, Raymond stares back at the glass door, feeling that he is being watched,

Raymond walked away, heading into the kitchen, turning on the kettle, getting his cup ready, and waiting for the kettle to boil.

Moving side to side, something was lurking outside watching Raymond, staring through the glass window, as it made its way onto the veranda,

carefully watching Raymond from outside, the kettle boils, Raymond made his coffee, taking a sip when he walks over and sits on the lounge, Raymond turns on the TV watching anything on

The screen when the vampire observes Raymond through the glass door.

Taking sips from his cup; In the corner of his eye, Raymond thought he had seen something moving around, turning to have a look Raymond couldn’t see anything, Raymond ignored what he thought and stared at the TV as he watched an old movie called invaders, the vampire watched Raymond again, observing him when he quickly turns his head Responding.

The vampire moved away when Raymond frowned; knowing he had seen something again, Raymond placed the coffee down, standing up, carefully walking over to the glass door.

Grabbing the handle to make sure it was locked, Raymond stared through the glass, reaching over to turn on the balcony light. Raymond couldn't see anything, then switched the light off before walking from the door.

Grabbing his coffee, Raymond walked to his computer, sitting down at the desk placing the coffee down next to him, about to turn on the computer, Raymond put his fingers on the keyboard, when he had a strange feeling coming over him, noticing a figure in the reflection of the screen, quickly turning around staring back at the glass door.

Looking around the room, thinking that he thought he saw something, Raymond sat quiet; that feeling like he was being watched, " feels like he can sense something was here, Raymond wasn’t sure thinking to himself” he must see things, so Raymond turned back around staring into the screen when he turned on the computer.

Sitting there waiting for the computer to start up, Raymond took more sips of coffee; when the computer was ready, Raymond was about to write when he picked up his cup and took another drink; realizing the cup was empty, Raymond sighed, “Dam, I finished already, Raymond stood up grabbing his cup, taking it out to the sink.

Walking back from the kitchen, Raymond went back to the computer, standing there staring at the screen; Raymond decided not to write and started to get changed, then hopped into bed, sighing as he yawns; Raymond turned on the TV, laying there watching TV hoping it will help to fall asleep.

Falling asleep, the night went slow, the moon was full, shining brightly as Raymond slept peacefully,

the light of the moon shined down. The vampire lurks outside pacing up and down the balcony, peeking through the glass door, trying to find a way in, reaching for the handle, trying to open it, but the vampire hissed, knowing it was locked.





The following day, Raymond woke up hearing the TV.

Opening his eyes, yawning as he sits up, noticing the news was on TV, Raymond stretches, when he up rubbing his eyes, a reporter spoke on the information, " A body was found this morning in an ally way near the dumpster, downtown”.

Raymond reacted sitting at the end of the bed, staring at the TV, Raymond stood up staring at the news.

With a curious look on his face, Raymond said,” that looks like across the road,

Observing, noticing it looked familiar, Raymond reacted quickly” What the hell! Grabbing the remote, Raymond turned the volume up then threw it on the bed as he walked out onto the veranda.

The TV was playing in the background, with the sound echoing through the apartment; Raymond stood on the veranda when he spotted news crew down near the alleyway; noticing the police had blocked off the area, Raymond watched on as he listened to the news in the background.

Looking over the rail as he stared down at the Alleyway, a detective named Lance Hill house talked to other officers ordering them. When Lance looked around checking the area,

searching for any clues, Raymond watched from above, when Lance scoped the region containing all around when he Spotted Raymond standing on the veranda.

Staring down, Raymond saw a detective standing there looking around; when he looked up towards the apartments, realizing the detective was staring at him, Raymond took steps back.

Feeling nervous when Detective James stares up, curiously scoping the building, taking an interest in the structure, deciding to walk back inside, Raymond stands in the middle of the kitchen, thinking about last night, realizing that he wasn’t dreaming last night.

The detective looked around watching the coroner wrapping the body, covering it with the sheet when they carried the body to the van; the reporters tried to get information from Detective Lance, approaching him shoving the microphone in his face when Lance repeatedly kept saying,” I have no comment at this point of time when I find out information then you will be, Lance pushed them away as he ordered officers to secure the area” no one gets in or out of here – I want you too to stay here until further notice, the officers answered back “ yes sir when they quartered of the area.

The coroner placed the body in the wagon taken the body away, and Lance told officers to clear the area and move people out, as multiple people were standing around; Lance senesced he had been watched, turning to Lookup, Raymond stood staring down when Lance spotted him on the balcony.

An hour went by, the area was clear, detective Lance looked both ways before gazing upon the building again when he crossed the road; entering the building, Lance made his way up to the top floor, knocking on every door until he got information and checked every apartment.

Knocking on doors and asking neighbors if anyone had heard or seen anything.

Lance tried every floor and wasn’t getting much luck; knowing people would be too scared to come forward and won't want anything to do with it.

Lance kept on going, trying to arrive on the top floor, Lance came out of the lift stood at the front of the ride looking both ways before walking down the hallway knocking on two more doors, when he arrived at Raymond's door, " knock – Knock, at this time, Raymond was sitting on the lounge when he turns to stare at the front door, again another knock, lanced knocked,

knowing someone was inside the apartment, Lance heard the TV on,” I know you’re in there. I saw you on the veranda; Raymond stood up, starting when he nervously walked over” wait a minute.

Raymond was opening the door. Hi! How are you? How can I help you? Sorry to bother you, It's OK! My name is Detective Lance will house. Can I come in, Yeah of course - come in, what can I do for you Detective, I saw you down from the road, yes, well you already know about the body, what body, the body what was found this morning, oh Yeah - I do, so I want to ask you some questions if you don’t mind, sure, last night did you hear anything or seen anything, well I'm not going to lie - I did hear loud screaming late previous night around 1:00 am or was it 2:00, which one was it, I’m not sure I was tired, and in bed at the time when I heard it, it woke me up, How do you know what time it was. Because I woke up from the scream, So You heard it, Yes, I heard it, mmm interesting, what did you do when you heard it, I just laid there - it freaked me out, I didn’t want to move out of my bed, fair enough if I were a loner and sleeping, I would’ve done that myself, really, No! I’m a detective; I’m used to it; Raymond nodded his head in reply.

Well, I spoke to your neighbors, and they said they didn't hear anything, lanced stared at Raymond with interest; Raymond stared back, feeling uncomfortable, Raymond told Lance, “They must be lying because I heard it, and I'm on the top floor, Lance shook his head, yes you are, Yeah, I guess some people don't want to get involved Lance replied.

Yes, anything else detective is,” did you see anything”, No! I didn't - I went outside on the Vander. Still, I couldn't see anything, you went outside to the veranda, it was too dark, I couldn’t see anything, Lance then walked towards me saying excuse me as he walked by, brushing Raymond’s shoulder with his, Lance asks you don’t mind I have a look around do you, Raymond realized what he had said, he closed his eyes sighed when he watched Lance walked around his apartment, Raymond oversaw the Detective when Lance stood near the balcony door staring out, as he stared down to the handle and slid it open.

Walking onto the Veranda, Detective Lance stood hanging onto the rail staring across as he looked around” You have a good view of the river, but pity it’s not the ocean”, yeah, it’s a shame; Raymond stood near the glass door staring at Lance feeling unease of the situation, gazing upon the intersection, and scoping the streets below, Lance notices the alleyway in his view of point.

Excellent height, perfect to see all around - the view is impressive, Yes - it is, Raymond, replied softly. What is it like at nighttime? Asked James, it’s relaxing, sometimes’ the traffic can be noisy, and you can hear the hones go by racing in their cars, the lights must be bright, depends on what you’re looking at, James turns around looking at Raymond: how dark is it down there beside the street’s lights, it’s dark! Oh, that alley way should be lit up with lights, no! there is a light, but it's against the wall; the brightness only shines on the wall nowhere else - everywhere else is in complete darkness. - You would have to see it at nighttime to see what I mean. Mm. OK sounds like an invitation; Raymond frowned at James.

“Like to see that myself, one night”, oh ok, AR, sure! Your happier to come back anytime to have a look, OK? Thank you! - I appreciate that; anytime, James thanked Raymond. “Well, thank you for your time. Here is my card. Contact me if you hear or see anything else, no worries! I will come later if that's all right, to check out the light, oh, of course, tonight sure why not, welcome anytime, that’s nice of you. Anytime Detective, James please, no need to show me out I'll be right, OK Raymond replied.

Detective James exits the apartment. Well, thank you, goodbye, no worries Detective, see you later; James closes the door behind him, when Raymond takes a deep breath in, standing there placing his hand on the door for a second, before saying,” bloody hell, that was close, Raymond wasn’t sure if he should’ve told Lance the truth, so he kept to himself, Detective Lance stood on the other side listening when he thought Raymond knew more about the alleyway.




The time 17:16 arrived, Raymond noticed the time, thinking” gee is that the time, the day went quick, Raymond was getting hungry', preparing noodles for dinner, Raymond started to cook, placing noodles in the bowl, filling them with water and placing it in the microwave, turning the timer for two minutes,

Raymond poured himself a drink of red wine,

while waiting for the noodles to heat up

Raymond took a sip from the glass" Ding," Raymond heard the bell, opening the door stirring the noodles as he poured in the sachet, stirring the flavor with the noodles smelling the beef flavor. “AR, which smells great, Raymond replies when he mixes the taste with the noodles.

Letting the noodles sit for a while, Raymond took his dinner to the table with his red wine; sitting down starting to eat, Raymond took sips from his wine as he ate dinner.

At the same time, the vampire arrived, watching Raymond from outside as he crept up on the veranda, watching Raymond sitting and eating, sniffing the air as it could smell the food, the vampire showing its fangs as it opened its mouth when it got close to the glass door.

the vampire used its fingers gently moving them along, scraping its nails against the glass, as it slid its hand along the glass, making a scratching sound.

Raymond ate his dinner when he heard a noise behind him. Hearing scratching behind him, Raymond turned around.

The figure moves to the side, hiding when Raymond notice nothing wasn't there; Raymond turned back to finish his plate, when the vampire came back to the glass accidentally bumped the glass " Bang " turning around with a curious look upon his face, Raymond looked carefully, stood up walking to the door; placing his hand over the glass looking outside, but couldn't see anything.

Turning back to finish his dinner, standing up, Raymond went into the kitchen to wash his plate, dry it, putting them away; the figure watched as it moved around, focusing on Raymond, taking an interest, Raymond walked away, heading to the office, placing his wine down on the table as he sat down, looking at his screen, Raymond typed away, writing his story on his laptop,

Raymond grabs the glass taking a sip then places it back down, typing writing on his computer.

The night was quiet; only traffic sounds went by, the dark sweeps in, when clouds cover the moon, the vampire arrived, lurking outside, roaming the building when the vampire tries to find a way in.

Hours went by. Raymond took another sip of the glass, realized the glass was empty; standing up, Raymond walked outside, pouring another glass of wine. In the corner of his eye, he suddenly turns, reacting, thinking that he saw something, staring at the window, gazing upon the mirror, knowing he had seen something; Raymond frowned, turning back, when the vampire arrived, moving around, noticing Raymond standing close by before it moved away.

Raymond sighed when he took a sip, turning to the glass door, making sure he convinced himself nothing wasn’t there; Raymond didn’t take any notice and walked back to the computer, placing the glass down on the table; Raymond sat down, staring at the screen when a knock at the door appeared.

About to type on the computer, a knock at the door accrued Raymond stopped, paused for a second when he heard another knock, Raymond stopped raising his head, " listening, waiting; just in case a third knock applied;” there someone at the door, Raymond told himself. I swear I heard knocking when he stood up, walking out when suddenly, rapid knocking started, hesitating for a second; Raymond stood still, listening when the knocking got faster. Rapid beating against the door, Raymond jumped, staring over at the front door” Bang, “Bang, Raymond stood back gazing upon the front door.

He was nervously standing, getting concerned. "Who's out there? What do you want? Raymond Stands quietly, hearing nothing; the knocking had stopped. Raymond decides to walk over to the door, approaching carefully, looking down at the door handle as it shakes; Raymond reached down to grab the hold hovering his hand over the door handle, when he replied, "who is it? You better leave before I call the cops; the shaking stopped,

Raymond could hear deep breathing coming from outside when Raymond stayed calm.

Raymond can hear breathing on the other side of the door, leaning down placing his ear on the door" Bang," Raymond jumped back in fright, nervously standing, knowing something wasn’t right. Raymond grabbed the phone, when he called out, “I’m calling the police, suddenly the breathing and banging stopped, Raymond’s nerves were shaken up when he walked to the door,

grabbing the handle, he hesitated for two seconds, then quickly opened the door. Noticing no one at the door, Raymond stepped out slowly, poking his head out looking up and down the hallway.

Looking around up and down the hallway, No one not around; Raymond felt unease and concern when he noticed one light hanging from the ceiling was flickering; he couldn't understand who or why someone would do that. Standing there knowing something freaky and scary was going on, Raymond’s heart was beating fast as he took deep breathes, waiting for two minutes, Raymond decided to take a few steps back, turning around to go back inside, Raymond was about to close the door when he jumped back in fright.




Noticing detective Lance was standing there, " Jesus, Sorry did I startled you, what! No, of course not, are you sure? Yeah, of course; Raymond nervously stared at him, asked, "What are you doing here? You don't remember; we talked about it last time, the light in the ally way – I’m looking how dark it is, you said it was OK to come back at night, of course, stupid me - sorry detective, it’s alright, are you sure you’re all right you look pale - looks like you have seen a ghost, No! I'm OK – please come in, Raymond told him.

Walking inside, “Please come in, detective, Raymond told him, closing the door behind him; lances walked past, looking around at the apartment, not a bad place you have here, thank you, Raymond replied,” would you like a drink, or a cup of tea asked Raymond, I'm on duty. Still, I’ll have a cup of tea, thanks for asking; sure, ok, Raymond walks into the kitchen turns on the kettle when Lance says, asked you don't mind me snooping around and checking out the veranda? Sure, go ahead, I’ll put the kettle on; the detective opened the door stepping out onto the porch when Raymond watched from the kitchen.

Raymond grabs cups out from the cupboard.

When Lance looks around checking the scenery when he gazes down to the ally way; Noticing the light was on, the detective called out,” well, the morning is delicate, you can see the alleyway from up here, what, Raymond replied. come and see for yourself, walking outside standing behind Lance, Raymond noticed the light was bright and knew it wasn’t working probably yesterday, Lance told Raymond “You can see the whole alleyway.

Raymond stood standing staring down, thinking to himself,” Doesn’t make sense, it wasn't like that earlier said, Raymond.

Lance looked at Raymond in a curious look, well, it's bright now, it wasn't like that before, it is now Lance replied, someone had put a new bulb in when we had finished in the day, yeah maybe Raymond said. Lance turned to Raymond and said” or it was working all along, staring at Raymond with a blunt look, No! I'm not lying; I wouldn't do that; trust me, it wasn't like that earlier - I will stand by my word. As you said, someone had put a new bulb in no other option.

Yeah, of course, Lance agreed to look at Raymond then stared over the rail, looking at the view,” Oh well, it doesn't matter, thank you anyway, Raymond; Lance held his hand out wanted a shake, so Raymond shook his hand, “thank you for letting me look. Its OK detective can't explain what happens. Still, it was dark earlier, I couldn't see in the alleyway, but they had fixed it. Lance told Raymond, “It doesn’t matter now, after what had happened, thanks anyway, I must go now, the kettle finished boiling; Raymond asked, are you sure you don’t want a cupper before you go? No, it's okay, thank you anyway, OK, Raymond answered.

Walking over to the door, Raymond opens it, Lance walks out and repeats, thanks, Raymond - we will talk soon when Lance stared at Raymond, goodbye, goodbye Raymond replies; the door closes, standing there as the detective Lance walks back to the door listening, waiting for a response, but Raymond stood still for a second before moving away from the door walking out to the veranda, staring over the rail, looking down staring curiously at the street when Raymond spotted Lance walking out the building approaching his vehicle, across the street.

Arriving at his car standing next to the door, Lance turns back, looking up, noticing Raymond was standing on the veranda.

Detective James looks up salutes Raymond, then Raymond waves back, watching Lance getting into the car and starting the engine.

Raymond watched Detective Lance drive off.

When The light on the wall in the alleyway shines bright, Lance drives away, when the light starts to flicker; suddenly, the light went out as darkness folds around the alleyway; Raymond stands watching in curious, as he replies, " What the hell, the light came back on, but was dimmed, Raymond focused staring into the darkness; waiting when the vampire appeared, staying in the evening, the shadowy vampire showed it’s silo wet when red eyes appear out from the darkness.

Raymond saw the eyes staring back at him feeling frightened and frozen. He couldn’t move, taking a deep breath in, hairs stood up on the back of his neck; the vampire opened its mouth, showing its teeth, then stepped out for a second before stepping back into the darkness.

Raymond stood there watching, staring into the darkness, the vampire was gone, hidden in the shadows, when Raymond looked everywhere, scoping the area, for the vampire, but it was gone. Deciding to go back inside, Raymond slides the door shut, locking it, when Raymond walks away from the door.




Driving along the road heading two blocks over, arriving on Clayton street, Lance pulled into an underground parking garage that led up to a four-story parking bay overlooking Raymond apartments., detective Lance was sitting in his car looking through binoculars, staring caring at Raymond’s apartment, watching through the vision scoping to find where Raymond was, taking an interest and staking out, Lance pulled up Raymond’s profile on a computer, finding out information about his wife Ally, and son Mikey, noticing his wife died giving birth to their son and recently over the past year, his son Mikey had gone missing, been taken, kidnapped by a stranger, the information brought more interest to Lance about Raymond, when he read more about Raymond.

Lance took more notice on the file, about his son Mikey, that Raymond reported, when the day his son went missing and vanished, never to been found, Lance looked serious and gazed over to the apartments, staring at the apartment, before glancing back down to the computer; sitting in the car asking himself the question why Raymond was standing on the veranda and looking at the alleyway that shows it was lightened up, Lance thought about made Raymond Knew more what he was saying, wiping his forehead with the back of his left arm, Lance looked down at a screen with curious look reading Raymond’s profile.

Wanting to know more about Raymond, Lance knew he had to investigate Raymond a bit more and watch him, then only reading a profile,

looking back at the apartment, Lance spotted Raymond walking to the kitchen; when he replied, "Looks like we need a longer chat”, Lance reached down pressing the button, switching off the computer; when Lance puts his seat back, getting comfortable, sitting up getting some rest,

when he stares across at the apartment.

Time went by; Lance found himself standing outside in front of his car leaning against the bonnet, still watching Raymond’s apartment, when dark clouds covered the sky, thunder gently roars across the sky; as raindrops fall from the shadows, starring up to the sky noticing the raindrops coming down, Lance noticed Raymond at the balcony door locking it before switching off the lights.

Lance focused on the apartment wiping his eyes and yawning as the night went on; moments went by when Lance walked around opening the door, grabbing his drink, taking a sip when he gazes over realizing, Lance spotted someone or something on Raymond’s veranda, squinting his eyes when he focuses on the porch, Lance drops his drink when he replies” what the Hell, who is that, and how did you get on the veranda”, observing, Lance couldn’t see who it could be; grabbing the binoculars looking over, Lance watches the figure moving around, the figure approached the door trying to open it, as Lance watched on.

The glass door was locked, the figure sniffed the air and moving around on the veranda, couldn’t get in, staring through the glass, the figure was moving around; Lance rushed to the door about to jump in the car, when he looked back noticing the figure trying to get in, "What are you doing, who are you?”, Lance asked himself.

Suddenly the figure disappeared, Lance scope the area walking back to the front of the car, scoping the area but couldn’t see anything, trying to see in the dark,” Where did you go?” Lance suddenly jumped into the car reversing back, driving down the carpark, exiting onto the main road; Lance headed towards Raymond’s apartment, arriving slamming on the brakes; Lance sat staring out the windscreen, when the figure appeared, coming from the corners of darkness, near the ally way walking onto the road.

the figure came into the light standing in the middle of the road, looking around sniffing the air, when Lance watched the figure standing in the middle of the road,” what the hell is that, overseeing the formation, the figure raised its arm as it held a rat in its hand.

Lance sits watches when the figure takes a bite." Is that a rat? That’s disgusting”?

The figure drinks the blood from the rat and can sense it was watched, turning its head, staring towards a vehicle near the curve; Lance watches the constitution like it knew he was there, the figure showed its teeth and hissed, as it bites down onto the rat, then throws it away, Lance looked out in concern pretending he didn’t see anything. Still, the figure saw him and hissed again.

Pretending he didn’t see the figure, Lance waited for a minute when the figure took off into the darkness; Lance looked up, noticing the figure was gone, concerned that he was, Lance wasn’t sure what he just saw,” what was that it didn’t look human, Lance scoped the area. Looking around when he opened the door stepping out as Lance looked around.

Hopping out of the car, walking around to the front of the vehicle, feeling unsure with himself, a cold chill came down his spine, feeling strange what had happened in this circumstance; the rain started to pour down as Lance stood there gazing up to Raymond’s balcony.

Getting drenched in the rain, Lance hurried back into the car, closing the door, and locking it as he looked around; sitting there waiting, Lance gazes up through the windscreen staring at Raymond’s balcony while he stayed through the night.




It was 07:35 am the following morning,

Raymond had come out of the building standing on the footpath checking his pockets to make sure he had his wallet, about to cross the road; Raymond looked both ways when he walked across, noticing a vehicle that looked like the detective’s vehicle; Raymond stopped, gazing upon the car when he sees a man moving around inside.

Arriving across the road, Raymond took a few steps towards the vehicle when the man showed his face,” detective Lance, Raymond replied.

Raymond walked over to the car and realized, when he approached, it was lance lying asleep in his car, staring into the windscreen, closing the driver’s door; Raymond decided to tap on the window,” tap, tap, Lance moved around as Raymond watched.

Raymond tapped again but louder as he called out, “tap, tap! Detective Lance Raymond called out,

Lance opens his eyes, freaking out as he sits up.

Noticing Raymond at the window,” Jesus – you scared me”, getting a fright, Lance wind down his window,” hi detective, what are you doing here,

I was on a stack out, Stakeout, where”? Lance stares at him in silence; Raymond didn’t take as a fool, you’re not on a stakeout, no, I was looking into your profile, and I came across your story; Raymond stared at Lance as he looked away, So you are spying on me, Of course not, detective don’t lie to me, Raymond told Lance with a curious look, you were checking me over Why, It's my job to do so, but I do want to talk to you,

About my past right, Lance hesitated for a second Yes! I would like to hear it from you, but it's in my report; yeah, I know, but I like to listen to it from the horse’s mouth, Mm Horse’s mouth, hey! I never heard that before; what do you say, Raymond, asked Lance.

Raymond stared at Lance nodding his head, OK, let’s talk. Join me for breakfast, and I'll tell you what you need to know, but only one condition, what's that, you’re buying breakfast, you drive a hard bargain - That's the way it is, hey! Yep,

OK! Get in, great; I know a place not far from here.

There's a place around the corner, called Dons Café; we can go there; Raymond walks around the car to get in the front passenger seat when Lance watches him,” sure, get in”. Lance started the car, OK! Let’s go for breakfast, Raymond replied when Lance stared back, looking back at Raymond as he drove off.




Arriving Inside Dons Café, Lance and Raymond were sitting around the table against the back wall, when a waitress walked over, taking their order; “can I take your order”? Lance ordered just a coffee with toast, Raymond ordered bacon and eggs, make those two eggs thank you, sure, the waitress replied.

Writing down their orders, the waitress walks off when Lance and Raymond made conversation, Lance asked about his past and what had happened a year ago, Raymond started telling him his history and what had happened a year ago,

many questions asked from Lance and Raymond had answered them wisely, time went by quick,

and two hours had passed, and three cups of coffee along with it.

Raymond came to the end of the story; Lance sat there and thought, “my gosh, that was scary, I’ve heard stories and seen some strange things myself, but yours is a sad story; sorry for your loss and your son' Mikey”, “yeah thank you”, Raymond, answered.

But Lance asked one more question, “can I ask you one more question Raymond”, sure, “I find it unusual that they couldn't find Mikey, - To me, it's like they didn't try hard enough”, what do you mean? Raymond replied, well if that were me, I wouldn't stop looking for him, especially my son.

But I must tell you it's a great story, and you should write about it; I knew you wouldn't believe me, oh no I believe you, of course, but you have to write about it as well, it might help you to get over it and comes with terms that he is gone, Raymond shook his head, maybe your right, but it's not a story it happened. Oh, don't get me wrong, I didn't mean to disrespect you; I believe you. Yeah, well for your information I am writing a story about it, that’s great, But I'm writing what happened… The truth, yes, of course, Well I'm glad you told me the story and what happened.

Lance looked at his watch and realized what time it was,” Oh my…, I better get going; I must go by my boss will be waiting for me at the office, thank you for breakfast, thanks again Raymond, but I better get going, Yeah OK! Raymond replied, Lance, stood up shaking Raymond's hand as they thanked each other and said their goodbyes.

Lance walked away, turning, and said,” Oh, by the way, Raymond, yeah, who was at your house last night, staring at Lance with a frown” what do you mean - No one was, I was by myself, Raymond answered in a concerned voice; oh really, I'm sure, why? I saw someone on your veranda peeking in last night.

Raymond Stared at Lance in a severe frown, wondering who or what he meant by Lance stared walked out the café, approaching his front door when he looked back over to Raymond, watching his reaction, knowing Raymond never knew anything about the visitor he had last night, nodding his head gently anyway, don't worry, maybe I'm wrong, perhaps I was seeing things, Goodbye, talk later. Yeah! See you, Raymond replied as he watched Lance exiting the cafe and walking across the street.

Raymond stood up staring at Lance; when he got in his car, driving away, thinking what Lance had told him, Raymond stood thinking to himself,” what was Lance talking about; the waitress came over with the bill, so who's paying, the waitress replied Raymond looked at her and gave a smirk look and said, I guess I am, after spending the bill Raymond walked out of the café and headed home.




Arriving back at the apartment block, Raymond stood on the other side of the street, standing there looking up at his balcony; with a curious look on his face, Raymond started to talk to himself, asking himself questions,” how could anyone get up there, like its four-story-high, I'm on the 12th floor no one can reach me, besides why and who would do that”. looking both ways, Raymond crossed the road, entered his apartment, entering inside his lounge room; Raymond stood in the middle of the room when he checked the whole house, then opened the balcony door and walked outside.

Standing on the veranda staring all around, checking the balcony, Raymond thought about what Lance had said about the visitor and didn't understand why he would say that; Unless he wanted to scare me or he did see someone on my balcony, Raymond analyzed the area and asked himself The question” who or what, was on my balcony last night, and how they would’ve got up here on my veranda without me letting them in”.

The only way in through the apartment is through the front door; there’s no other way to get out here; whatever the case is, it got Raymond thinking about it, standing on the veranda looking around, Raymond couldn't see any way possible that anyone can get on the balcony, looking over the rail and scoping the area Raymond went back inside; not knowing that Lance was watching him again through the binoculars in the distance.

Unaware Raymond was being watched, Raymond walked into his room, leaving the glass door open for the cool air to come in; Raymond sat down at his computer and started to write; writing his story, Raymond was writing for many hours, not taking any notice of the time going by.

Raymond reached up to 36 chapters, writing page to page, taking no notice of the time that went by,

It got late in the afternoon; dusk had set in; Day turned into night as the sun sets, vanishing behind the buildings, darkness covers the town.

Outside, the figure appeared standing on the roof sniffing the air, before making its way down to the veranda, walking around watching Raymond in the distance, knowing Raymond was in a room; the figure tried to enter but couldn't, the vampire couldn’t enter without being invited, the figure got frustrated as it moves around near the glass door.

Showing its teeth hissing making a strange noise, Raymond sits back, taking off his glasses wiping his face, not knowing what was going on outside; Raymond wiped his face then was about to write more when a reflection of the vampire appeared on the screen, reacting quickly, Raymond catches a glimpse of something and quickly turns around.

The figure moves back when Raymond turns to stare, knowing he saw something; Raymond sits, sighs, then notice the figure again in the reflection, quickly, turning back around, the figure comes back sticking its head around the door, seeing Raymond staring back at it.

Raymond stands up, freaking out when the vampire took off hiding in the dark; Raymond, walking outside, approaching the glass door, staring out, when he looks all over the balcony, the vampire watches Raymond from the roof hiding when Raymond tells himself,” I must be seeing things’ crazy”, he replies. Walking back inside, sliding the door closed, Raymond walks into the kitchen, as the vampire comes back to the balcony, standing near the door watching Raymond as he was making himself a cup of coffee.

The vampire watches Raymond’s every move,

making his coffee, grabbing his cup, walking out of the kitchen to the lounge room, sitting down, reaching out, grabbing the remote, turning on the TV, sitting there taking sips of his coffee, and watching the news, the figure watched Raymond as it sniffed the air smells, hissing as it watched from outside.

Coming too close to the Glass, the vampire bumped the glass door when it shook; Raymond turns to look at the door, staring curiously; Raymond turns back to the TV," Thump," the vampire moved to make another sound.

Raymond turns again, staring at the door when he heard for the third time, “thump” what the hell is going on out there, curious looking at the glass door; Raymond stared for a minute before he stopped, listening before turning back to the lounge.

The vampire once again came to the door, gently placing its hands on the glass, sliding its fingernails across the glass, scrapping its nails along as it sounds like chalk on the blackboard.

Raymond hears a scratching sound when he turns to stare at the veranda. When the vampire moved away, hiding in the shadows, Raymond stood up, walking over to open the glass door, sliding the door, stepping onto the veranda again scoping the area when he looked around, looking everywhere up to the roof, down below, trying to find what was making the noise; the vampire hides on the top staying hidden, Raymond stands on the balcony looking around, then stands near the rail, looking over down to the streets below, feeling the cool breeze blowing against him.

Suddenly another breeze came, blowing a rotten smell into his path, " OH My, what is that smell,

It smells like something died,

the vampire watched Raymond creeping down from the roof approaching with caution, reaching out as Raymond turned to walk back inside, closing the door behind him.

Sitting back down grabbing his coffee enjoying the taste hitting the back of his throat, Raymond watched TV, relaxing, through the night switching programs as he watched some movies; falling asleep on the lounge, the late news came on, a reporter named Sandra Kelly was down near the train yard when she reported another body was found down near the tracks.

The reporter said," a body was found around 10:30 pm tonight when a conductor spotted someone lying on the tracks, on approach the conductor realize that the body was deceased and was decapitated, the officer in charge Lance will house, had this to say “All we have for you now, is that all victims are related. They have the same markings on the neck, which I presume are from the same killer, which means that we are dealing with a serial killer who seems thirsty to drink human blood? We are investigating, and we will let you know when we know more; thank you.

Detective Lance walked away when the reporter,

ends the interview with,” Well, there you have words from detective Lance Will’s house.

The reporter also had said,” the body was taken to the morgue, the coroner will examine the body, later, so if anyone knows anything or seen anything, contacted the police straight away

I'm Sandra Kelly for seven late news.




The TV was on all night until 5:30 am; Raymond woke up opening his eyes as he noticed he was lying on the lounge; sitting up yawning when he reached for the remote; switching off the TV, Raymond stood up, stretching, then walked into the bathroom, and takes off his clothes; turning on the faucet’ stepping into the shower, the water flowed running all over his body as the warm water refreshes him, Raymond enjoys the refreshing rain, washing his body with the fragrant of vanilla bath wash.

Moments later,

Raymond got out, drying himself before changing, putting his clothes on, grabbing his keys and wallet. Raymond walked out the door, closing it behind him.

Walking out from the apartment building and out on the street, Raymond walked along the footpath, noticing a few cars on the road, driving along,

a lady dressed in a blue dress and sandals made from bamboo was walking her dog and a bloke on a racing bike, riding a bicycle along the street when he made his way down the road.

Walking around the corner, Raymond was about to cross the road, when suddenly out of nowhere, a car shot by, missing him, by a meter.

Jumping back in fright,” Bloody hell, watch where you’re going, you, bloody idiot yelled Raymond.

Looking both ways Raymond safely crossed the road, making his way around the corner heading to a newspaper stand; Raymond was about to walk past the store when a man called out for sale on newspaper" Get your newspaper now, hot topic another body found, get the scope today.

Walking past the man, Raymond stared over when. The man walked over to Raymond, holding a newspaper, when he said, “would you like the paper only two dollars fifty? Raymond tried to ignore him and kept walking, but the man called out again, saying the same thing when Raymond turned back to look at him.

Walking up to the man, Raymond asked,” What did you say about another body”? That’s right; another body was found this morning down at the local zoo. It wasn’t just a person this time; it was also a monkey; Raymond stared at the man with a strange look; they opened the paper up and showed him when Raymond noticed a picture of the victim and Lance.

Raymond gave the money to the man, receiving the paper; thank you, sir, the man replied

Raymond walked on looking at the picture of the monkey, noticing a picture of Lance on there,

as well.

Walking along the path, Raymond went to find a seat near the boardwalk when he sat down and read the paper.

Hearing the voice of the man in the distance, Raymond could still listen to him, “newspaper, newspaper, get your newspaper now”,

Raymond read the article on the body’ what was found this morning and stared at the pictures finding it strange that a monkey was also killed in a zoo.

Sitting there looking around, Raymond couldn’t believe how many bodies were found dead with their bodies drained from blood, decided to go for a walk, Raymond took an interest in the zoo, standing up and crunching the paper throwing it in the bin; the homeless man was across from the street when he saw Raymond and what he threw in the trunk.

Watching Raymond walking off, he stumbles over to the bin placing his hand in, grabbing the paper, and pulling it out.

Staring down at the paper, the homeless man watches Raymond walks off as he stumbles through the alleyway making his way back to his spot, sitting down using the form for his blanket.

Arriving at the Zoo, Raymond stood at the entry police cars, and officers were at the main entry keeping people out.

The area was taped off closed to the public; Raymond looked around before walking away, heading around the corner, trying to get in for a closer look. Walking along the footpath, Raymond stared through the fence as he walked on.

Noticing police in an area of the zoo, Raymond stopped and stared through the fence.

Looking around, Raymond found a branch hanging over the fence. Scoping the area before climbing the wall, Raymond headed over to the tree started to rise.

Approaching with caution, noticing Detective Lance at the scene observing, an officer called out, oi, you, what are you doing? Raymond turned as he saw the officer. Turning to see Raymond, I quickly walked away, Lance spotting Raymond in the distance, wondering why he was here.

At the main entrance across the road, Raymond waited on the corner waiting for Lance; An hour went by when a van for the coroner exited the entry. Lance walked out with the zoo manager when he spoke to him, then saw Raymond across the road. Shaking hands, Lance said goodbye to the zookeeper and walked over to Raymond; crossing the street looking at Raymond, Lance asked “What are you doing here, Raymond”, greeting each other, shaking hands, Raymond replied I know I shouldn't be here, but I saw it on the local paper.

So, you saw the report, Yeah, it's been advertised, Bloody newspapers they were told not to release the story, yeah, well, it's too late now already did; Raymond stared at Lance and said It's the same as the others. Nodding his head, Yeah, it is... But it would help if you weren’t here, you better go; we’ll talk later, OK. Raymond turned around, walking away as Lance stood and watched him walk off.



Later in the day,

On the way home, Raymond was walking along when he noticed a library not far,

On approach, Raymond walked in looking around when he asked a librarian about the latest articles; the librarian asked, what type of articles do you want? Oh, anything new didn't matter, OK, you can go on the computer and check out articles whatever you want, OK thank you, would you like me to help you? No, it should be fine. Thank you,

Sitting at the computer, Raymond looked around when he typed in Latest murders in Valley Heights,

Coming across the murders, Raymond searches to find any information from the deceased victims in the local area.

He was staring at the screen, reading info on the first victim, reading out softly whispering when Raymond wrote down any details he could.

Making his way onto the 2nd victim and 3rd, Taking any details and info he could, Raymond stayed at the library trying to work out these murders and the connections between them.

For a few hours, Raymond decided that he had enough and finished whatever he needed to get information, Raymond was surprised on how the victims died from and the strange way how each body was drained every drop of blood and no mess of blood was not found around the crime scene.

Wiping his eyes and his mind filled with graphic images, Raymond took time to reflect doing something to get his mind of what he saw and read.




Exiting the library, Detective Lance was in his car staking the library when he saw Raymond leaving the building; starting the vehicle, Lance drove behind following Raymond until he went by, slowing down wining down the passenger window,

calling Out to Raymond, Raymond surprisingly turned around to see Lance. "Detective Lance, hi, how are you? Get in; I’ll take you home; It’s OK, I'll walk, No I assist. Please get in. Raymond stopped when Lance put on the brake." Come on, getting in; A car beeps its horn as it stops behind Lance. "Hurry to get in; Raymond got in as the vehicle behind switched lanes and drove by,

Hi Raymond, what are you doing, staring at Lance in a glance " So you’re spying on me again, Chuckles Lance said, " this time, yes, but it's called staking out. Lance replied. Taking Raymond home, they made conversation, so what are you doing at the library? Were you looking for information about the murders and victims? Said Lance staring at Lance with an honest face " How did you know - I'm a detective; it’s what I do.

Besides, the library won't have the whole story anyway. Yeah, I didn't get much,

I'm not supposed to tell anyone of the investigations, but I can say something smells fishy to you. What do you mean? Let's wait until we get back and I'll have that cup of tea and talk about certain things, Raymond looked at Lance feeling there's something more to the story, but he already has suspicious; oh, by the way, you owed me money for breakfast the other day, Lance looks over to Raymond with a smile.

Arriving at the apartment, Raymond and Lance walked over to the kitchen " Coffee or Tea”. Tea, please, thank you. Raymond turned on the kettle as he grabbed cups out from the cupboard,

Preparing the cups, Raymond asked Lance so what were you going to tell me in the car.

Yeah, well, like I was saying, there’s something strange going on, I'm not supposed to share information, but I can trust you, the victims who were murdered, they all have the same markings. Each of the victim’s blood types was drained from their bodies.

Yeah! That's what I read on the paper and online,

with all these investigations going on and all these victims, I presume they are from the same killer, so I think there’s only one killer; these people are targeted, random people.

But my question is, what kind of sick person would do this, and what type of tool would they use to drain the blood.

Not sure, Raymond replied.

He was shaking his head. The kettle boils, Raymond pours the water in the cups when Raymond asks whoever this sick person is. Maybe they are thirsty for blood and enjoy drinking it. Handed lance his cup of tea,

The way it sounds, it sounds like something out of a vampire movie. Raymond replied.

Lance chuckles as Raymond says, " Let's go and sit on the veranda " Walking out onto the patio, Raymond and Lance sit down. When Lance says We'll, it's not, and if it was, Vampires aren’t real anyway.

Maybe so, but who knows Raymond said,

Lance answered, I don't think so, well, I hope you catch them, Raymond answered, so do I James replied.

Do you have any leads? Raymond asked. Tell the truth. No, I haven’t, but I will? Yeah, I hope so,

but anyway, there is something I want to ask you,

Oh, what is that? why are you so interested in this case? A witness at the crime scenes has spotted you.

I have my suspicions, Raymond said with a curious look; I’ve seen that look too many times.

Raymond went silent for a few seconds when he turned to look at Lance; if I tell you something, you promise you won't laugh, and you must believe me.

Tell me and let’s see what happens, taking a big sigh, Raymond stood up. Standing near the rail as he took a sip from the cup, Lance watched him when Raymond turned around and looked at Lance, feeling nervous and uneasy.

Looking down at his cup, of tea feeling its warmth, Raymond told Lance! One year ago, when I lost my son, there's not a day that goes by when I think about him, and every time I close my eyes, I see him.

When I crashed the car and Mikey wasn't in his seat' I was scared. I looked around and couldn't find him, but when I stood in the middle of the street, that’s when I saw it coming out of the fog. It stared at me as it held my boy.

Lance listened and watched Raymond's body language as the sound of his voice changed when Raymond was telling him the story; I was frightened I couldn't move; it felt like something was pinning me down. So, I couldn't move, frightened as I was, I stared at it, and it stared right back at me.

Then it opened its mouth; the sharp pointy teeth glowed as it hissed at me, biting Mikey's on the neck; suddenly the figure took off, leaping into the darkness, flying away, you mean it ran off? No, it took off; it passed away… Wait! What do you mean it passed away? Haven’t I seen anything like it before? You see that's why I've been interested' because what I saw on the night,

the teeth are so wide apart it's the same width on the victims’ necks.

No! No way, it's impossible; how is it impossible? It makes perfect sense to me theirs a link there. Is it a clue? Lance quickly stood up, hang on, let's back up a bit; so, you’re telling me this figure what took your son is probably the same thing as what's going around drinking the victim’s blood, and that's the course of it. yep! That's correct,

I'm not jumping to conclusions, but maybe, well, there must be more proof to back it up. But I don't believe it's impossible.

Shaking his head, Lance couldn't believe what Raymond was saying, I said I wouldn’t laugh at you, and I won't, but how can you prove it, and how can you link this to the victims? I don't know, but I guess we need to investigate and do our research on vampires so we can find out if it is the course.

Well, if that's the case, I would say OK! It’s possible, but if you can't, well it's not,

Yeah, for sure, I wouldn’t say I like the sound of this, Raymond stared at Lance. Maybe I was overreacting, But I feel it has something to do with it, but don't get me wrong.

Lance finished his tea stood up " Can I use your bathroom”. He replied.

Yeah, sure, it's inside. Turn to the right.

When Raymond walked into the kitchen, Lance walked into the bathroom, placing the cups in the sink.

Lance sent to the toilet then flushed as he made his way over to the basin to wash his hands, washing his hands and face Lance looks up staring into the mirror looking at his reflection, Vampires Lance whispers.

I must be going crazy for doing this,

Lance wiped his face as he walked outside.

Raymond had finished in the kitchen,

When Lance came into the lounge room, " Well, I better be off”, don't want to hold you up on what you had planned; it’s alright. Oh, Lance replied, I wasn't going to do much, only just some writing. You’re a writer, No! Not really, but I am writing a book about my life.

I understand that's a great idea, come and I'll show you. Maybe another time I must get going, we will talk again about our conversation next time.

I better be off talk later; oh OK, I’ll see myself out, Lance replied, walking over opening the door. If you need a hand with anything or want to talk, give me a call. OK, here is my card, placing the card done on the side table, James walks out closing the door behind him.

Raymond walked over, picking up the card, staring at it, noticing his number and name,

Lance closed the door behind him as he stood there for a second, Raymond turns the card over looking at it before walking into the kitchen.




Later in the night,

It was 8:35 pm. The figure was roaming around town. The alleyways were in darkness, and the figure crossed the shadows and haunted the area when it came across the homeless man lying in the back of a building lying on the cupboard, using newspaper for a blanket. The homeless man moved around, trying to stay warm. He gets distracted by seeing a figure appearing at the end of the entry. Staring down the alleyway, the homeless man notices a shadow, a silo wet of a figure standing in a puddle of water,

Watching the shadowy figure, the homeless man quenches his eyes as he lays there.; “Who the hell is? that he replies, stepping out of the puddle of water, the figure made its way towards the homeless man.

Laying still trying to keep warm, the homeless man sits up, gazing upon the figure in the shadow,

before too long, the figure appeared standing in front of the homeless man. Staring up, the hobo couldn't see the face, but the eyes from the figure seemed glowing in the darkness in front of him as the figure came closer.

Suddenly before the homeless man could react, the vampire attacked, grabbing him biting down onto his neck with its sharp, riveting teeth.

Back to the apartment, Raymond watched a movie when he got distracted by loud screaming coming from outside.

The Figure attacked the homeless man biting him down the alleyway as he fought off the figure. Fighting his way loose the homeless man ran off down the alleyway through the shadows as blood ran down his body as it poured out.

When Raymond hears the screams, the figure stands staring at him, licking his lips with its tongue.

Jumping up as he opens the veranda door, noticing a man running across the street and around the corner, Raymond watched, spotting the figure appearing from the dark chasing the man.

Raymond ran to the front door running down the hallway as he heads down outside the building; looking around hearing another scream, Raymond went around to the left near another alleyway; the figure caught the homeless man drawing his blood-feeding on him as it sank its teeth into his neck sucking the blood from his neck.

The homeless man dies being drained when Raymond comes around the corner, stopping suddenly, standing in the middle of the alleyway staring down, noticing the shadowy figure attacking the man. Raymond frowns as he stares down, seeing the teeth on the figure. Shocked and nervously watching, the figure looks up, hissing at Raymond.

The eyes glowed in the dark when Raymond stood frozen; then the figure dropped the body, reacting quickly, moving back into the shadows into the darkness where it's invisible for Raymond to see.

Feeling scared and nervous, Raymond stood still staring down into the darkness when a loud piercing sound came from the shadows.

Raymond stepped back when the figure

He came charging at him moving swiftly as Raymond ran for his life.




Running back to the building going up the stairs, Raymond breathed heavily as he arrived at his apartment, slamming the door shut, Raymond leaned against the door, breathing heavily when suddenly, a loud thump appeared on the door.

"Bang reacting, getting off the door, Raymond turned around, stepping back away when the banging stopped, Raymond rushed over to pick up the phone Dialing Lances phone. 'Ring, couldn't get through but only getting his answer machine, Raymond replied, " Dam it - Not the answering machine, waiting for a beep Raymond left a nerves message," Lance, it's me' Raymond; I saw the killer.

I saw it... Please get here now, it caught me, and it's coming after me. Please answer,

Across town, Lance was walking out of a grocery store when the message came through to his phone; approaching the car, Lance stopped grabbing his cellphone when he gazed down, staring at his phone.

Realizing it was Raymond, pressing the button to listen to the conversation. " Lance, it's me Raymond, I saw the killer. I saw it... Please get here now, I saw it, and it's coming after me. Please answer, Lance reacted quickly, getting in driving away as he headed over to Raymond.

Meanwhile, back at the apartment, Raymond had placed the phone down. Raymond was peeking through the fisheye.

Noticing no one there, they reached down, taking hold of the handle. Seeing no one at the door., Raymond slowly gently turns the handle to open it.

Slightly opening the door, Raymond carefully peeked out as the door squeaked; suddenly, people walked by, pulling the door back in a fright; Raymond had noticed it was only people, so he opened it wider, pocking his head out, noticing people down the hallway, Raymond looked scouting the area both ways, sighing in relief as he went back inside and closed the door behind him.

At this time, Lance had arrived, getting out of the car, Standing staring up at the apartment.

Noticing someone was on the balcony,

Lance takes note then enters the building,

taking the stairs, Raymond was in the apartment leaning against the door when he noticed the balcony door was open,

staring nervously, watching the curtain move in a wave motion, the wind blew the curtain.

Raymond slowly stepped forward step by step as he stayed focused on the curtain; the figure moved around the building, making its way onto the balcony.

The figure approached the door. Raymond froze turned his head when he noticed the figure staring at him, standing there with a shock on his face

a cold chill ran down his spine, Raymond could believe his eyes.

The figure stared at him, showing its sharp bloody teeth when suddenly Lance barged through the door " freeze ". The figure moved back when Lance fired a shot the bullet hits the shoulder of the constitution. Starring their hissing at Lance, Raymond screamed out, " NO! Wait, Lance Stepped forward, standing in front of Raymond.

The vampire took off escaping; Lance came onto the veranda, pointing the gun around, scoping the area. Don't shoot! It's clear,

I don't know where he went, but he is gone; what do you mean don't shoot,

where did it go, I don't know? It’s like it just disappeared, but I don’t see how they could escape. We are 12 stories high, and there's no way down; where the hell did, he goes.

Looking straight down, looking over the balcony, Lance covered the area; Raymond came outside " I have no idea, but I need to tell you something, Raymond replied, “What is it “? Lance answered, this might sound strange to you, but I think that was my son. Excuse me, Your son... Are you sure? yeah! I think so; Raymond walked back inside, standing in the lounge room. When Lance followed behind, staring at Raymond, Lance asked, "what are you talking about”, Raymond explained himself as they made conversation. Standing together, Raymond told Lance it was his son, walking over opening the draw Pulling out a picture, handing the pic over, Lance stared at the photo of his son.

Staring at the pic, Lance asks, "he is a handsome boy”, Thanks, he sure is. The figure came back to the veranda, watching Raymond and Lance, peeking its head around the glass door.

Suddenly the figure appeared standing in front of the balcony door; Raymond jumped back as he looked up, noticing the figure, Lance reacting, turning, and pointing his gun at the situation when the vampire hissed at them.




Raymond stares at the vampire, noticing it is his son Mikey, " Mikey, Raymond whispered. Lance replied, " What, stepping forward, Raymond approaches. "Don't get too close – Move, I have a clear shot, “No, Wait. Lower your weapon, don't shoot; why not? Raymond turns back to Lance stares at him. Reaching out to lower the gun, Raymond says in a soft, gentle nervous voice, don't shoot, why asks Lance, because that's my son; Lance frowns when Raymond looks back at the vampire, Lance grips his gun firmly when Raymond carefully steps closer.

Don't get too close. Lance replied I wouldn’t just stay calm Lance nervously pointed the gun when Raymond stared at Mikey, noticing it was his son, Mikey is that you, my boy, what! That can't be your son, Lance looked at the picture staring at it, noticing the resemblance from the photo.

Lance stares back at the figure when Raymond approached with care, shocked and nervous at the same time, Raymond knew it was Mikey... Mikey watched and stared back at them, showing his teeth swaying side to side; Mikey, it's me, dad, Mikey steps back when Raymond moves towards him, " Stop, Lance replied as Raymond came to a stop, don’t move, stand around. He won't attack you, Lance said with a nervous look.

Why isn't he coming inside, asked Raymond, I don't know? come back here and keep a distance,

Lance said, stepping backward. Yeah, stay here if that's your son. If that's what you’re saying, why didn't he just come inside and what’s up with his teeth - No one has teeth like that unless they’re vampires.

You’re right. He is different. It’s like he didn't remember me but promise me you won't shoot; I won't shoot unless it attacks. Mikey stumbles forward, hissing at them when Mickey stops near the door sniffing the air looking around.

Raymond stared at him when Lance asked, “What is he doing”? I don't know, are you sure it's him? He doesn't look older; I’m sure it's him, no doubt about it, Mikey. It's my dad remembered.

Then suddenly Mikey spoke,

I know it's you, father. I've been watching you, You have been watching me, yes; Mikey shook his head.

Why did you leave me? What! No, I didn't, you lie; my master told me you left me, Who! What master.

What is he talking about, Lance asks? what master, who are you talking about.

Mikey smiled when he stepped backward. Raymond curiously stared when Mikey moved to disappear into the night.

Lance moved forward, pointing the gun as he stepped onto the balcony.

Scoping the area, Lance points the gun scouting the area; Raymond stood quiet, looking around,

"He is gone... Lance replied.

Raymond stood staring out across the town where the darkness folds. Mikey was nowhere in sight; Lance tried to get Raymond's attention to buy. Raymond just stared across in the evening.

Deciding to go back inside, the glass door closed and locked when Raymond made sure the door was stable; closing the curtain, Raymond turned around. Lance stood looking at him, stunned and confused. Raymond glanced over to Lance

Raymond" I can't believe he's still alive

Lance" Impossible - all this time. Lance looks the same as in the photo, never aged a day.

Raymond “Yeah, Lance "those teeth, that's another thing, Raymond " Yes, you’re right, those teeth were sharp, and he didn't look any different except for the blood on his clothes.

Lance looks at Raymond with a concerned look on his face.

Raymond" You know all these bodies coming up dead are from puncher marks like bite marks Lance "Yeah so, Raymond “So that means our suspect who we are looking for is my son,

Lance " What! You are saying it’s Mikey who is making all these killings.

Raymond " Most likely, Lance," but we need more proof first, Raymond didn't doubt in his mind it was his son Mikey, Lance, and Raymond who looked at each other, Raymond. I wonder where he has been all these years, but I don't understand why - Why now, Lance. I don't know Raymond.

But the question needs to be asked what's going on with his teeth and how he can vanish into thin air. No one can disappear like that.

Raymond silently whispered, " Yeah,

Lance. Trust me; I’ve seen and dealt with many weird kinds of stuff, but nothing like this.

Raymond. Neither have I but what I do know is he isn't my son anymore. There’s something wrong.

Lance. There's something different about him for sure, and it's his teeth.

Raymond. " Of course, his teeth are not typical, and ordinary people can't jump off the balcony and survive like that, Lance. Of course, So! As he suggested, Raymond. Remember last time we spoke, and I made a joke about vampires. Yeah!

Well! what if all these bodies and markings on their necks are made from that one creature, and it's going around doing all of this.

Lance. So, what are you saying?

Raymond. I'm saying I think it's my son doing it; He is a vampire, Lance. Ha, starting to laugh.

Shaking his head and telling Raymond

Lance. It can't be! There’s no way.

Raymond just stared at Lance with a rugged look.

Lance, I don't like that look, you’re serious.

Raymond. Yeah, I am Lance; I think we need to find him before anyone else does so we can stop him.

Lance. I agree we need to stop him but how.

Raymond. I don't know… I don't know,

But What happens if he comes back,

Lance. We will be ready; if you want, I'll stay here for the night to make sure he doesn't come back and see what happens; Raymond. Yeah, that's an idea. I'll grab you a pillow and blanket you can stay on the lounge, Raymond walked off to the cupboard, grabbing a pillow and blanket as Lance moved to the glass door closing the curtain and peeping out the glass.

At this time, Mikey watched in the distance from a rooftop staring across the apartment, sitting on the rooftop near signage, gazing over to the apartment. Raymond came back to the lounge and placed the pillow and blanket.

Raymond. Here you go, the lounge should be comfortable for you, Lance. Thank you, Raymond.

Raymond and Lance sat up for a while, sitting around the table drinking tea, talking when a

candlelight glows on the table shining dimly, making conversation, Lance and Raymond talked for an hour when Raymond yawned, you’re getting tired, Lance asked, yeah, Raymond answered, go, and get some rests, are you sure, of course, yeah, lance replied, see you in the morning.

We better rest, save our energy; Lance stood up, walking over to lay down on the lounge,

Raymond sat at the table wiping his eyes when he looked over to Lance before standing up

Raymond. OK, I'm going to bed; good night, walking to his bedroom; Lance pulled the blanket up to his chest, closing his eyes.

When Raymond went to his room laying on his bed, staring up to the ceiling, thinking about Mikey, wondering how it's possible he was alive, and asking himself where he had been,

Raymond knows what happened many years ago and the truth of what he saw; Raymond convinced himself vampires weren't real, and it's not real, but as Raymond starts blinking his eyes, his eyelids get heavier. Falling asleep dreaming about that awful night, Raymond dreams of Mikey and how his son is a vampire, the creature of the night.




Later in the night, everything was quiet. The single flame on the candle flickers, when moving around; outside scouting the apartment, Mikey appears peeking through the window, noticing the Detective sleeping in the lounge. Mikey stands on the balcony near the glass door; The candle flickers rapidly before going out. Darkness covers the room, with silence spreading through the apartment.

Mikey touches the glass with his bloody hand; Blood drips from his palm when he leaves a handprint on the glass door,

The night dragged on; a full moon shined brightly as its night turns into the morning; the sun rises with a beam of light shimmers over the water.

Birds chirp when the alarm goes off on Lance' watch; Lance wakes up by the sound switching it off, then removes the blanket, yawning as he sits up, Lance stands up, folding the blanket then placing it with the pillow at the end of the lounge; noticing Raymond wasn't awake, Lance walked out the door, leaving quietly closing the door behind him.

Leaving the apartment, Lance gets in his car and drives off; Raymond also worked up, slowly opening his eyes rolling onto his back before sitting up, reaching up stretching.

Yawning when he stands up, Raymond walks to the bathroom to wash his face. Turning on the faucet placing his hands under the water soaking his hands and face, drying them before going outside.

Raymond walked out to the bedroom door when he asked Lance, " Would you like a cup of tea?” Stopping and realizing Lance wasn't there. Oh! OK, he is gone.

Raymond walked over to the curtain open it. As he opened the Veranda door,

the fresh air flowed in, cooling the apartment when Raymond Noticed the handprint on the glass.

Kneeling to look at it, Raymond went outside to have a look. Touching the blood with his finger, Raymond rubbed the blood between his fingers as he replied, " Blood " standing up, turning around, staring out to the town, he thought to himself he had to find his son and find out the truth about him.




Raymond didn't waste any time. He got grabbed his camera and took a photo of the handprint, staring at it for a second Raymond walked into his office, got online, and started investigating the vampire theory, very little online, about vampires; Raymond searched up anything that he could find but only made-up stories about them.

Raymond decided to go down to the local library to find more information about the vampire; Raymond walks out of the building across the road heading down the street, making his way to the library; Raymond makes a quick stop at the cafe to grab a coffee before going to the library.

At the library, Raymond was looking for books on vampires and monsters when he found a few books to read, sitting at a table, Raymond started to read, reading one book at a time, hours Raymond read checking all stories about vampires.

Book to book Raymond read finding anything to use, especially ' Where do vampires live ' The information was interesting, coming up with a few places where Mickey would go.

Thinking about where to start, Raymond printed out the handprint as a picture could show Lance later.

Spending nearly all-day researching vampires, Raymond checked the time, noticing it was 4:36 pm; he decided to leave, grabbing his keys when he folded the picture and placed it in his back pocket.

Coming out of the library, Raymond decided to stop along the way home to check out one spot, walking along the footpath when arriving at an abandoned warehouse; starting from the outside, Raymond noticed it was a vast place.

Walking around the area, noticing a high fence covering the perimeter, Raymond walked around the block until he came across a hole in the wall, making sure he wasn’t watched; Raymond made his way through the fence entering the area as he made his way towards the building.

Staring up at the broken rusty windows walking through, Raymond stood near a massive hole in a wall, turning around, Scoping the area before climbing in' Raymond entered the building.

Arriving inside, Raymond stood looking around before he walked off through the building, checking high and low Top to bottom, no trace of Mikey anywhere.

There were no signs of anywhere of Mikey, it was getting late in the afternoon, the sun was setting, the light faded as darkness slowly rolled in. Raymond was approaching the broken window when something came out from behind him. Suddenly stopping turning around, there was no one there, Raymond had the feeling something was wrong with the place.

Exiting the building, Raymond climbed out of the hole, walking back to the fence as he turned around staring up at the facility, spotting someone up high in the window staring back at him, reacting in shock, a car horn alerted him " Beep "Jumping in fright Raymond turn back around when the car pulled up next to him.

Turning back around for one last look, Raymond stared back up at the window, but no one wasn't there, frowning as Raymond was confused the car door opened and to his surprise, it was Detective Lance " Raymond, what are you doing here.

Detective, Hi! I was investigating this abandoned building, Lance, and looking for your son, Raymond. Yeah, answering with a soft voice, look, I understand. I would do the same thing if I were in your shoes, but I can't have you running around exploring places like this if something happens to you. You don't know who or what is out there.

Raymond. I know, but from last night.

Yes, I know I've been thinking about it as well. Lance. I have been investigating as well

Raymond. So, now you believe this whole vampire thing, Lance. After all, it doesn’t sound so stupid, especially what we went through last night.

Shaking his head, agreeing with Lance, Raymond said yeah, that was frightening, shocking, and relief at the same time. We must find him. Lance. Yes, and we will, Lance. But we need to leave here now. It’s not safe; bad things happen when the sun goes down. OK, answered Raymond.

Lance told Raymond to get in. I'll take you home, Raymond. Thank you, Raymond, answered as he walked to the passenger door.

Oh, by the way, I've been going around to find any source of information about any disappearance, located a few places. Still, they came up dead leads - but on the way, I'll drop you off, because I just got a call for a group of teenagers who reported hearing screaming down at an old subway.

Raymond. Oh, OK, Lance. Yeah, it is supposed to be closed, No one shouldn't be there, not even teenagers, but they still go down there.

Raymond. Let me come with you then that sounds like the right spot,

Lance. You can’t. I let you go down there with me anything can happen to you,

You don't have to worry about me. I can look after myself, Lance. You can't go down there. You’re not a cop, Raymond. I know that, but this is my son... Besides, you said it yourself. You would do it yourself if you were in my shoes; Lance gave Raymond a specific look. OK, but do what I say, OK, Raymond. Yeah, of course.




Lance. Get in, driving along with Raymond and Lance head over to the other side of town at the subway, arriving when they got out of the car; Lance went to the boot opening grabbing two torches and his shotgun.

Handing Raymond, a torch, Lance replied “Follow me and stay close”.

A path leads down an incline into the thick scrubs.

Vines cover the track when Lance pushes them to the side when Raymond slips as he loses his footing sliding, OH! Lance. Are you alright?

Raymond. I just lost my footing.

Lance. Just be careful and be quiet about who or whatever is down here; we don't want them to know we are coming.

OK, reaching down in the gully, they shined their torches, noticing a massive tunnel in front of them. Stopping at the entry of the tunnel Lance. Well, here we are, OK, stay together and watch your step. Stay behind me, Raymond. Don't worry about that, replied to Raymond with a concerned voice.

Lance turned back at Raymond with a curious look " Come on, " entering the tunnel, shinning their torches the beam of light brightened the area as they made their way down the tunnel walking for fifty meters, the tunnel started to Merge into two parts, coming to a complete stop Raymond and Lance stop at the merge deciding which way to go " Which way, Raymond replied. Lance.

Good question, right or left, Raymond. I don’t know. Maybe we might have to split up Lance. No way, we stay together, Raymond. Yeah, I know, but won’t it be better if one goes in one tunnel and the other takes another? It might have more ground covered, Lance. I wouldn’t say I like the sound of that, but you’re right, OK this is what we are going to do; you’re making a request; I’m taking a left. Here it takes this radio, keep it on, you get any trouble... you call me. And do you know how to shoot a gun, Raymond? No, I don't, Lance. OK, take this; pulling out a gun from his ankle Lance handed the weapon over, facing the barrel down. Lance. OK, take it, keep the gun pointed away from you and point at what you want to shoot, then squeeze the trigger. Raymond. OK! Yeah, sure, no worries.

Are you sure you will be fine, Raymond? Yeah, no worries, Lance. OK split up, Lance and Raymond separated, taking a tunnel each making their way through the dark spooky tunnel,

Raymond shuffles his feet as he steps in water " Yuk. "This is disgusting. My shoes, dam it.

Rats run by screech! I wouldn’t say I like rats. Making his way through the tunnel as the torch shines brightly down at the tunnel,

Currently, Lance pads as he makes his way through, listening to the traffic sounds above, staring up, noticing a maintenance hole lance hearing a car drive over the plate. " Clank, watching where he steps, Lance, comes to another divide in the tunnel.

Lance flashed his torch down the tunnels, standing still deciding which way to go, starting to flicker. No! Come on, don't play up, the torch switched off, and it became utterly pitch black "Oh my, being careful walking along feeling the cement tunnel for guidance, Lance felt his way until he saw a flickering light. "Hello! Is anyone there.

Lance is that you! Lance heard Raymond gently call out, Raymond, is that you? Yeah! It's me. Come here follow my torch,

I'm coming; approaching, Raymond asked, "What happened to your torch”, Lance. It went off. I think the batteries went flat, Raymond. Please give me your torch, Raymond replied. Lance handed over his torch, and Raymond looked at it. " Do you have any more batteries? Yes, I do, Lance answered.

Fixing the torch, it started to work again, "There you go”. Lance. Thanks, let’s go this way if that leads back to where we started, well there's no other way but forward, OK, let’s go, Lance took the lead when Raymond followed behind.

Getting deeper into the tunnel where there is no light, Lance and Raymond appear wall facing Raymond. Look! Over their let's check it out, shinning their torches, they approached a massive hole in the wall, shinning their torches around. Lance stares at Raymond in the concerned look as he sticks his head in and notices it's the beginning of the subway.

Lance. I'll go first watch my back then you come in Lance replied, OK Raymond answered Lance climbed in Raymond looked around "You OK. Yeah, your turn, Raymond climbed in as they quietly found themselves in a corridor heading towards down into the subway.

Lance. From here, be careful and watch your step. We don't want anyone sneaking up on us, said Lance, " OK, whispered Raymond,

The torches shone brightly as they made their way through the subway tunnel; approaching a set of stairs that lead down, Raymond and Lance stopped at the top staring down, shinning their torches as they looked at each other, Lance signals Raymond shush, raising his finger to his mouth slowly quietly taking step by step walking down the stairs they carefully stepped down getting halfway when Raymond accidental kicked a can what was lying on the ground.

The loud sound of the can echoed into the darkness when it went down the stairs. Reacting quickly, stopping breathing heavily, Raymond froze when Lance shined the light onto the rolling can; Raymond, Oops, Lance stares at him " Be careful, with a firm look on his face.

Finally reaching down to the bottom, they scope the area. Pointing their guns when the beam from their light scans the subway, they notice it was a vast place.

Raymond sighs. Gee! This is huge; never seen a subway like this; yeah, this was one of the biggest ones the town had back in the day.

Lance. OK, we need to be quiet stay close and be careful, walking around scouting the area, they came together in the middle of the platform; suddenly, a loud banging sound came from the darkness " what was that " Raymond asked Lance. I don’t know, maybe the traffic above us, Raymond. I don't think so; I think we are too far down to hear it. Bang Boom, nervously they looked around.

Pointing their guns around as they shine their torches, Raymond replied that did not come from above the ground, Lance." Shush quiet, suddenly a loud, terrifying sound echoed in the darkness. Screech Raymond. WTF was that Lance,

Lance. I don’t know! Let us get the hell out of here, Raymond.

No, wait, shine the torch over here; the torch flickered as the beam of light kept on flickering on and off; what the hell. Don't play up now said Raymond Taping the torch with his hand.

Getting it back on, Lance and Raymond stood their ground. Standing there waiting for anything to appear, suddenly out from the shadows, something moved along the old train line in front of them.

Lance. "You hear that, Raymond. What? Lance. That sounds like someone, or something was running towards us, coming from down on the tracks on the rails, turning to stare down at the tunnel with their torches shining brightly, the sound got closer and louder as it was coming towards them.

In the light, a figure appeared running towards them. Leaping into the shadows, Lance fired a shot. Bang, Raymond pointed the gun but couldn't fire the weapon had jammed " It's not firing it's not working, firing another shot the figure moved swiftly as he went into the darkness, shinning their torches trying to find the figure.

Stepping back, a hissing sound came from the darkness.

Raymond. "What was that”? It sounded like the sound Mikey had made when he was on the veranda the other night, the hissing sound happened again, and it was louder, swinging their torches around rapidly trying to find it but couldn't see anything.

Raymond called out Mikey, is that your son. Turning around as Raymond's torch went out, the hissing sound appeared again, Mikey is that you? Replied Raymond. "Shush! Quiet, did you that., replied Lance no, what was it. Lance replied something was moving over there at the end of the platform.

Staring perversely, Raymond's torch went out, " Dam it, my torch isn't working, " shaking and slapping it but still not working. Lance shone the torch down the platform; the beam only went so far when a terrifying screeching sound came from the darkness. Sounds of feet running towards them, Lance fired the gun when Raymond grabbed Lance on the arm. Let's get out of here " Go," Lance replied. Running through the dark with only Lance's torch for light,

Lance fires another shot " BANG.




It's getting closer " Run," Lance calls out. Raymond ran as fast as he could when he trips over a cement rock falling to the ground; dropping the gun and torch, Lance stopped firing again as he bent down to help Raymond get to his feet and run.

The torch rolled off the platform onto the rail line; The figure approached, reaching out, scratching Raymond on the leg. The figure’s claws digger into Raymond’s leg as it clawed him. “I drop the gun " don't worry about it, let's go. “The figure was behind them running up the stairs climbing as they went through the hole, " Climb hurry". The figure is behind them. Raymond climbed out; Lance followed behind. Raymond helps Lance out landing in the water. Running through the tunnel they hurried out,

The creature stopped chase, staring from inside the hole; eyes appeared getting closer to the spot.

Raymond and Lance stopped at the end of the tunnel exiting the entry" Is it coming to Raymond asked. I don't think, so Lance replied.

I was standing there staring down at the tunnel, waiting for the figure to show, nothing, only darkness sits at the end of the tunnel

listening carefully, they couldn't hear a thing they weren't following; Lance looked at Raymond and said, " That was close, but I think we need to be more prepared; yeah, I agree " How's your leg Raymond " It's fine still bleeding, but it's not deep, " We need to patch it up, whatever that is it's not your son. Anymore, I don't think it was my son who would do that.

I think it was someone or something else; what do you mean? Raymond just stared down to the tunnel," Come on, let's get back to the car”.

" Whatever the case, maybe we need to be ready”, Lance replied.

Raymond and Lance walked back to the car when the figure came from behind, the vampire,

appeared showing its eyes as they glowed in the darkness, the vampire showed its teeth; blood dripped from them when the sound of hissing came echoing through the night, showing itself before disappearing back into the shadow of the night...




Back at the car Raymond and Lance lean against the vehicle when Lance rushed to his boot, opening it and pulling out a shotgun; Raymond looked at him “what are you doing – you’re not going to shoot him; we have to kill it”. It – it’s my son, no, it’s not – that is not your son anymore, it’s a bloodsucker from beyond, you can’t kill him, watch me, Raymond walked over and grabbed the shotgun when Lance turns to stare at Raymond.

“What are you talking about”, Raymond – of course, we can, no you can’t Raymond replied, telling Lance that bullets don’t kill vampires – only driving a wooden stack through its heart can kill it.

Lance stood listening to Raymond when Raymond looked around shinning his torch when he found a broken chair, walking over smashing it breaking it into pieces then reached down picking one up looking at it seeing it had a sharp pointy edge to it.

Walking back to Lance, holding the stick in his hand, Raymond told Lance, “See a stack we need these to kill the vampire; Lance looked at the stack and back at Raymond,” ok – let’s do it, but we need more.

Lance placed the shotgun back into the boot and slammed it closed; Raymond and Lance went to find more wood and broke them, turning them into stacks as they prepared to get ready to go back into the tunnel; Ten minutes later, Raymond and Lance had made a dozen of stacks and crosses when they stood in front of the old rumble of building, staring up into the darkness, when Lance asked Raymond,” OK. Raymond, are you ready? Let’s do this, Raymond responded, Lance and Raymond walked back to the building, entering the tunnel, vanishing into the darkness.


Stay tuned for the next chapter in

Night of the Vampire,

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Night of the Vampire

Part 2







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