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If you're to busy fighting with yourself, you may not see what's reality, when you have people who love and care for you, I fear you may find yourself all alone and completely confused....

Poésie Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

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Idk how to talk to you? Idk what to say?

I don't know how you could even expect me to live this kind of way…

Idk what's going on?

Maybe it’s me overthinking, or maybe it’s just you not ever thinking about how I feel about anything that you say or do…

Do you ever think about how the things you do will effect me and you?

My feelings are mostly just an inconvenience for you...

sometimes I think if I just shut up stay blind, don’t act any sort of way, then maybe you could start loving me in the right kind of way…

Maybe everything I see and hear is right?

You don’t love yourself enough to truly see the light,

you can’t care about me or this fight!

Because your way to busy fighting with yourself to ever see what’s right…

RJW 2019

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