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This is about a girl who didn't become Manager. In head name, Rosinas mom complains to Mrs. Carney, and Rosina is spot by a lady named Jessica with a snake named Shadow who is only a lady who doesn't like fear. Rosina finds a way to become manager and kick Gabriela out!

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Mrs. Carney looked upset at Rosina. Rosina had long brown hair, shining eyes and a school outfit. "But please Mrs. Carney! You can't give Gabriela the hit on new manager!" Crys Rosina. Mrs. Carney slams her fist on the desk. "Stop your childish whining now Rose! I am done! The judges and me have made a decision, and that's final," She says. Rosina frownes. "You guys didn't give me the spot because you don't like me! Oh sure, my mother was a manager once and she caused the big fire here, but, don't care about my mother's mistake! care about me, my personality, my smartness my confidence my—" "No!" Interrupts Mrs. Carney. Mrs. Carney rubs her forehead and sighs. "Rose. All I'm saying is, no." Rose gets a tear in her eye. "But why? You give all my ancestors a chance as manager and it comes to me that you won't let. Just why?" "Why am I the unlucky one? the one thrown out? the one with no dream coming true?

just why?" Rose steps out the office and bangs her fist on the wall. She walks out the company building and runs to her car. She drives home and parks in the garage. She takes a minute before going inside and thinking of her plan. "1: Enter building. 2: put stuff away. 3: skip hugs. 4: go to bathroom. 5:—" She pauses. "Feel like im the unlucky one." She mutters. She walks inside the house and puts her things away. Her little sister, mom and dad come running.

"Rosina!" Crys her little sister, Daisy. "Did you win?" Asks her dad. "Did you get the job!" Shouts Roseinas mother trying to hug her. They start staring because she doesn't look happy. Rosina sits on the couch and starts on her homework. "are you okay?" asks Daisy. Rosina nods and hugs Daisy. "Young woman speak!" demands her dad. Rosina shuts her ears and frowns. "I didn't get the job because of you mom okay? happy?" She yells. She runs upstairs to her room.

"Because of me? Oh dear," Says her mother. Rosinas dad hugs her. "Don't feel bad. She is not suppose to be talking this way to you anyway." Says her dad. Daisy snuggles her teddy boo and frowns. "Sissy is mad and sad. She is not suppose TO be treated this way!" Shouts Daisy running upstairs. "I hate myself now," Sighs her mom. Rosinas dad gives her a pill and marches upstairs. "Rosina!" Shouts Her dad. "Where are you?" He opens her door and finds Daisy sitting next to Rosina on her bed. "Speak now!" He grouches. He crosses his arms and frowns. Rosina stands up and frowns.

"Can't you leave some people alone mister?!" Grumbles Rosina. Her dad gasps and makes a finger at her. "Don't call me mister!" Rosina crosses her arms. "Oh yeah? Mister! mister! mister! ha!!" "That's it! you are grounded for a month! no leaving this house and no phone!" Rosina and Rosinas dad get in a tussle. The door slams open. "STOP!!" Shouts ther mother. They stare at their prickly, mad, sweating wife/mom. "Honey? you okay?" asked their dad.

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