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A young man who is a high schooler name Tom Anderson that was into computer as he goes by an alias name Neo living in the everyday Matrix, as he saw that his everyday life was the same old thing, until he was contacted by someone called Morpheus as he came to later on find out that he was 'the One' that would come against a powerful agent called Smith.

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Trinity's escape & Tom At his computer

  1. One night where cops that where gathered by an apartment that was near to a hotel called 'the Hart Hotel.' The reason for the cops to gather out by the apartment, was for a report of a young lady that was in a room hacking into a computer. In the apartment building, they where policeman that had already surrounded a room already drawing their guns as they pointed at the door that was already closed. Then as the police had their gun pointed, one of the police officers looked back at one of the officers nodding his head giving him the ok. Giving the ok, the officer ran to the door and kicked it down. "Freeze!!, police!, hands in the air right now!!, do it!!, do it now!" said the police officer as all the officers came in the room now pointed their guns at a young lady that was at a computer. Then as the young lady heard that, she had her hands raised in the air. While outside the top lieutenant with the other officers sent his four best police officers to get the young lady hacker. Then along came a black Audi A4 to the lieutenant surprise. "Here we go," said the lieutenant as the car arrived. There the car parked, and out came three agents with plugs in their ears, Agent Brown, Johnson and Smith as they came to the lieutenant. "Lieutenant, you where given pacific orders," said agent Smith, "I think we can take care of one little girl," said the lieutenant, "the orders were for your protection" said agent Jackson. "Look agent, don't give me that jurisdiction crap, just take it and shove it up your ass." Then as the lieutenant said that, the agents looked at each other a then proceeded towards the apartment. "Your are wasting your time, they're bringing her down now" said the lieutenant as agent Smith replied to him saying, "no lieutenant your men are already dead." There the young lady was, with her hands on her head as one of the police officers pulled out his handcuffs to put them on her wrist. Then as the police were about to handcuff her, she then turned around, grabbed the officers arm and broke it, punched him in the noise, then proceeded to jump in the air, as she stood in the air and kick the officer in the chest as he flew back into another officer.
  2. Then another officer started to fire his gun at her as the girl then ran across the walks as the gun shot hit the walks missing her. She then took his hand, punched him in the face and the took the gun that the officer had in his hand as she shot the other officer that was shooting at her. Then as she shot the officer with the gun that the officer was holding, she then swung her foot up in the air, kicking him in the face. She then turned around as she saw the last officer then pointing his gun at her. "Freeze young" said the officer with the gun pointing it at her. The young lady having her hand up, kicked the chair that she had sat on at the officer, as she ran to the wall, jumped off of it and kicked the officer in the face as she knocked him out completely. Then as the young lady killed and beat all the officers her phone started to ring, "Morpheus, I'm here" said the girl "Trinity, you need to get out of there, the agents and police are coming" said Morpheus on the phone, "Damn it, shit" said Trinity, "Focus Trinity, there is a train station near by, you need to go to the ground floor, and as you get to that train station, you will see a phone ringing, go now." Now as Trinity end the phone call with Morpheus after talking with him, she walked out the room. Walking out of the room, she saw an agent by the named Brown along with about five other police officers. When seeing the agent and the police officers, but mainly agent brown she ran in the opposite direction towards the door as she open it and climbed up a ladder as the agent and police started to ran after her. Reaching the top of the ladder and onto the top of the roof of the building, she started to run away from both of the agents and the police who are now climbed up the ladder in hot pursuit of her. There agent Brown now climbing up the ladder, is now going after Trinity how is now running towards the roof and away from the agents and police that are coming after her. Then as she came to the end of the roof top she came to it, jumping from that roof top as she landed on another one while continuing to run. Agent Brown then jumped the same roof as the five police officers then jumped the roof as well, as one officer jumped and landed on his stomach as he didn't making the complete jump. Trinity heading towards two walls, and while heading between the two walls the agent stopped, pulled out his gun and fired it at Trinity as it resulted in hitting the two walls that Trinity was ran through the walls as proceeded to run from the agent and policemen. Then as she had kept on running, the agent along with the police still chased her as they ended up running on a galvanize triangle roof top as she along with the police and agent ran up and down towards the other roof that was 12 feet way from the building that she was running on towards the other building, and as she flew from one building to the other. Then as Tristin ran towards that building as the agent and five police were in hot pursuit, Trinity then ran towards the end of that roof, jumping really high 12 feet towards the other, and in doing so, there where police car at the bottom of building as police sirens had then went off as Tristin jumped 12 feet from one building roof to another. Then as Trinity landed on her feet onto the other building she then ran to a wall hiding from the other police and the agent. Agent Brown out of him and the policemen ran towards the building as the agent jumped 12 feet from the roof towards the other as he landed on the other building with his gun in hand. The police running toward the end of the building had stopped, being shock after seeing the agent jumping 12 feet from the roof of a high building. "No way, that's impossible" said one of the police officers, as
  3. Then as Trinity ran towards that building, the agent and five police were in hot pursuit. Trinity then ran towards the end of that roof, jumping really high, about 12 feet towards the other roof, and in doing so, there where police cars at the bottom of the building as police sirens had went off, as Trinity jumped 12 feet from one roof top of a building to another. Then as Trinity landed on her feet onto the other building, she then ran to a wall hiding from the other police and the agent. Agent Brown on one hand, out of him and the policemen ran towards the building as the agent jumped 12 feet from the roof towards the other, as he landed on the other building with his gun in hand. The police running toward the end of the building had stopped, being shock after seeing the agent jump 12 feet from the roof of a high building. "No way, that's impossible" said one of the police, who stood over by the other building as they didn't have the ability to jump that high. There Trinity was, against the wall as she hid from the agent that had a gun in hand. While hiding behind the wall she spotted a window straight ahead. Then as she saw the window, Trinity then ran towards it as fast as she could. When running, she then flew straight to the window, busting through it as she then tumbled down the stairs of an abandon apartment building. Then as Trinity ended up on the bottom of the stairs, she pulled out her guns pointing them at the very window that she bust through. "Get up Trinity, What the hell are you waiting for Trinity?, Get....up" said Trinity to herself as she got up to go down stairs to get to the phone both that was located in the train station.
  4. Trinity finally made it down to the streets, and now to the train station after she got away from agent Brown, and now on her way towards the phone. While running to the phone, a car came up to her as it was a guy trying to holler at her saying, "hey girl!!, looking good" said the guy as he drove the car down the road. There agent Brown was, still on the roof as he looked at the window that Trinity broke through, "Target is lost" said Agent Brown, "I have located the target" said agent Smith as he was walking down the street. Then all of a sudden, the guy that was in the car driving down the road, turned into agent Smith as Agent Smith then turned the car around in pursuit of Trinity. Trinity on the other hand, knowing that the agent were hot on her ass, she kept on running in the train station as she heard the ringing of a phone. When running, Trinity past a homeless man and a lady prostitute. "Hey lady you got anything to spear?" said the homeless man, "Damn she is fast" said the prostitute as Trinity then ran to the phone. Approaching the phone both, the homeless man and prostitute turned into agents as one was Agent Brown and the other was Agent Johnson as they went on after her. Trinity then made it to the phone and as she picked up the receiver she saw in shock, agent Brown with a gun pointed at her
  5. A young man name Tom Anderson that attended Westmore high School, as he is known to have a skill into hacking computers as he goes buy another alias called Neo as was your typical nerd that new about computer very well. One night he was sleeping by his computer as there was a picture of Morpheus on the computer. There Tom was, sleeping with his headset over his head and on his ears in-front of his computer, as the computer blanked out and a phrase came right up on the computer saying, 'wake up Neo,' then as the phase came up Tom then woke up out of his sleep, as he saw what was written on the computer, he got up out of sleep as saw the phrase wake up Neo.
  6. "What?," said Tom as he now looked at the screen, and kept on looking at the screen.
  7. He then saw another phrases saying, 'The Matrix has you.' "The Matrix has me" said Tom as he found it strange that phrases like this came up on his computer as he pressed ctrl and X to delete the phrase and couldn't.
  8. 'Follow the white rabbit.....'
  9. He then saw 'knock, knock, knock' as he heard a loud knock on his bedroom door as the knocking jumped Tom out of his skin, "how is it?," asked Tom, "it's your mother Tom, now open up" said his Mother as he opened the door. "hey mother, how is everything?," asked Tom to his mother, as his mother looked into his bedroom and saw the computer on in the room. "Tom dear, your still at that damn computer again?, you need to get some rest when night comes, do you understand young man?," said his mother "yes ma'am" replied Tom to his mother. "Well anyway your friends are outside to see you" said his mother as Tom then said "oh, yeah, coming" said Tom as he came to the door to see his friends. There Tom came to the door and opened it to see both friends Mark and Ryan with two girls Samantha and Megan. "Hey Tom, what's up" said Ryan "good as usual, you have the money" said Tom, as Ryan replied saying "yes 20 grand as Tom took the money and told him "wait here" as Tom went upstairs to his room. Then as Tom went to his room he opened up a box as he a collections of CD-ROMs as took one of them, while putting the money in the box and closed the box. Then as Tom came down the stairs he opened the door to Ryan and the other to give the CD-ROM to him. "Halleluiah, You my savior dude" said Ryan as Tom the said "Remember Ryan, don't get caught using that," as Ryan said "Yes I know Tom, and no one would see it. this never seen it" said Ryan, "you look a little pale, maybe you need to go out, get a little R and R" said Ryan to Tom. "Well I actually got school tomorrow" said Tom, "come on Tom, it would be fun come with us" said Samantha hugged up on Ryan as Tom then looked at her black tank top and saw a white rabbit on it under her bust line, "Yeah, sure, I will go" said Tom as he then told both his parents saying "Ah Mom and Dad I stepping out," "Ok son, but remember it's a school night" said his father as he told his father "yes dad," took his coat and headed out.
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