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A young 18-year-old schoolgirl by the name of Shikhara Henson that goes to an all-girl's school, visited a Jamaican psychic name Merge Jenkins aka Mrs. Jenkin with both her friends Sara and Jody after she was recommended by Jody. The Jamaican Psychic was able to predict what will happen to Shikhara the next day as it ends up with Shikhara naked and is embarrassingly seen that way by all females and everybody in general. Shikhara after being impressed with Mrs. Jerkins psychic ability she wanted to go back, but was warned not to by Nola Jenkins (her daughter) and Nigel Jenkins (her husband). Shikhara then disobeys both the daughter and husband's warning and went to the psychic, and after many visits to the psychic she then realized that the Jamaican woman Mrs. Jenkins was not just a psychic, but a powerful sorceress that wanted to have possession over Shikhara as she ruins her life in return, as she wants possession over Shikhara's soul, and for the real world to fade out of existence right along with Shikhara's family and friends. Some way and somehow Mrs. Jenkins must be stopped.

Science fiction Voyage dans le temps Tout public.

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Shikhara's day at school

There was this beautiful young 18-year-old ebony girl name Shikhara Henson who attends an all-girl school called St. Mary’s girl school as the date was Wednesday 7th August 2019. There she was, in the classroom, as they were being taught Math by Mrs. Grinage. Shikhara was known to be a straight A student in school and was very attentive in class as well, for teachers at the school were impress with her high level of learning. Then as the class was going on, the teacher was asking question to the class about some Mathematical equations on the board. “Ok class can anyone tell me what’s the answer to x450 × x360?” said Mrs. Grinage, as Shikhara had her hand up. “Yes Shikhara,” said Mrs. Grinage, as Shikhara then responded by saying, "162000x 2” as the teacher said, “that’s correct Shikhara,” as she continued onto the next equation on the board. “Ok girls, what is 3.80x × 4.80x?” as Melissa raised her hand. “Melissa,” said the teacher as Melissa answered, “18.24x 2” as the teacher told her, “Yes Melissa that is correct indeed” as Melissa got the answer right. Then Mrs. Grinage continued to explain to the class about solving the x formula in the Mathematical equation, as she said, “you see class the x is basically a value that is yet unknown, it’s a variable, or at times an unknown, let's do another equation shall we” said Grinage, giving the class another equation, while teaching her class. “Ok class what is x16×x16?,” asked Mrs. Grinage, as Shikhara raised her hand, “yes Shikhara,” as Shikhara said “it’s 256x2,” as Mrs. Grinage said, “correct Shikhara,” as the class still went on. While she was teaching the class, the bell then rang for the dismissal of the Math class, and the end of school. “Ok class that is the end of class, and for homework I want you girls to solve these 12 Mathematical equations by tomorrow ok,” said Mrs. Grinage, as she gave each girl a sheet of paper with the math equations on it, as Shikhara was the last to receive her paper of Math equations. “Oh, hey Shikhara, I must say, I’m very impress with you and Melissa's performance in the Math class today, keep it up,” said Mrs. Grinage, complimenting Shikhara on her performance in the class. “Thanks Mrs. Grinage, what should I say, math is my favorite subject you know” said Shikhara, to Mrs. Grinage, as she left the classroom putting her math homework in her backpack. While going to her locker, she saw both her friends Jody and Sara there. “Well now, do my eyes deceive me, or is that my Mathematician friend Shikhara,” said Jody, as she was surprised to see her friend. “Jody yes and yes” said Shikhara, as her friend Jody said, “well, well typical Shikhara, and her sarcasm” as Jody slapped Shikhara on the bum.

“Hi Shikhara” said Sara, as Shikhara said to Sara, “hey Sara, nice to see you girl” as both of them hugged. “Jody, tell me girl, how was science class with Mrs. McFerrin today?” asked Shikhara, “oh pleases girl, chemicals blowing up every minute, talk about mixing baking soda with amino acid” said Jody, as Sara said, “In other word Shikhara, what Jody here means to say, is that it was awesome!” said Sara, as they all laughed amongst each other.

“Ok... so...., you guys ready to go to the mall?” said Jody, to her two friends.

“Boy am I ever,” said Shikhara,

“Yep, count me in” said Sara, as all of them agreed to go.

Then as all three girls stepped out the school with their back packs, Shikhara saw Devin coming out of the boys school with the rest of the boys’ as she looked at him in admiration, while he walked to his car. Devin while going to his car looked in Shikhara’s direction, she waved at him, as he waved back at her. “Shikhara! Shikhara!” said Sara, snapping Shikhara out of her daze looking at Devin, as Devin went in the car. “Oh yes Sara” Shikhara responded, “going to the mall, right?” said Sara, “oh yeah, Sara, let’s go,” as they started to walk.

The mall however was near to the school, as it was a short walk down the streets of Miami Florida. The mall was called Sour grass Mall, the biggest mall of all malls in Miami. There as the girls went to the mall, they walked through the mall passing every store possible from Foot Looker, Wall green hardware, Toy R us and Starbucks. “Now, where could we go to shop?” asked Shikhara, as the girls where all over deciding which store to go into. “Oh, look there, Besties clothing store” said Jody, as Sara said, “not a bad decision as Shikhara said, “well ok then, Besties it is, let’s go girls,” as the girls went to the Besties clothing store. While in the clothing store checking out the clothes, the subject about boys came up. “Tell me Shikhara, Devin from the boy’s school next door” said Jody, to Shikhara “yes Jody, and what about him?,” asked Shikhara as she wanted to know what her friend was talking about. “Come on girl, don’t play dumb ok, I know you have a crush on him, and he has the hots for you” said Jody, to her friend Shikhara, “ok, ok Jody, he has the hots for me, and I have a crush on him, happy now,” said Shikhara, admitting that she had a crush on Devin, to her friend Jody. Then as the girls were going looking through the clothes, a women salesclerk came to them and ask, “hello there girls, can I be of some assistance?” asked the lady clerk, as Sara said to the lady, “oh no thanks, we are doing just fine” as the lady told them “Ok then, well call me if you need any help” as Shikhara told her “Thanks will do” as the clerk left them. “Do you believe her, here we are talking, and she interrupts us” said Jody, “Jody first of all, she works here, and second of all she is doing her job,” said Sara to Jody, as Jody said “oh yeah, I knew that” as they continued to browse the store.

“Tell me Shikhara, have you ever seen a naked guy before?” asked Jody.

“Really Jody, this is where the conversation is headed? well if you want to know, I saw one when I was 9, it was my cousin that was 12 taking a shower, his thing wasn’t that big, but his balls were bigger than his penis” said Shikhara, encouraging the conversation. “Well, I remember one time I was 13 years old, I was at my friend Marisa’s house, and me and her were playing a game of hide ‘n’ seek, she was hiding, and I was seeking. Then when I count to 15, I said, “ready, or not Maria here I come.” I went looking for her, and while looking for her, I was about to pass the bathroom as their gardener a guy in his twenties answered the door, and as he saw me with his towel on him, he asked me “hi Jody, how are you?,” and as he said that, his towel dropped to the floor, and then I saw his thing which was about 6 inches” said Jody, and as she said that, Shikhara and Sara had their eyes wide open as she continued what she was saying.

“Then as the gardener stood there naked, I stood there looking at his dick which at least was 6 inches, talk about his head, shaft, big balls and pubic hair,” said Jody, as the girls all giggled.

“Well girls, me on the other hand, remember my first time seeing a naked guy. You see I was 12 at the time, he was my sister’s boyfriend. He and my sister where in the bed together, this guy was muscular, I mean this guy had a chest and ads out of this world that would put Brad Pitt to shame,” said Sara as her, Jody and Shikhara walked through the store listening to Sara. “Sara by all means, continue” said Jody, as her and Shikhara listen on attentively as Shikhara said, "oh yeah Sara by all means." “I then walked into the room where he and my sister were having sex. Then as he and my sister saw me, I saw my sister naked on top of him in the process, and as he saw me, my sister got her off of him. She shouted out, “oh my goodness, Sara!!,” as he then got out the bed and stood right up standing there naked in front of me with his penis and balls on display for me to see, and let’s just say that it was 7 inches,” said Sara, to the surprise of the other two girls. “Ding, ding!!, seems that we have ourselves a winner here” said Jody, "yeah girl first face winner," as they all laughed in the store. Seven minutes later they came out of the store with shopping bags of things that they purchased in the clothing store that they came out of. “I’m glad I bought these two joggers” said Shikhara, “I bought these two jean shorts and rompers, what did you get Sara?” said Jody, “oh, I got these three skirts, it was a two for one special” said Sara, as the three girls made their way to the food court. Reaching the food court, Shikhara’s phone rang, as she took it out to answered it. “Hello....oh mom! hey!!” said Shikhara, hearing her mom over the phone. “Hey Shikhara, you’re at the mall, are you?” asked Shikhara’s mom, “oh yes mother, lucky guess, with my friends,” said Shikhara, as she was surprised at her mom, knowing where she was. Then as the talk continued over the phone, Shikhara’s mother then asked her, “Shikhara, so when are you going to be finished at the mall?, and what time should I pick you up?,” as Shikhara then replied saying, “Oh ah, let’s just say about 6 o’ clock” as her mother told her “ok, then 6 o’ clock it is, have fun dear, love you,” said Shikhara's mother as Shikhara replied by saying “love you too mother, bye,” as the three girls are now at the food court. There at the food court, they all agreed on Jimmy The Greek as the place to get a bite.

There the girls were, in the food court eating the food that Shikhara purchased for all three of them. “Well thank you Shikhara, for treating us to something to eat” said Shikhara “yes girl, thanks” said Jody, as Shikhara told them, “anytime girls, no problem at all” as they continued to eat. Then as the girls were eating, the subject of a psychic came up. “Shikhara, I just want you to know that there is a psychic in the mall and her name is Mrs. Jenkins, girl you need to give it a try” said Jody, as Shikhara looked at her with an eyebrow in the air like she was crazy. “Psychic? really Jody? should I also believe in the easter bunny too?” asked Shikhara, in a very sarcastic way not believing her friend Jody at all. “I am serious girl, she would blow your mind away, I’m telling you, she is good, just give it a shot” said Jody, as Sara said “come on Jody, she is probably one of those fake psychics, you know, like Mrs. Cleo, and speaking about her, did you guys know that she wasn’t even Jamaican and Miss Cleo wasn’t even her real name, yeah shocking isn’t it.” “Ok Jody, I’ll give it a shot, lead the way,” said Shikhara, as the girls finished eating and went to the psychic. Then as the three girls came straight to the psychic how’s name is Mrs. Jenkin, she was already dealing with a couple already. Then in minute she was done with the couple as she told them, “Alright now, you two take care, bye” as the couple thanked her. Then as the couple went out, the psychic then saw the three girls as they came into her place. The girls saw the place had herbs and potions with prices on them. “Hello, dare young girls, you looking fi some ting in particular? or yah come for ah reading?” asked Mrs. Jenkins, as she was talking to the young girls. “We came for a reading, I heard from my friend Jody hear that you are the best,” said Shikhara, to the Psychic “di best dare is, yah need fi try it,” said Mrs. Jenkins as she laid the offer to Shikhara. “Ok Coconut West Indian woman Mrs. Jenkins, how much for a reading” said Shikhara as the woman told her “Ten dollars a reading” as Shikhara took out a 10-dollar bill out of her purse and put it on the table.

“Put your money where your mouth is, show me psychic” said Shikhara, to the surprise of both her girlfriends Sara and Jody.

Then as the psychic took the 10 dollars, she started to look in the crystal ball to see the prediction of Shikhara. “Alright, here it goes, mi see yah tomorrow morning, sleeping in yah bed, you’re sleeping naked in bed, naked as the day yah born. Wait, mi see yah waking up naked, walking towards yah wardrobe, and as yah open de wardrobe, you see no clothes in de wardrobe,” and as Shikhara heard that from the psychic, she looked at her and said, “I will be waking up tomorrow naked? oh give me a freaking break lady! really” as Mrs. Jenkins the psychic told her “Yes gal, tomorrow it will happen.” Then as the psychic continued to look into the crystal ball she said “wait, wait mi see some ting here, you open your wardrobe and drawers, and realize that you have no clothes nowhere in sight, as the only thing you see is a robe. Yah mother comes into yah bedroom and see yah naked and is ok with it and tell you, yah have to go to school like dat. De teachers, girl students, and both of your friends here all see yah naked as they point at you, having a big laugh as de teachers allow you to be naked at de school.” Then as Shikhara heard that, from the psychic, she then said, “yeah right, crazy Jamaican psychic lady, like that will ever happen” as the psychic said to her “alright gal, but mi telling yuh, it will happen, trust mi on dis,” as the psychic was confident in what she said. “Ok, here’s the deal, if this doesn’t work I want my money back, if this does works, then you keep the money, deal” said Shikhara, as she made a deal with the psychic shaking her hands as the psychic said “alright it’s ah deal.” Then as it was all said and done the girls left the psychic’s place as they continued walking in the mall.

“I still don’t believe her at all, she is telling me I’m going to wake up naked tomorrow, do you believe that damn coconut, banana boat woman” said Shikhara, not believing the psychic that she and her friends had visited. “Come on Shikhara, that might happen, believe me,” said Jody, still believe the psychic. “You know what Jody, why don’t you believe in the tooth fairy while you’re at it” said Shikhara, “look girls, let’s all just continue to peruse the mall ok, we could get epressos,” said Sara, as the girls continued to walk through the mall.

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