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My Joy

Little one, you are my blessing.

Your smiles are infectious,

your wit keeps me guessing.

You hold my endless love,

a true miracle,

and gift from God above.

Energy that abounds,

you wouldnt be complete,

without all of your little sounds.

A face that shows wonder,

at everthing you see,

questioning what might be under.

Understanding well beyond your few years,

some of the things you say,

can bring me to tears.

You possess a gift,

able to bring happiness,

and give my heart a lift.

12 Janvier 2022 16:02 2 Rapport Incorporer Suivre l’histoire
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Sean Elliot I write mostly because and about my Starlight, a person very close to me and something more. The twin of my own soul. I write mostly poetry, but also some short stories.

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Reanna Field Reanna Field
How sweet.
November 17, 2022, 20:09