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Wise help

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"In the name of the Lord, the All-knowing"

Story Name: Wise Help

Author Name: Simorgh

Warning !

This short story is forbidden for those who have not read one of the three Gospels "Matthew", "Mark" and "Luke".

This short story is forbidden for children under 12 years old.

This short story is free and is part of the public property of all people in the world.

Short story: Wise help

The TV over the restaurant bar was showing the latest morning news,

The restaurant was full of customers, the tables and chairs were arranged in such a way that it was difficult to pass,

Mary and her 12-year-old son Benjamin were sitting at a table and chair by the window facing the TV.

The esophagus was of medium height with a slender face and protruding cheeks and large eyes.

He wore a cross necklace around his neck and was watching the morning news carefully.

The news anchor said in a passionate tone:

"Thank you for being with us so far,

And at this point I end the news,

And I hope all viewers succeed in the exam,

Today is the 15th of May 2030,

World News Network

Goodbye. »

Mary turned her head away from the TV and looked at her son,

He saw Benjamin banging his hands on the windowpane and looking out.

He picked up his cup of coffee from the table, put it to his lips, and looked out the window.

A man sees a remote control turn his robot into a chair to sit on and fly into the sky.

Mary ate a cup of her coffee and turned and stared at Benjamin for a moment.

As he looked at Benjamin, he pursed his lips and said to himself:

Every time I see Benjamin fading watching people who have robots, my anxiety increases,

He cleared his voice sadly and said:

Benjamin, eat your breakfast, we have another hour to go and try,

Benjamin was short, with a round face and big eyes. He said, "Okay, Mom."

The sound of customers and the smell of coffee filled the restaurant,

Mary looked around and saw that everyone was talking about the exam,

He picked up his cup of coffee to eat and looked at Benjamin again.

He was wiping his mouth like an adult,

Worried again,

He said to himself:

What if Benjamin does not pass the exam?

And continued:

What a decision they made, they were doing well selling the robots in the market so that anyone could buy one,

Mary placed the cup of coffee on the table and stared out the window, as she gently ran her finger over the wrist that had tattooed Benjamin's name.

"I have to do everything I can"

"I have to talk to him anyway."

"I have to help him"

"Mom, I'm done," Benjamin said suddenly

Mary came to her senses and turned her head towards Benjamin and said:

So get up and let's go

Mary went to the cash register to count,

And after counting, he returned to leave the restaurant with Benjamin

When he approached the door of the restaurant, he said to himself sadly:

I was so caught up in Benjamin that I did not understand how I paid for breakfast,

As they exited the restaurant door, the sky was full of people flying with their robots, as if a "ski ski" was passing overhead.

Benjamin was as excited as ever and said one after another: You see mom… You see mom ...

Mary glanced at her "baby face" and said to herself:

I can no longer bear to do it anyway

He turned on his cell phone and started calling,

After a few moments he said: Hello Michael,

"Hello Mary," Michael said from behind the phone.

Mary: Good, good morning,

Michael: Good morning,

Mary: Michael, for the sake of harassment, I wanted to see if you did any research.

Michael: Yeah,

Mary: We have another hour to go for the exam, can you give us a look?

Michael: Well, I'll come to you before I go to work,

Mary: So we're home in two minutes, goodbye,

Michael: Goodbye,

"Mary hung up her cell phone," Benjamin said.

Was it Uncle Michael?

Mary said: Yes, take the key and open the door, it is coming to us.

Benjamin opened the door, dropped the key on the table, and ran to his room, saying, "I'm going to play PlayStation."

Mary said loudly as she hung up her clothes:

We have to go to the exam for another hour, do not bother yourself,

"Hello," Michael said from behind him.

Michael was a thin man with a big head that weighed heavily on his body,

Mary turned and said: Hello, please close the door behind you, do you have coffee?

Michael: Yes, thank you,

Mary went to the kitchen,

Michael sat down on the furniture in the middle and put his cell phone on the table.

"She was making coffee in the kitchen," said Mary.

Since last week, when the registration for the exam started, people have been thinking about the exam,

Wherever you go, they're talking about the exam,

Michael nodded with a smile and said:

Yes its true ,

Mary continued: "Of course I give them the right, I myself do not mind having to pass the exam, have a robot to do my work and my living expenses will be free for four months."

And he brought the cup of coffee to Michael and put it on the table and sat on the sofa by the window and said:

Michael, you do not know what the exam questions are about?

Did not hear anything about it?

"No, I did not hear anything," Michael said.

I do not know why people who take the exam do not reveal the questions, and said with a pause:

They may be arrested for fraud,

12- to 18-year-olds, too, if they want to reveal the questions, the Examination Center will find out through the labels and cameras that are clearly installed on the day of registration.

That's why no one still knows what the questions are.

Mary leaned forward and said softly:

Did Michael really research how these things mounted on Benjamin work?

Michael said:

Yes, I was reading an article about them just yesterday,

He went on to say that the labels on the back of his ear only stored sentences, and the very small cameras mounted next to his eyebrows stored only the text, and sent to the center for artificial intelligence analysis to see if anyone had cheated on him.

Mary leaned back and leaned over and thought,

Michael leaned forward and said:

Why did you want to know this?

Mary said: "From the day of registration I was told that whatever you want to say to Benjamin or whatever you want to teach him, including advice, etc.… You must send it to us first, if we confirm, you can say it. , But if we do not confirm and you say it is considered fraud.

Mary said:

So far they have not confirmed everything I sent them,

And he went on to worry that Benjamin would not pass the exam, I'm going crazy,

And he hated and continued: he would love to have a robot,

After a few seconds, he raised his eyebrows and said angrily:

If they were selling robots in the market instead of trying them out, I would have bought one now and not have to worry so much.

He continued: "Since people all over the world bring scientists to work, we are faced with a strange decision every day,

Michael raised his eyebrows in surprise and said softly:

Bad decisions that no one has ever made, they say people should not do physical work and should not do mental work, they should just enjoy life,

Accordingly, they gave hard and harmful work to robots and intellectual work to artificial intelligence,

The same two hours of daily work that we are doing are being cut under the pretext of exams,

Then, with a pause, he frowned and said:

I think two weeks ago, they announced their goal of taking the exam, saying: "According to the latest scientific research," the human mind is like running water, if it stays stagnant, it says. "

Mary frowned and said firmly:

I want to help Benjamin pass the exam anyway,

"After a short pause," Michael said.

Now what did you want to tell him not to approve?

Mary said sadly:

I just wanted to tell him:

"Be a good person and help everyone"

Both in the exam and in his life,

Michael leaned back and leaned back on the sofa,

Mary continued in a calm tone:

"Michael, you are my brother and I could only trust you. You are also an artificial intelligence engineer. Please see if you can find a way for me to say these things to Benjamin so that they do not understand."

" you're welcome "

Michael stared at Mary for a moment, ran a hand through her hair, and looked at her cell phone on the table.

And after a few moments he said: Maybe he will find a way,

Then he looked at Mary and said, "Can you say these words to her in about 4 seconds?"

Mary said happily, "Yes, I will try my best."

Then Michael continued the power source of the cameras and the stickers installed on Benjamin, the Internet, which is received from the Wi-Fi antenna of the area, if I hack it, it takes 4 seconds for the power source to fall on the central Wi-Fi antenna,

And only in these 4 seconds that are interrupted, you have time to make a move,

Mary said happily and suddenly got up from Josh and stood up, as he stood he said to himself I will do it and began to walk, as he walks he shakes his hand and in his mind practiced saying the words quickly,

Then Benjamin called out, "I have a card,"

Benjamin came out of his room sadly and his eyes fell on Michael and said:

Hello Uncle Michael,

Michael raised his head from his cell phone and said hello to Benjamin, okay?

Benjamin also said: Thank you,

And he turned to Mary and said, "Mom, what are you doing?"

Mary said: Come near me,

And he sat down on Benjamin's sofa and shoulders and said softly:

I want to say something in meat that helps you in the exam,

As Mary shrugged,

Benjamin looked at him in surprise and said: Well said,

Mary said let's start whenever Uncle Michael says,

I say ,

And then they both looked at Michael,

"Almost all," said Michael.

Benjamin looked at Mary in surprise again, and then they both looked at Michael.

Three, two, one, now

Mary put her head next to Benjamin's ear and grabbed his arms with both hands so that he would not move or say anything during these 4 seconds, and then he said quickly:

"Be a good person in the exam and help everyone"

Once Michael said all, do not say anything else.

Mary quickly pulled her head back,

Until Benjamin came to speak, Mary put her finger on her lips and put the finger of her other hand in front of her nose, as a sign to be silent and hold something,

Mary said a few moments later: "Because of these things that you have installed, now go to your room but do not bother yourself, we have to walk in a few minutes,"

He said okay and turned to Michael. He said goodbye and went to his room.

Michael said to him, "Hello,

Mary turned to Michael and said:

You have been very kind to me, I hope I can reciprocate the kindness,

"Please let me go to work, please," Michael said.

Mary walked over to him and said, "I wish you success in the week you are taking the exam."

"Thank you," Michael said.

They said goodbye and Mary closed the door and stared out the window.

He was happy to be able to help Benjamin,

He took a deep breath and turned and went to Benjamin's room and knocked on the door and said:

Slowly get ready to go,

Mary was dressed, Benjamin was ready,

Benjamin had a certain passion, he was obviously happy that he wanted to try and get a robot prize,

Mary and Benjamin got out of the house and went to the car, got in and moved to the test site,

On the way to Benjamin he was looking out the side window,

Mary turned her head and looked at him, then stared forward again and said:


Benjamin turned around and said, "Yes, Mom."

Mary said, "Never forget what I said in the flesh. If you put it to work in the test and in life, you will succeed."

He paused to look forward and said, "Mommy's eyes,

Mary said, "Barricola is a good boy."

Benjamin looked forward to the door of the test site,

Mary was happy along the way that a way was found that she could say to Benjamin and the center would not notice.

Mary and Benjamin arrived at the test site,

They went to the parking lot, there were about 100 or 150 cars in the park,

They found a parking space and parked the car and entered the building,

It was a big hall and they went to the counter full of chairs and gave their information and identification numbers.

They gave each of them two numbers and told them to come to the hall so that a guide could come and guide you.

Mary and Benjamin went to the hall and sat down on two chairs, about 100 people waiting in the hall,

Mary turned to Benjamin and said:

We are supposed to finish each of our exams sooner, wait here until the next one finishes,

Benjamin said, "Okay, Mom,"

There were several doors next to the information booth, one of them came out of one of the doors and introduced himself to the audience and explained about the exam and said that the number given to each of them is the room number in which he should take the exam.

And asked everyone to go to the exam hall and enter their rooms,

Mary and Benjamin got up and went to the door of the exam hall, where they entered. It was a large shed full of small prefabricated rooms, with about 20 rooms facing each other in each corridor.

Mary and Benjamin's room were next to each other, they said goodbye and entered their rooms,

Mary entered the room and closed the door,

It was a small room with a chair in front of which was a monitor,

Mary went and sat on a chair, the monitor turned on, and after greeting the robotic arm that was attached to the monitor, she approached Mary and scanned her eyes, and Mary's information appeared on the monitor, and she was asked if The information is correct to confirm it,

Mary hit the OK button,

After a few seconds the countdown began, the countdown ended when a question was displayed on the monitor:

Question: "If you had the power to heal all the sick, would you heal all the sick from here?" »

Option one: Yes

Option 2: No.

Option 3: More items

Option 4: Verbal explanation

Mary read the question again in surprise, she said to herself:

Why is the question so simple, maybe the next questions will be more difficult, then quickly hit the first option,

The monitor displayed a message after a few moments:

"You failed the exam,

You will be given another chance,

You can answer the same question again in an hour,

For further reading, you can refer to the library next to the waiting hall.

Thanks "

Mary was shocked and said to herself, "Maybe something went wrong, and just as she was shocked by the monitor message,

There was authentication in Benjamin's next room and the countdown was coming to an end, when the question appeared on the monitor:

Question: "If you have some extra food and a cat is looking for food a few meters away from you, do you go to the cat and feed him?" »

Option one: Yes

Option 2: No.

Option 3: More items

Option 4: Verbal explanation

Benjamin read the question and excitedly chose the first option.

The monitor displayed a message after a few seconds:

"You failed the exam,

You will be given another chance,

You can answer the same question again in an hour,

To read more, you can visit the library next to the waiting room,

Thanks "

Benjamin was confused and slowly tears welled up in his eyes,

He got up sadly from the chair and left the room and went to the waiting room,

When he entered the hall, he saw Mary reading the name above the door of the rooms, and as soon as Mary wanted to enter a room,

"Mom," Benjamin said loudly

Mary turned and was glad to see Benjamin,

But until he saw Benjamin sadly coming towards him, the smile on his lips disappeared,

He said to himself: What happened?

He worried and pursed his lips,

Worried, he took a few steps towards Benjamin and said: Did you take the exam?

"Yeah," Benjamin said sadly.

And little by little he wanted to cry,

"Well, what happened?" Said Mary.

Benjamin was angry and looked angrily into Mary's eyes and said:

Didn't you tell me to do that,

Mary was confused by what he said until he came to his senses, Benjamin gave him a heavy look and turned his head and went over the door, read the room door and entered the room,

Mary fell in love with him, which was not accepted,

How upset he was more than he was that he was upset that Benjamin was not accepted, just as he was upset and went into the room after a short pause,

When he entered, he saw the library guide standing and everyone who came in told him where to sit.

Mary set out to find Benjamin,

The guide came to him and said, "Madam, please give him this number and the number of the table and the chair where he should sit."

As Mary walked over to her desk number, she looked this way and that to see Benjamin,

He was very stressed, he said to himself: I wish I could talk to Benjamin,

He found his desk and sat down, but kept getting up and running back and forth to see Benjamin.

The guide of the library came to him and said: Madam, please sit down and keep calm,

Mary said okay and sat down on a chair,

It was so crowded that he could not find Benjamin,

He said to himself that he would definitely go back for another hour to take the exam, and calmed himself down.

He just sat for a few minutes,

Who decided to start browsing the internet,

After watching several websites and videos, he leaned back in his chair and rested his eyes for a moment.

As he closed his eyes, he said to himself:

I do not have much time left, I have to make my last effort, maybe I came up with an answer,

He opened his eyes and typed the words "get help" + "heal" + "have power" + "why shouldn't someone heal" instead of searching for the video.

The result was a search for a series of videos that read their headlines one by one, one of which caught my eye.

The headline read: "Secrets of the Bible"

And it was written below:

"If you have not read the Bible, please do not watch this video"

Mary played the video, a tall man wearing a white medical mask with his mobile phone camera filming a lush spot at the bottom of a hill in the middle of a crowd of about a thousand, all wearing masks like himself.

Mary said to herself, "I think the video was about 10 years ago when a pandemic came along."

And stared intently at the video,

The tall man turned his cell phone and stood in front of him and said:

I came here because a university professor has announced on virtual social media that he has discovered one of the mysteries of the Bible and wants to share it with people who want it.

And we are all set to gather together at this hour and in this place,

The tall man looks at his watch and says that now is the time he announced, and as he was talking, a helicopter flew overhead and landed on top of the hill.

The tall man turned his mobile phone and filmed from the helicopter, the wings of the helicopter that settled, a short and bald man who only had hair around his head, with a medical mask on his face and a quality in his hand, jumped down from the helicopter and approached the crowd one or two meters He stood on top of the crowd and took a speaker out of his bag and stood in front of his face and greeted everyone,

and say :

I am the same researcher I posted on virtual networks that anyone who wants to know one of the mysteries of the Bible should come here and said with a smile that I expected more people to come here,

He continued with a pause: Why I did not share these secrets in virtual networks, I hope you will get the answer after this meeting,

And he happily continued, "Let's get to the point."

But before that I have to say this:

That I share these mysteries only with those who have read the Bible, unless I share,

First, people who have not read the Bible do not understand me at all.

And second, that they go astray and go astray,

So I give people who have not read the Bible a minute to leave this place,

The tall man turned his cell phone in front of him and said:

Luckily I read it and then he took his cell phone on the crowd and gently turned it,

People left having one by one and only about 300 and 400 people remained,

A minute later, the researcher put the speaker in front of his mouth and said:

Because I want to give you these secrets for free, so I want to know if you will use it for free to help others or not?

And he continued: For this reason, before coming here, I went to the village behind this hill, and after inquiring, I found out that there are three patients in this village, and I got their home addresses, and with I brought it myself,

And I want to know who from this crowd will go to the village to help these three sick people after hearing the mysteries of the Bible?

Everyone was created and everyone said in unison:

"We go" and "We help"

The researcher said, "Okay, so whoever wants to help, turn on their mobile Bluetooth so I can send them the addresses."

The tall man lowered his cell phone, turned on his cellphone Bluetooth, and after a few seconds picked it up again and began filming.

After a while, the researcher said loudly:

Did they get all the addresses?

The integrated crowd said:

"Yes", "we got"

And again the taller researcher said:

Is there anyone who does not want to help?

And did not get these addresses?

If there is anyone, please leave the crowd, I will give him one minute,

A tall man turned his mobile camera on the crowd but no one came out.

After a minute, the researcher said:

Last time I asked,

Did everyone here get the addresses and want to go and help?

The crowd all said together:

"Yes", "Right", "We are going"

Then the researcher looked at the crowd and said as seriously as possible:

"But Jesus went and knocked on the door of the house, saying, 'I have come to heal you.'"

There was a great silence for a few seconds,

And as the researcher was looking at the crowd, someone from inside the crowd said:

"Maybe Jesus did not have time or he would have gone."

Then the researcher turned to the person and said:

"If Jesus did not have time, then why when he was walking with a crowd and the crowd was crowded with him,

And a sick person approached him from behind and touched his clothes, and that person's pain healed,

Jesus turned and said, "Who touched my clothes?" And searched to find that person,

"If he could go on and go."

There was silence again,

And the researcher turned to him and said:

I realized this important thing after reading the Bible four times. You continue to read.

And after saying goodbye, he got on the helicopter and left.

The tall man turned his cell phone and turned to himself and said:

I'd better go and read the Bible again,

And disconnected the mobile camera and the video was over,

"What an interesting clip," Mary said to herself, and quickly searched the Bible and began to read,

There was a quiet atmosphere in the library,

Several rows away Benjamin was watching the video he had searched,

In the video, a woman at a school was talking about animal rights for a number of children,

The woman, who had made up her face like a cat and wore a cat costume that looked like a clown, said:

I would like to add another important point about how to treat cats, and that is that if you feed a kitten directly, he will learn to depend on you, and unlike a human child who will one day become independent, kittens have this independence. Are difficult to learn and may remain in hell vulnerability and weakness forever (1)

He went on to say that even in veterinary clinics that keep cats for treatment, they do not put the food directly in front of the cats until they are healed and treated, but leave it somewhere for the cats to Smell, find food themselves and do not even make eye contact with cats, so that cats do not become dependent,

And then Benjamin leaned back in his chair and thought,

The library was empty and there were only one or two left,

The other side of Mary was happily leaving the library door, her heart was not in her heart as if she had found the answer to the question,

He was walking fast when he reached the exam hall, talked to the guide who was standing there, and the guide allowed him to enter, and he quickly went and entered the exam room.

Sitting on a chair, and the monitor turned on, and after greeting and authentication, the countdown began. After the countdown was over, the same question was displayed on the monitor.

Question: "If you had the power to heal all the sick, would you heal all the sick from here?" »

Option one: Yes

Option 2: No.

Option 3: More items

Option 4: Verbal explanation

Mary confidently and happily chose the fourth option,

A microphone was shown on the monitor,

And Mary began to explain excitedly.

In the meantime, Benjamin had entered his room next to him and had been authenticated and counted down.

The same question was displayed on the monitor as soon as it was finished,

Question: "If you have some extra food, and a cat is looking for food a few meters away from you, do you go to the cat and feed him?" »

Option one: Yes

Option 2: No.

Option 3: More items

Option 4: Verbal explanation

Benjamin carefully and gently pushes the third option,

The monitor shows the following options:

Option 4: "Yes, I throw the food somewhere near the cat so that the cat can find the food itself and I stand to eat its food."

Option 5: "Yes, I throw the food somewhere close to the cat so that the cat can find the food itself and I do not make eye contact with the cat at all."

Benjamin happily chooses the fifth option,

After a few moments, the monitor shows the text of the greeting and greets his acceptance.

And a message appears after the greeting:

"To receive the robot, refer to the waiting room and the robot receiving counter"

Benjamin happily leaves the room and waits for the hall. When he enters the hall, he sees Mary sitting on a chair and a robot standing next to her.

He goes to Mary and says happily:

My mom was accepted,

Mary happily hugs him and Afarin says that Benjamin looks at the robot next to Mary and says:

Your mom,

Mary says with a smile:


And hug each other again,

Mary sheds tears in her eyes and says to herself: How happy I am, then she wipes her tears and says to Benjamin:

Go to the robot counter, which is in the corner in front of us, count it and get your robot, and someone will come and teach you how to work with it,

Benjamin also says mom's eyes and hurries to the counter, as Benjamin went and talked to the guide,

Mary said to herself:


How proud he is, I'm proud of him,

Tears welled up in his eyes again and he began to wipe his tears,

As he wiped his tears and stared at Benjamin, he recalled the exam he had taken.

And I said under my breath, "Healing," "Researcher," "Jesus,"

Then one of his mouths opened in surprise,

He paused and said, "Now I understand why Jesus spoke to the people by example."

And then his state of surprise turns into a smile and he sits next to her,

Glad to have found this verse in the Bible,

He looked down at his robot,

And as he was looking happily, he was suddenly startled by the sound of his cell phone,

He took the mobile phone out of his pocket, looked at the monitor, it was Michael,

Said: Hello,

Michael said: Hello and continued did you take the exam?

Mary said, "Yes, and he continued happily. Both I and Benjamin were accepted."

"Congratulations," Michael said.

"Thank you," said Mary.

"What was the question, Mary?" Said Michael.

Mary fell to her knees

"What?" Michael said.

"What," said Mary, "exam," "question," Mary said.

Mary also had a stutter,

Michael interrupted and said, "What are you saying?"

Mary cleared her throat and said:

Hold your phone for a minute,

"Okay," Michael said.

Mary thought for a moment and took a deep breath and said:


"Yes," Michael said

He said: If I ask you the question, I have wronged you,

Let me tell you the question in the form of a story so that you can find out for yourself.


(1) _ There was an article on the Internet about cats that unfortunately I did not find the source, but as soon as I find it, I will inform.

Email: [email protected]

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