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Talia was raised since a young age to be a professional assassin in Hangarass Kingdom. But, everithing changes when a misterious man wants to hire her to kill the heir prince of the rival kingdom. Talia is going to dive in well hinding secrets of the history of her world and discover her true identity in the process. But will she go in time to save herself and her world?

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The moonlight came through the window gaving a silver light to the darkness in wich the room was surbmerged. I was by the window, sitted on the railing watching the passerby walking on the dirt floor. Horses and carriages tried to pass in the middle of men who already were preparing their merchandise for the next day. Men were loading barrels to a tavern that was on the other side of the streetmaking the progress of the carriages even slower. The coachmen shouted and gestureda lot in a atempt to make them stop, probably using arguments about how late their clientes were for dinner. I put that mess behind my back and come to sit back on the chair.

My room in the house of the assassin´s king was big when compared with other divisions of the house. I always imagined that it had to do whit the fact that I was the fisrt being trained by him. I touch lightly the scar on my right hand whlie the memories take me to distant times.

There were few times that Nattvarg was willing to tell the story of how he had found me in that baby crib floating in the margines of tamise river. He always said that he interpreted it as a sign of the gods to stop is career as a professional assassin and start his own hire killer company. He took care of me until I was old enough to hold a sword and than he trained me. Teached me al lhe knew and a little bit more and here I was so many years latter – a true hire killer, just the way he wanted. With the soul for sale to the highest bidder.

But in these moment, and for the first time in many years, I was really nervous. When Nattvarg told me the price that I would receive for my next victim, I just could think in how much is part was going to be. The kingdom wasn´t passing a good fase, the crops were getting scarcer, and the taxes were getting bigger. There were rumors that riots were happening in some places in Hangarass, but as far as I known, they could just be storys of drunk man.

With so little many circulating, there could be just one of the two – either the person who wanted to hire me didn´t have any love for money or the mission was really risky. I hear a knock on the door before Thomas appear in the jamb, with is usual good mood.

“I don´t remember telling you that you could come in”

“You also didn´t say that I couldn´t”, replied, giving a shrug accompanied by a mischievous smile.

“I could be doing something important.”

“Like what? Dressing for the next party? Feel free, I don´t mind to watch that show”, he says, sitting down in a chair next to him, and raising his eyebrows.

“No, like hiding your body on the closet after making you bleed like the pig you are.”

“As long as my last wish is granted, I will die a happy man”, says, winking at me.

“I hate you”, I reply laughing as I toss him a pillow that he catches easily.

“The feeling is reciprocal, Talia. Now you need to come, the cliente as arrived, and you how Nattvarg is with delays.”

He disappear down the hall before I have time to responde him. Cleaning the sweat that as formed on the palms of my hands on my pants, I takle a deep breath and follow him down the corridor, hoping that my first guess was the right one.

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