The story is about four high school friends who fight against a force with their special abilities coming in handy. The force is from another dimension, another world, and it's portal has been opened again.

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Part 1 - Introduction

All characters, places, names and / or references mentioned in this story is fictitious and a work of imagination. Any resemblence to any person, living or dead, or place / organisation is purely coincidential and un-intentional. The author does not wish to reference any action, circumstance or situation to any true situation, event/s and / or person/s nor offend anyone. The story/ies are purely fictional and a work of imagination!

Four friends, each one with unique abilities try to stop a force they stopped two years ago. It's dangerous and more powerful now. But it's only them who can stop it.

Jake, Tia and Tim sat around in the park, each one trying to believe the news that they saw this morning. "Well, at least this time, no one is dead", said Tim, trying to make the situation look positive, but it didn't help at all. "Till now. But it will get to people, very soon", Jake said, in a warning tone. "Guys, we're the only ones who know about this. I think we should inform the police immediately", Tia suggested, "Tia, the last time we did that, we almost got ourselves arrested. You wanna do that again?", Tim was right, nobody would believe them until they saw the destruction on their own. "Well, what do we do then? All we know is that it has come here, all the way from that dimension, for US. We closed it's portal last time, it's angry on us", Tim said, frustrated and scared at the same time.

"Guys? What are you talking about? What portal? Who's angry on you?", their fourth friend, Kate asked. She didn't know anything about this, and it was good. Because it was very, very dangerous. "We're talking about nothing. Come have a seat. Can we go somewhere people?", Jake tried to diffuse the situation, but failed terribly. Kate clearly knew something was wrong. "Stop lying to me. We've been friends since two years! I think I have the right to know what's wrong", Kate said, upset. "If we tell you, will you come with us and investigate?", Tia asked. Jake and Tim gave her a surprised look, it was obvious, how could Tia tell this to Kate? "Yes, I will", "even if it means getting injured severely and understanding the complicated thing called magic?", Tia asked this one final question, hearing which Jake burst out; "why are you telling her!? It was supposed to be between us!", "but she should know! Maybe she's like us too! And please, I think we can trust her", Jake frowned.

"Okay fine. We'll tell you. But if you ever open your mouth about it....", "Tim, no! I won't tell anyone anything". "So, I'll start?", Tia asked, "go on, I'm ready".

"So two years ago, a scientist accidentally opened a portal to the other world, to the other dimension. And out of all things that should come out, what did? The Cryptis. The Cryptis is a monster from that dimension. It looks terrible and is equally dangerous. It feeds upon any living thing it finds, and slowly, multiplies itself".

"Understood? Now that thing, the Cryptis is back again. We don't know how, and in fact why. There were other things that could come, but the Cryptis again. It's unsual", said Jake. Kate was scared and shocked. She doubted if they were lying, but why would they lie about such a thing? And again, why wouldn't they? Tia usually got these ideas, she could've planned it all.

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Ellis Rexter Ellis Rexter
Seems intriguing
October 30, 2023, 07:59
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Great job!
October 14, 2023, 21:16

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