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She is innocent,angelic and pure,an ordinary highschool girl with cheerful and adventurous nature. He is dangerous,unsympathetic and cold,the rightful heir to Empire group,world biggest share holding company What happens when their paths clash and he finds himself slowly falling for her?

Romance Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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Shiza Above, main female character. Bae Suzy as Shizra

She is innocent,angelic,pure,an ordinary high school girl. She treasures the peace of her life and wants to spend a quiet life. Kind hearted and adventurous person.

He is dangerous,cold-hearted , unsympathetic, the rightful heir to Empire group, world's biggest share holding company . He is temporary deprived of his rightful place and takes shelter in guise of a high schooler,Harry Styles. Holding a dark past and living for his vengeance.

What happens when their path clash and he finds himself slowly falling for her?

Watch as she meets the four intimidating boys, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Jason Lewis,while struggling her way through school, messing her up and turning her world upside down.

The story proceeds slowly with a lot of comedy and school stuff but later it turns dark and darker so

WARNING: May contain mature content. Enter at your own risk.


"Because I love you",he simply answered.

"NO!".She screamed"Love is gentle.Love is giving. Love is not taking.You don't love me"she cried

His face reflected hurt. He closed his eyes momentarily and when reopened,his anguish replaced with fury.

He placed his hands on the wall at her sides,blocking her escape. Being short-tempered he feared it and it took his best to restrain doing something to her he would later regret.

"Then what is it?"he asked coldly.

She didn't anticipate him such cool after rejection. It wasn't like him in any mean of interpretation, and it maddened her.

She should've known that a cold Harry is more threatening than a furious one.

She was reluctant at first.A single wrong word could put her life to risk. However the logical side of her mind failed to put a stop over the outflow of emotions.

"This is lust! You just lust me!"she said recklessly,still her innocent self unaware of the dreadfulness of circumstances.

She saw a fist flowing in her direction. It hit the wall inches away from her head. There was a crushing sound that shuddered her heart.

Instantly her furious self was dismissed and she was drenched in the new hotness of fear. Compared to his gesture,his face looked cool and she just couldn't comprehend it.

The shooting pain radiating through his fist played in the background while his breath came faster and faster. Nothing could stop it from happening now and he knew that he was going to remorse but it didn't matter at his fury.

An arm around her waist pulled her up to his chest.Her feet couldn't feel the ground anymore.

She gasped.It was fast more than her perception told her. She wiggled, the only thing she could do. Her arms were trapped between them and with her feet not touching the ground,her activity totally ceased.

She dared to look up and she froze. The person wasn't the Harry she knew. It was either not a cold Harry he appeared to be. She hadn't seen the side of him.His eyes,it was just blood-curdling. He looked like a raging monster. She had jut put him off his limits.

The way his strong muscular arms covered her,he could easily crush her or suffocate her to death and at the moment she feared for her life.

"Harry I..."She managed to say but it was too late. The monster already unleashed.

"If you want it to be lust then let it be lust!"he growled and aggressively yet passionately claimed her lips.

She couldn't resist. She was just too horrified to repel. Inside her,her heart was beating madly like any moment it could burst. Her breathing coming out swiftly. She couldn't just bring herself to believe that it really was happening.

She blinked.


She wiggled more forcefully while he continued kissing her. His hold was just too suffocating. Her head spinning due to the lack of oxygen to her lungs.

For once he broke the kiss,loosened his hold and pushed her backward. She winced as her back made contact with the cold wall.

"N-No stop it H-Harry,I-I'm sorry",she stuttered panicked as he forced her legs around his waist,but it was no use. He wasn't going to listen to anyone now.

She threw punches through her small fists at his rock hard chest,a futile attempt to push him away but it was hard that he even noticed them.

He wanted to rip off all the barriers between them and claim her as his once and for all. He wanted to take her right then and there,to mark her as his,to show her whom she actually belongs to.

He took her small wrists in his large hands and pinned them against the wall. before she had a chance to say anything,he kissed her again,more forcefully and passionately.

"Stop",she said through their joined lips but it only came out muffled. He got the chance to slip his tongue into his mouth and deepened the kiss.

Already feeling defeated and giving up on her fate,she closed her eyes.

But closing eyes doesn't change the fate.


Hope you enjoy!

Do appreciate.

If I don't update for long then you can always find the srory on wattpad.

Id is shizroyals. 

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