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My Eleventh Birday

where it all began for me anti psychotics and anti depressants just before my Eleventh Birthday. I was a boy scout an acedemic reader and manic depressive. behavior modification started the moment I went into foster care this was the second foster home after living with my sibling and my mother this new foster care was home. the horror stories where only stories and had nothing to do with me. my mother was medicated and fell into deap depression often. as I said eleven was the time that I became what I was a boy scout an eagle within four years and honor role by high school.

all would never have happened if my medication wasn't there. looking back after the final trip to the state Hospital I can relate my misfortunes on all that was when others was no medications and perhaps there will be a time I don't need medication again however I do at this time.

years I wondered doing what I could to not over think issues I was having with others and found myself losing years to the dillusional world of corruption. the only thing that was wrong was my preseptions brought on by anxiety. I am on so little that I can see why I wasn't given a medication for so long. it is not supposed to be permanent as was mentioned as I was placed into the care of the foster parents at Eleven.

how I feel now is better and I can only hope that what ever caused me so much hardship is gone for good. the struggle is real.

a life of joy is better then a life of bliss the tough time I had growing up has made me a gritty adult I mean that I am more logical then I would if perfection was offered. I was never good enough however I earned an Einstein achievement award in highschool for math and science a letter in art five scholarships and after graduation was a B+ student in college.

11 years old I joined the library of Congress and became a member of the order of the dragon the moment I was a boyscout. I was medicated and dedicated to show that I could keep up and the plight I thought I had was condition for something better like training for space or something. I am glad I had the support that I did however it was all on me. the state was pushing for hospitalization and I did what I could to keep it from happening.

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