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3000 Miles

She cradled him in her arms if only for the split second of tragedy they both shared.

He called out to her later on that night in his sleep. He glanced out his window, squinting to see the shape of the palm trees in the dark. He missed her. He realized in that fraction of time how much she truly meant to him. But he was gone now, and she was no longer in his life. "3000 miles is a long way to stretch your heart" he thought. He rolled over in his bed and shut his eyes. The tighter he held them closed the clearer her face became in his mind. That moment. The one that seemed now to be burned on the inside of his eyelids. The day he left. The way her tears rolled down her checks, and the green of her hazel eyes became clearer. At the time he didn't see it as so, but now he realized the ironic bond they shared. A tragedy that occurred- the ending of something that was meant to be. A predetermined path strayed away from. He watched that moment repeat itself until he finally fell a sleep.

She was already sleeping, having cried completely the second he turned around, on the ride home, and three hours prior to him, when she'd gone to sleep.

She watched him walk away for the last time, caught glimpses of his tattoos as he walked towards his gate. Staring as hard as she could, hoping to burn him into her brain forever. Trying to guarantee she'd never forget him. She watched out the window as his plan took off, the tears flowing down her cheeks now. By the time she reached her car she could barley breathe. She drove home, climbed into bed and replayed the moment until she fell a sleep.

The moment of tragedy that they both shared, their last seconds together. Their ironic and unbreakable bond.

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