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Christian, a lifelong resident of one of the World's most dangerous city-Washington, D.C.- tries to rebuild his life after suffering from the sudden death of a best friend, a string of mental illnesses, a broken relationship and ultimately a run in with the legal system that leaves him homeless, desperate, and in despair... nearly in ruin forever..

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In The Beginning...

"What lies behind you and what lies in front of you pales in comparison to what lies inside you"

-- Ralph Waldo Emerson

November 9th, 1979

D.C. General Hospital

Washington, D.C.

The snow flurries blew in every direction blurring the view of the city outside. The emergency room section of the hospital was unusually crowded for a Monday. There were everything from persistent nose bleeds to innocent kids that lay bleeding and dying in operation rooms from a tragic truck accident and for some strange reason, there was an influx of infants born in this fidget winter. sadly enough though it seemed that People tended to become just as cold and unforgiving as the World that surrounded them.

A Nurse assistant began her irritable job of comforting the disgruntled patients some even with an alcohol level way past the legal limit. She began to screen and sort them by their levels of pain and immediate needs of their injuries so doctors could more effectively find needed patients and schedule their lab work, test, and/or X-rays. But only, and I mean only, after their approval of medical coverage information that is.

Just as the area was getting cleaned and sanitized an Ambulance with lights flashing red and blue rushed up and seconds later the sliding doors to the emergency room quickly busted open followed by two worried EMT's frantically pushing in a pregnant woman on a gurney who was dealing with major pain and needing immediate treatment.

Approaching the front desk the doctor's and nurses were alerted to the woman's severe Prognosis from the EMT's. One of them, the older of the two, asked the obvious question that was itching everyone's scalp.

"What's up with all the pregnancies'?" he asked curious after bringing in his eight pregnancy's tonight.

"Not sure, but it does see a bit apocalyptic like" a chubby, red-haired Nurse replied with her index finger on her bottom lip in concentrating thought before quickly snatching the paperwork from him, looking it over briefly and rolling the woman away and down the hallway and around the corner. Understandably more perplexed, he frowned slightly, turned and walked back towards his awaiting ambulance outside. He got inside, fastened the seatbelt, fixed his mirrors and then pulled back into the midnight traffic responding to more emergencies.

Once inside the designated room the Nurse again looked over the patients information on the clipboard, signed her signature at the end of the form then replaced it on the wall. Comforting the woman for a few minutes telling her that a doctor would bed with her soon, she then turned and hurried out of the rom just as quickly.

Two hours an fifteen minutes later....

Sweating profusely and already in actual labor and Crowning she pulled her legs up towards her sides in utter agony without neither the calming effects of an epidural injection or the comforting reassurance of doctors to explain to her that the child that she was getting ready to deliver alone was healthy and well, better yet still alive. She continued to pace her breathing while remembering the instructions from her previous five childbirths calmed her a bit as she prayed mentally for Gods mercy. Suddenly, the Door to the room opened as a now shocked and wide-eye doctor, mouth agape began to yell loudly for assistance. Almost immediately the small room was swarming with Nurses, security guards, and even an anesthesiologist who rushed to the woman side, unlocking the wheels of the gurney and then quickly pushing her towards the operation room for immediate surgery.

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