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Connecting Dots

Maybe I am too small to write this kind of a story but still I hope you like it.

As we know in kinder-garden or nursery class we all get at-least one page in our book, in which we have to connect dots and give the page a meaning. So, this story is similar to the page filled dots.

The story starts with a small dot me, and this dot is like

other dots in the world and as I know I had to connect

dots from which I can give a meaning to me, I searched

for these dots and the second dot I had been searching

for was right there in front of me, my father, as I found

the second dot, the third dot came to me along with my

second dot, my mother, I have connected 3 dots till now

and unlike others, my grandmother was a part of me so,

I won’t take her as a dot. But sill was a long way to go.

Years passed I got in prep-A the class after nursery

class, I had a teacher in that class well if she is watching,

listening or even reading this, she’ll come to know whom

I am taking about, she was another dot for me, like other

Dots my line who had been joining theses dots went

through her as well. Not only teachers or adult dots

were there, but there were dots whom I can call as

friends and some who were termed as not my friends at

that time and still but the people who aren’t friends tell

us a lot about this world as every-time they do

something from which you get angry or you don’t like

so, what’ll be your reaction? You’ll scold them or

maximum hurt them, maybe with your words or hands

but every-time sooner or later you’ll get to know some-

thing from the incident which’ll definitely help you living

rest of your for e.g. I was maybe 6 or 7 when I saw a girl

in my society doing hoop and she was so selfish kind of

a person so I started competing her and learned how

to hoop in 2 weeks, this was never planned, not

stretching this topic longer let’s

continue to other dots, now my next dot came in class 4

as my English teacher, I’ve also written a poem on her

on my channel titled “My biggest motivation”. That

English teacher told me everything, she encouraged me

A lot, and in 4th class I completed my first notebook.

So, my line went through her as well, and then the world

stopped, without any warning and I’ve not talked to them

since 2019 and now comes the most important dots

from whom I have passed the second time. My parents

they were the biggest personalities in the world who

taught me to move on from everything. And that made

me learn python, opening a channel or anything.

So, I have joined a lot of dots in my life till now and still

there are hundreds of dots to pass through, and I’ll pass

through them sooner or later but I’ll to give a reply to all

the dots and myself that it was not a time-waste to join

dots and make them proud of me.

~Indrani Choudhary~

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