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This is the Book of Praise.

from which I The Patriarchy Isaiah M Morris. was given from God to you. that you may understand the truth of which I am telling you today.

oh listen from here and afar.

take ear to the words which I am saying unto you. that it doesn't come from me but from the Holy Ghost the testifier of all truth and comforter in the time of trouble.

The king And Prophet David Son of Jessie.

"The Book Of Psalms"

The Book of Psalms , The Book Of David.

this book is the book of strength.

where as if you are weak.

The Book of Psalms comes up as poetry as David wright this book he sings out loud were the people around him can listen to him play that good harp.

David had many kids, and one of them was Solomon king of Israel he was the wisest man in the Bible says.

let every year listen to the truth as you read the words from the mouth of myself The Seer The Patriarchy Isaiah M Morris.

praise Jehovah all you nations of people glorify Jehovah all of you people.

for Jehovah loyal love towards us is great the faithfulness of Jehovah endures forever and ever.

Praise Yah !!!!

Psalms 117:1-2

Section 1

In The Book of Psalms you have Psalms one through Psalms 150.

some scholars and some experts say that King David only wrote one through 18.

but by faith we believe that he wrote the whole book of Psalms that we may regain our strength.

The Book of Psalms talk about wisdom and prophecy. of the prophets of old and the prophets of new.

David was also a witness of the coming of a savior.

David was born around 10:40 BC.

David name meaning beloved one.

David was the second king of Israel.

David's father Jesse wife Abigail Michal and Bathsheba among others.

David's sons amnon Absalom Solomon among others daughter tamar.

he was around Samuel Nathan Jonathan and the King Saul.

his claim to fame Israel's second and greatest King.

as a boy David played music that would calm King Saul's demons.

David was a shepherd and he took care of his father's Jessie sheep.

section 2

  • Bethlehem same as Jesus
  • youngest of eight sons of Jessie
  • wrote all of the Psalms
  • designed and implanted the future Temple

The Strengths Of David

  • greatest king of Israel
  • a man after God's own heart
  • great warrior and musician
  • listed in the ancestry of Jesus

The Wickedness Of David

  • couldn't escape his sinful nature
  • committed adultery and murder
  • disobedient God in taking a Census
  • did not discipling his own children

Section 3

Samuel Taylor Saul that God has rejected him God tells Saul to the story The amalekites but he spare King agag and the best sheep and cattle.

so tries to stop Samuel from leaving and tears his robe Samuel puts a gag to death before the Lord at gilgal God sends Samuel to Jesse of Bethlehem to anoint one of his sons as the Future King.

Jessie sends for his youngest son David and the Samuel anoints him as God's chosen King Sam your ass just see if he has other sons seven sons passed before Samuel but none are chosen except for David.

Section 4

David was the best King it's real ever had.

it is David who's going to make a change for Israel and Judah.

King David the prophet will grow old and die at an old age.

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