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Follow Tim Curran as he tracks down a gang of the meanest outlaws in the county the wild ones

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Chapter one

It was 1868 I was 23 I just got in to a town up near Fort Collins. I was a Texas ranger after a gang called the Wild Ones the nastiest sons a bitches they was wanted for the murder of over 37 people, and almost 200 head of cattle that they stole and took to Mexico and the murder of by mentor Bill Andrews. I had a very fine mustang he was a stallion I called him Crow after how smart he was. So back to the story, the towns name was dead rock when I first got to the town there was a drunken bar fight in the street I got down off crow and pulled my 1858 Remington revolver and fired a shot in the air and yelled,” what the hell is going on with you two!?” They were quick to run and hide, so I made my way to the sheriffs office ready to meet the sheriff I walked in the door and to my surprise I saw a man sitting there cleaning his gun. I walked up to him and said,” would you happen to be the sheriff.” He replied in a shaky voice,” no I’m a deputy the sheriff left four days ago after a group of wild ones that got drunk and shot up the town.” I asked,” How many men did he take?” he replied,” six.” I looked and asked another question,” witch way did they go?” He answered,” west,” I thought to my self if the sheriff knew the wild ones he would have taken all the able men he could with him. I looked at the deputy and said,” well come on shaky, if we’re lucky we might find the sheriff alive.” I walked out saddled up and made sure my guns were loaded it wasn’t long before shaky came out with a sawed off shot gun that was small enough to be holstered on your side I looked at him and said,”I like a sawed off shotgun but one that small.” He answered,” well I keep it for close encounters.” I looked at him and said,” if we get that close to them your the last one alive.” We rode off in the direction that the sheriff rode off in, it was about 10 o’clock when we left the town by midday we traveled maybe twelve miles. Me and shaky stopped on a ridge to survey the surrounding area when just beyond a patch of gamble oak I saw smoke I pointed it out to shaky and said,” I’m going down to investigate you find a vantage point where you can see me, if you see me get shot you ride as fast as you can back to town and get as many men as you can.” He nodded and we split up I made my way down the ridge to the smoke when I was a few hundred feet away I stopped got off crow, and walked as soft as I could to the campsite there I saw four dead men on the ground and two tied as tight as tight could be and a group of five standing around them I got within 40 feet of them and yelled,” hay!” They turned and reached for there guns but I had mine drawn and I put a round into each of them boom boom boom boom boom. They dropped like rocks in a pond. I cut the ropes on the two that were tied up then one fella an older man looked at me and said,” you’re like a rattlesnake on the trigger.” I looked at him and said,” rattlesnake, I like it.” Then the other man piped up and said in a less than happy voice,” who the hell are you!?” I looked at him and said,” I’m the one who just saved your life, so unless you want to end up like those boys right there I suggest you change your tone.” Then shaky came riding down from behind a bolder and said,” he’s one of them Texas rangers.” The sheriff looked at me and asked,” well what brings you this far north?” I replied,” the wild ones I have orders to kill them and take there leader in for trial on account of 37 people killed 200 head of cattle stolen and sent to Mexico and the murder of Texas ranger Bill Andrews.” Then I asked the sheriff where there horses were he said they ran off so we gave them a ride back to dead rock and I found a bunk to sleep in.

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