Sergio Garcia

Story of a man's walk to her....

Romance Érotique Interdit aux moins de 18 ans. © ©™2021 "ABSOLUTE ONE" LLC.
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Same ol same, PLEASE.

"HOW DOES SHE DO THAT!?" echoes in mind repeatedly as I'm watching her walk to me , hips in sway in the faded blue jean shorts that drive me absolutely insane and drive a man to want to maul a lady in public right where she stood, literally envisioned it all happen as she walks up. grabbing her by the waist, pulling, and unanimous hand and lips coordination, kiss planted as hand pops fly and relieves her of her modesty in the lobby...the excitement has me grinning ear to ear....she has no idea how much restraint in all this I have invested. "I want to keep her" I mutter to myself, before she closes in and the fantasy fizzles away and the embrace of her nearly has every inch of this body shaking. it's hard to not want to cater to the ways of old...and dominate her like I KNOW I CAN. "stick to the plan, she's not going anywhere" comes and goes as we are now hand in hand nervously walking to the room to settle in. her perfume is intoxication. and her beauty, complex and refined and has this man checking his status at the door and in sheer undeniable love. head to toe every detail of her recorded, and snapshot in memory committed for long term at every chance pause of Convo, turn of hall way, and periferal glance to the room.

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