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Follow Robert as he fights in the leosard war between Afern and Spaton

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Itwas early March in my home city of Austerlowst I wasafactoryworker making steal when I got the word that our king, kingJoseph Alexander king of Spaton has declared war against the young king of Afern Lewis Hobbs. The declaration of war our king asked that all young men from theages of 16 to 37 do there duty and contribute to the warwhether that be in the factories make gun and ammo orfighting it. That day I left work early and joined the spatonian army. I completed my training and my first fightwas in late April near the border the king of Afern wanted to fight a defensive war while we where on theoffensive. The battle was near hill berry farm we had a small embankment protecting us from the fire thatrevenged the field the Sargent came around , and told us we were going to charge the wheat field in a fewhours I went to the mess tent to eat our rations of beef stew and talk with my friends Charles and Richardour meal for the past three weeks was beef stew and abread roll. Then the Sargent came through andyelled,” we’re attacking sooner than expected to grabyour weapons and and prepare to charge.” I grabbedmy bolt action rifle and stood in line to calm mynerves a prayed aloud,” dear god please protect me asI charge across the field and prepare to meet theenemy allow me to move across the field the braveryand the resolve that your son had amen.” ThenCharles and Richard said amen as well then theSargent came around and yelled,” charge.” We ranover the embankment into what could only bedescribed as hell on earth. Machine guns roared to life mowing down men by the tens then you never wanted to stop and group up because the mortars would turnyou into a pink mist. The tanks had it the hardest they had contend with the enemies anti armor rounds and the mortars I ran as fast as I could only stopping fors brief moment to catch my breath when I finally madeit to the enemy I saw a group of 2 carrying ammo Ipulled up and pulled the trigger twice, boom boomand they fell onto to dirt.Another grabbed me from behind and threw me to the ground he was trying toput his knife into my chest I held his wrist trying notto let it slip into my chest he was winning whenRichard hit him in the side with his bayonet. I pickedup my rifle and continued through the maze oftrenches I saw no other men alive just tatteredremanence of men from our own artillery. Thenfinally I saw one of our own tanks crest the hill wherethey men had slept the night before after that the enemy started to retreat without order trampling there own men it was clear we had won the day.

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