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Doctor of death

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Andrea lived in a poor family until her mom got money to further her education.

"Andrea, what do you wish to be in future?" her mom asked her one faithful day

"momma, I love to be a doctor one day"Andrea said

"okay my child I will do everything I can do to make you a doctor" her mom said

Andrea's mom sent her to school till she became a doctor.

The more she worked, the more she loved humans and saved their lives.

she never worked or operated for a person to loose his or her life.

Till one day her mom died.

she was in a mourning state when it was announced that it was a man and a woman who killed her.

she became angry and From that time grew hatred for men and women except children

she started maltreating her patients,till her dad also die.

This time around, she herself went to do the investigation and found out that,it was three bad girls and two boys who decided to kill her dad because, he advised them to stop roaming in the evening.

When she heard of this news,she decided to hate all humans.

so, this time around she maltreated both sex.

And no patient who wants to do operation came out alive.

The police investigated and found her guity

she then went to"PRISON FOR LIFE".

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Hi! guys, what do you say. Is the story okay for your liking
November 13, 2021, 16:22