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Ain't No Gold!

The Title of this article refers to a time & life lesson,I learned early..

I was sixteen years old,Doing a summer job,Digging water trenches,in the city streets..Darned hard dirty work,for bad wages.An old wino,came staggering down drunk,He looked down into the trench & said "Ain't no gold there boy!"Meaning you will never get rich doing that! I thought about his words all day,So i thought,"Dammit,the Wino is right!" He may be a wino,but he knows more than i do!" The bad wages came on a Friday..That was the last time i ever dug trenches,The Wino was right..Life lesson!


Throughtout my life I have probably met millions of people,from all walks of life,Mostly,they fade from the memory,but some very interesting ones stayed,Unforgettable,many wern't rich financially,but vastly rich in outlook,experience..Its to them,mostly passed away now,That i dedicate this article..Names will be changed to protect those still "Hanging in there" 🙂


i called him.Moses,because he had a long white beard,hair,like the biblical Moses..But he was a street tramp,so used to living outside,he couldn't & wouldn't live inside a room,His preferred method of his own distruction, was cheap wine or meths..some times even cheap Eau De Cologne if money was low !Everyone has a story,But his was interesting,He had spent most of his life in the Army,even decorated for bravery one time,(In spite of having nothing,He still kept the medal,A source of great pride to him,) No matter what happened,or what he sold,He kept the medal..For all his problems,So things are priceless..

Most of his main problem,wasnt really even alcohol,He had become so instituationalised by Military life,he couldn't cope on the outside, "Civvie Street" as its called..The Military takes care of all your needs,Sick? see the MO,Food? Mess,Clothes..Quartetmasters Store..Outside after all that time,Once in "Civvie Street" "Moses simply coildn't adapt..The very structure of military life,Discipline,Literal ways,Became a "Cross" to him in the "grey" world of everyday..Many have this problem..


Scott was in love,very badly in love,He had eyes for no one but his girl,He was a chef, and a good one..But Scott had a problem,he was mentally unstable,& when the furies came,he was uncontrollable,But they didnt come often,He recognised at least,that his behaviour was destructive ad in his (mostly lucid) times,He was a nice guy,who had an acid sense of humor,i liked..But dark times came,one evening he rolled up his sleeve & showed me his arm..He had taken a big chefs knife,& slashed his arm horizontally all the way up past his elbow,I was shocked,as anyone would be,at that level of self harm..So i tried to reason with him,

"Scott,You really need to talk to someone," He wouldnt,& made me promise not to either,but i wish i had..In a few weeks,he was scheduled to go home to visit his "Girl" So that time came up,Last thing (& time i ever saw him) he said "I cant wait to get back,its been three months" Then he left."I said have a good time" Next day came the "commotion" & fallout..He'd went after he had left me,straight to a public payphone,Called his "girl" who i found out later,was absolutely "terrified" of him,Right there she told him it was over..

First thing,He ripped the payphone right out of the wall.. Those are well mounted,so it takes almost maniacial strength to do that..Then he went to his room,took out the chefs knives..Almost cut his right arm in two,People living newt to him said there was blood everywhere..Even the carpet,was soaked with blood,even with that,he managed to wreck his room,The neighbours called an ambulence,but he wouldnt let the Medics in,So finally they had no option,they had to call the police,he was losing so much blood..When the police came,they didnt take any chances & overpowered him.Managing to get him into the ambulance,..Even with that,& the loss of so much blood,he STILL managed to trash the inside of the ambulance,Police had to "sit"on him,to get him to hospital

But the medics,Hospital,& police managed to save his life,physically,but his mind was totally gone..Last i ever heard,He was weaving baskets in a Mental Hospital, in the North Of England..probably forever...


The word "eccentric" could have been invented for "Wolfie" For a start,he slept in a wardrobe! No such thing as a bed for him..It had to be the wardrobe,People mostly steered clear of him,but he wasn't totally crazy,Infact,His soɲ was a doctor,Who was deeply embarrassed by "Wolfies" lifestyle..! But Wolfie was a stubborn non conformist,over 60 hair pleted,no teeth! He lived far out in the country with just three viscous dogs for company..Few went there,That was the way he wanted it..His dogs wern't all that well fed,he kept them in the attic,which had a very low ceiling,Causing one reluctant visitor to complain to Wolfie, that the dogs tried to eat the top of his head off!🙂Smoke filled the place,no ventilation..His lungs must have been "steel-lined" to breath that,all day everyday..

His income came from "Poteen" high octane 180 proof illicit Irish moonshine,Didnt make any difference,the revenue men bought it from him too! So he nevet got caught!😄

I talked to him a few times, because he was so "anti social" with "Wolfie"that would constitute a relationship🙂 He disliked people intensely..But the real story,came after he died "One wisegiy said "No need for a coffin,use the wardrobe!" 🙂 Turned out he cale from some very "well to do" people, (Which accounts for his Son being a doctor) But he'd rejected all of them,preferring his own lifestyle..Was he happy,? I do believe he was..No responsibiliy,no obligation,just him & the ravenous dogs..!


Masie was a street begger,Everyday going to & coming from work,She'd be there,dressed in rags,swaying from side to side as usual..Tin cup in hand..Times i gave her money..But one morning i was early & got both a shock & yet another life lesson,Most street beggars are reasonably genuine.."Masie" was an exception to the rule..Early morning qhe came well dressed,makeup,everything..& like an actress playing a role,she "dressed down" to street beggar! 6 days a week,that was her "job" It probably worked,she like a good actress,played the roll to perfection! Genuine"Professional Beggar" but i stopped giving her money..She was probably earning enough already!


Epilogue:This one is one i hate to tell,but for carharsis sake i better..During my travelling times,I used to love huge "burgers" from a certain take away cafe,They tasted super,unlike any othe!

Sooooo..About months later, the enviornmental health people "raided" the place..Found out the burgurs were being made. from. "DOGFOOD!

No real side effects,except i found it hard to pass a"lampost" for awhile,i had this urge to...well..😄

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