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chapter 1 (the only chapter unless you want more ) *Say in comments)

It was only then i realized to stop putting other before me and live my life. Life is short party,live,and have fun. Tell that special someone you like them, get a new friend, follow your dreams. Life is tough. Life sucks. I'm not gonna lie but if you don't take a chance now your gonna go thinking in 30 years why didn't i do that? Have no regrets. Be kind to yourself love yourself. Be kind to others! Its a big world. You will find place because you are loved and cared for. Accept yourself and others. Everyone is different. Love everyone. Especially yourself. Be the reason why someone smiles. Make today count. Word hard for yourself make a living. No one is gonna do that for you. Do that thing you were always scared to! Always stay true to yourself no matter what. Never limit yourself. Always remember you are enough and you are amazing and your crushing it! Be the light. Don't be scared of life. You only get one. Love yourself more than anyone. Dreams do come true. If you want something badly you will make it happen. Everything happens for a reason don't forget that. One day at a time. Things take time. You have time. Never quit. Also never lie to yourself tell yourself the truth or your going to get lost mentally...Value others in your life make time for your best friend, family, etc because they matter just like you. You matter! Make mistakes that's how you learn never be scared or embarrassed to make mistakes. The most important thing in like is honesty and loyalty and to live in the present. Honesty is the best policy. Be loyal to your friends and family because they love you. Live in the present because you can control it. Don't let anyone steal your power. The last thing I have to say for now is you should go up to your friend or family and give them the biggest,and tightest hug ever because chances are they need it. So do you! So here's an invisible hug!

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