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Years of Slavery

Hunefer is a foreigner. He is from Babylon the rich city. After his family has collapsed and he had no meaning in life, he sold himself to slavery for a short period of time, into Egypt. People wonder why he had left Babylon, a city of big opportunities, he could not explain them his deep negative emotions for that place, so he kept his silence.

Since he was educated well in Babylon in writing and history, he worked for the Hieroglyphic priests and wrote beautiful stories and served them well. But because of him being a slave nobody acknowledged his work and his future seemed hopeless. Non-Egyptians had hard times finding a job and be rich in Egypt.

He married a beautiful egyptian woman of a low-class family, now they had even a son. He lived in plenty thanks to the help of his masters in the temples.

His time of slavery was coming to its end. He began to think about his future. When the slavery ended he wont be living in that beautiful big house anymore, he wont be able to support his family, his wife will have to leave him or become a slave herself, his son will grow up in poverty among the rich children around him and become a slave himself. After 10 years of slavery he began to see the hard reality of life. He was a slave, and because of him his family will be turned slaves as well if he does not act immediately. One thing was sure: He needed money, and plenty of money.

How could he earn money to look after his family? What were his attributes which could be turned into real money? According to his calculations he will stay a slave for 3 more years. Until that time he had to gain as much money to stay in that economic situation. He knew the languages of Mesopotamia, maybe he could work as a travel agency and cultural ambassadory for people visiting from mesopotamia. Maybe he could go back to Mesopotamia and work a little bit and come back to his family in Egypt.

He not only wanted to free himself from slavery, he also wanted to have an abundant life in richness.

Currently he was at the end of the slavery, he had an important task for the pharao Ramses II. The king had a keen interest in Akhenaten, the sun worshipper king of whom the records were consciously erased. This was his ultimate task. If he couldnt research him, he would stay as a slave his entire life and wprk on the quarries.

He also had to work in the construction of temples, he trained his body for it, but it was all for free. Even if he didnt want to work, he did, it was his slavery duty.

He wasnt good looking, but he was good in other things. He liked strategy, strenght and freedom and he was more creative than any other person.

He could use all of his mental and physical strenght which he accomodadet throughout his slavery years and put every tiny strenght of it to gain money.

He knew he was intelligent and eager od freedom, and that was his power.

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