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Hadijah is muslim girl who infact has strong faith in her religion. But she starts behaving wierd when close to the narrator. She seduces him and fuck with him in a road trip which was unplanned. The whole thing is dream and when the narrator wakes up, he finds himself seated on the same Mugumo tree.

Érotique Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans. © Kebs

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The queen of beauty

The sun was slowly vanishing in the west and darkeness was preparing to rule the world. The moon could be seen from far and its brightness scared away darkness that was almost covering earth. Its beauty was magnificent and triggered a broad smile on my face. I sat on one of the huge rocks parked down the huge Mugumo tree at the outcast of our village Mukasta. Listening to music, sharp music was cool.

Then as abrapt as a thunder can strike, my mind floated away and vanished in the world imaginations and fantancy. There was something disturbing my mind. Hadijah, the most beautiful girl I had ever seen had possessed my mind. I could not stop thinking about her. I recalled the night before she left how her unusual behavior almost gave me a heart attack.

It was in an evening just like this one. Still seated here when I heard a sweet tap on my shoulders. Taking a glance, my eyes almost popped out. The most beautiful girl in the whole wide world, sexyly dressed with a short tight dress. This was weird but cool. Her smile was angelic and triggered joy in my soul. I brushed back and she laughed. "Your funny", a sweet voice was spitted out from her. Now my mind was confused and silly questions whirled inside my mind. "

What does she want? Why is she staring me like that? I was speechless. She then asked if she could sit and I happily said yes giving up my sit to her. But she refused to sit and pulled me toward her. Then, She smiled at me and gave a nasty wink that drove me insane. I then followed her. We were walking in a dark path where it was raining roses, I can't recall how we reached here. Then she grabbed me and pushed me on the wall. She started kissing me and touching my dick. It became hard and then I took control of the moment and turned her to the wall. Caressing her body.. Her hard tests pressed my chest thrn my hand was in her trousers and she was moaning.. Then she pushed me away and she fled into the darkness and the red roses started coming together. The was strong wind whirling around and behold a bus appeared and Haddijah was in it.

In the bus there were other young people in a party mood. The bus was lit , beautiful and the music shaked the whole thing. Upon entering, two girls were kissing. On the second sit there was a serious fuck being held. Everybody in the bus seemed to be crazy. Soon I started catching up with the present moods. I could no longer see Haddijah. I started looking for her but the more I went the more the crazy my feelings lit up. I started dancing even though ridiculous nobody cared. In fact a gal came to me and started stripping on me removing my trousers and putting my dick in her mouth but as soon as she had done so than Haddijah came and pushed her away. I was happy seeing her. God! She was naked and her body was angelic. This hardened my dick and she grabbed it and started sucking it like crazy making me almost scream of joy. Then she pushed me on the chair and put my cok in her pussy slowly and slowly but the pase accerelated and she was screaming like crazy... Then I sat properly coz she was weak and caught her by my arms and lied on my chest.. the I grabbed her neck and started kissing her at the neck then her lips..suddenly the bus engine coughed off.. ...and the trip begun

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