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A police officer discovers a man in the woods in peculiar circumstances, and they try to determine if he is the victim or the assailant.

Criminalité Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

#suspense #thriller #crime #Mystery
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Alone in the Forest

A police car was patrolling near the Dale forest area. It was a cold night. It was drizzling outside. People were in their houses. Not a single creature was on the street. Silence was scaring him because it was his first night on duty. He works indoors in the police station, but being out on the field was his first time. He recently started his job in the police station. Levi Cole Hendrix gets scared very easily. He did not like the darkness very much. Kyle Joaquin Gunner is his senior officer. He wants him to start without him because he will join him later. Levi doesn't want to do this alone. Levi was assigned to this duty because the other guy on duty had a personal emergency at home.He is driving his car very slowly. The area was very silent. He thinks so many times about going back to the police station and then thinking about his job that they will fire him. He is looking outside the window. He sees nothing except darkness, which gives him a chill. He puts his hand in the pocket. He finds the box in his pocket. Levi takes out the box from his pocket and opens it. It is the ring that he bought for his girlfriend, Jessica. She is coming back from her trip tonight. Levi had planned to propose to her tonight, but fate had some other plans for him. Suddenly, a car passed by him at high speed. He turns on the siren and starts following the car. The car, which was going at high speed, hears the siren and stops the car. Levi grabs the torch, challan pad and comes out of the car. He comes close to the car and knocks at the window of the car. The person inside the car rolls down the car window. Levi saw a guy sitting in the car. He has red hair and a beard.
How can I help you, sir?
Can you show me your licence and registration. Levi says.
Guy"Yes, sir, I am going to get my document from the dash board.
"Do it slowly, What is your name? Levi requests.
Guy" My name is Travis Warren.
All of a sudden, Levi hears some noise coming from the forest. Levi shed light on the forest with the torch. He calls out to the person.
Is anyone there?Who is there? Levi asks.
Travis" What happened?
Levi" I think I heard something.
Perhaps it's an animal. " Travis says.
Levi" I don't know about that but...
While they are talking, They heard the scream.
Travis" What is that?
"Levi"'scream', it came from the forest. Stay here, don't leave.
Travis" Where are you going?
I'll look into it. Perhaps someone is in need help. Levi says.
Levi starts walking toward the jungle. All of a sudden , he hears the foot step. He pulls out a gun from his pocket. Levi points in the direction where the sound is coming from.
Don't budge. Levi
Travis" Don't shoot, don't shoot, it's me, 'Travis', 'Travis'.
Levi" I told you to stay in the car.
Yes, you did, but I think you need me here more. Travis says.
Levi" Follow me but stay behind me. Do you understand what I am saying?
"Mmmmm." Travis says.
Levi" I want you to repeat it now.
Travis: "Okay, I will stay behind you. Can we go faster. You know, I was camping with my father when I was a child. It was an amazing day. Whenever I remember those days, it makes me happy.
Levi's "SSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.. Can you keep your mouth shut for a second?
Travis" fine,
All the sudden, they saw a shadow running by them. Levi screams and says.
Levi" Stop, I will shoot you.
The person who hears that, stops and looks back. Levi sheds the light from his torch on him. They saw he was covered in blood. The guy is mumbling something.
Levi" What is that?
Travis" like a newly dug grave.

After he hears that, the guy starts running again. Levi gives the torch to Travis. Travis and Levi run behind him.
Where did he go? Levi requests Travis."
How did I know? Travis says to him, "
I am asking you because you have a torch, Levi says"
I guess he went to the right side, "Travis says to Levi"
Levi runs little far and sees that a guy fell on the floor. He comes close to him, but the guy tries to run again. Levi grabs his hand and orders him to lay on the ground, but he tries to free himself from him. Levi throws him on the ground and sits on his back. Levi ties his hand of his back.
Travis, Travis, where are you? Levi requests Travis."
I am here. Thank God you called me, I think you are dead, Travis says to Levi"
You are blinding me with torch light, "Levi says to him."
Sorry, why are you sitting on him, Travis says to Levi, "
I want you to tie his feet because he is trying to run, Levi says to him, "
Travis ties his feet. Levi takes the torch from Travis and sheds light on the guy. When they see him, they get scared because he is covered with blood and sand. Levi tries to talk to him.
What happened to you, sir? Are you injured? He asks the man, "
Levi tries again, but the man does not respond, as if he is in shock.Travis suggests that we get out of the forest. Levi agrees with him. When they get out of the forest, Travis said he was going to the hospital before Levi stopped him, so he was already late. He can not stay here any longer. Levi let him go. Levi put the suspect in the car. Levi sits in the car and starts driving. He did not go that far that Levi realised that something was wrong with the car. Levi stops the car. He gets out of the car and looks at the car's tyres. One of the tyres was punctured, which frustrated him.
Do you have any suggestions on how I can get home? Why am I talking to him? Levi was upset because he had no cell service and the person he caught giving him bad vibes. He gets in the car.
We should wait here because my partner is coming here in twenty minutes. He lied to the suspect, but he hoped for the best. While they were waiting in the car, Another car passes by them but stops at a distance. It's too dark and you can't tell what or who is coming to you? Levi pulls the gun and points it at the person who knocks at the window. Levi rolls down the car window.
'Please' don't shoot, I am here to help you. She says to Levi, "
Who are you? Levi asks"
I am Sophie Fisher, 'Kyle" sent me to help you out. He said he couldn't make it, By the way, who is he? Sophie asks for Levi. "
I don't know, I found him in the forest, Levi says to her, "
What are you waiting for? Take him to the police station, Sophie says"
I know how this works, so don't tell me what to do, Levi says to her, "
Why are you being so grumpy, 'bro?' Just tell me what you need.She says to Levi, "
My car's tyre is punctured and I don't have a spare, "he says to Sophie,"
Sophie says to him, "Me neither, but we can go to the police station in my car.
They put the suspect in the car and drove off in the direction of the police station.
What is your name? Sophie asks, "
My name is Levi Hendrix. Levi says, "
What is his name? She asks him, "
I don't know. He didn't say much", Levi says.

In a couple of hours, they will arrive at the police station.

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