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The Kingdom of Alasiana is under the curse of the evil sorcerer Kanisa. An unexpected young stranger enters the kingdom, will he be their only Hope? Will he able to defeat Kanisa? Who is this young stranger? Find out by reading this epic fantasy adventure tale with lots of thrill action and twist.

Aventure Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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This Story is about a Great Warrior who lived centuries ago. A man Who’s bravery and courage was praised by many in different parts of the world. He existed in the Pre-Historical era, a time when legends were not just heard through stories but they actually existed, a time when magical creatures and beasts walked on the earth, a time great sorcerer ( bothevil and good ) existed, the most powerful and dangerous sorcerers. This Story depicts theadventures of the brave man who got lost in the pages of History through time, the ancient world called him Zora the Mighty Warrio.

So centuries ago somewhere in some part of the world there existed a Kingdom called Alasiana. A Kingdom which was very progressive. A Kingdom where the good once were treated good and the bad once were treated bad, King Alpha ruled the Kingdom and gave his best to keep the people of Alasiana happy but clouds of darkness and terror was soon to knock the doors of Alasiana when an Evil Sorcerer named Kanisa entered the Kingdom with her evil intentions. King Alpha was getting old since he had no son so he was thinking of giving the Kingdom responsibilities to his daughter Princess Tiana. She was the definition of beauty. She was one of the most beautiful woman. But to take responsibilities of kingdom one should be brave and capable of fighting all the odd things that came in the way of the Kingdom happiness. So King Alpha trained his daughter to be a true warrior in the battle field. So after King Alpha’s death he had no worries as he knew that his daughter will hold all the responsibilities well. Currently Princess Tiana was out of the kingdom, she along with her friends had gone for a trip to neighbouring Kingdoms.

Here the clouds of darkness were about to come in the name of Kanisa the evil sorcerer. She entered the Kingdom. While walking on the streets of Alasiana she caught the attention of the people. Everyone was going on looking at her but her all focus was on her way to the castle of King Alpha. She was holding a long magic wand in her hand. She entered the castle with a loud voice saying “ Oh King of Alasiana, you and your Kingdom is in danger" King Alpha and everyone in the castle were shocked hearing this. “ what danger you talking about" the King stood up from his Throne and asked in a loud voice. She smiled and tells the King her name and that she is a powerful sorcerer and nothing remains hidden from her. “so from whom we have danger" the King asked with curiosity. “ from Kingdom Tehara ( Tehara was a Kingdom of people who were like pure evil in human forms. They were cruel towards others. They were like beast who had no mercy on anyone ). “ Oh Tehara, this Kingdom has been enemy of many other kingdoms including ours from generations” the King replied. “yes you are right and Tehara’s King, King Ferrad and his army is heading towards your Kingdom to have a war and conquer your Kingdom. They are coming here without informing you so that you and your army does not get any chance to prepare yourself for the war” Kanisa replied. Hearing this, the King and the people in the castle got worried. “ how do you know about all this" the King asked with curiosity.

Kanisa replied with a smile “ I am the most powerful sorcerer and nothing stays hidden from me. I am a admirer of your Kingdom and Always known your Kingdom to be very progressive in all aspects and when my powers made me realised that your Kingdom is in danger, I could not wait to inform you" . Hearing this a Soldier stoop up from his seat his name was Arom ( Arom was a very brave soldier in King Alpha's Kingdom). “Don’t worry My Lord I will train our army before their army arrives here, we will give our best and gain victory” he said this looking towards the King. “ I have faith on you” the King replied with a Smile of pride and positivity. Ferrad and his army was about to reach there in two days. Till then Arom trained his army the best way possible. And prepared them for the deadly war. So after two days it was the day of the war. Ferrad and his army were about to reach the borders of Alasiana. King Alpha and his army was ready for the war.so the war began, both the kingdom’s army headed towards each other. The war went on for hours. It was a dark bloody day. Both the army’s fought like they were thirsty for each other’s blood for generations. Many Soldiers from both the army’s got injured, got killed. But as we all know the truth always wins, Finally King Alpha and his army managed to defeat Ferrad’s Army and King Alpha killed Ferrad with his own hands and it was a victory for Kingdom Alasiana. The King and the Soldiers were in joy and in mood of celebrations.

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