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Part 1

Deep in the city of Fukahama, an explosion rang out as a man with black hair, red eyes wearing a black coat. He aimed his palm toward a city building charging up purple plasma energy preparing to blow up yet another area as citizens ran away in fear when a young teen stepped out from behind a building in front of the villain. He wore a black shirt with blue jeans. He was average height with red hair and purple eyes.

“Enough, lower your hand unless you’d rather be killed by my ability” The assailant gave him an annoyed expression, releasing a blast of purple energy right for him. Just before he released his attack, the hero appeared in front of him, sending a fierce blow to the abdomen of the villain.

“Gah!” The villain coughed from the air knocked out of him just before firing his plasma blast right past them, hitting the budling, causing it erupted in a blinding flash of light as the building collapsed behind them.

“It’s over” The hero commented looking the villain in the eye. “Y-you bastard” The villain hit the ground out cold while the hero stood there looking down at his assailant when A fellow hero landed down in front of him.

“Nice work young hero, I heard there was a disturbance in the city, sorry I didn’t get here in time. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Ultamizu you’ve probably heard of me since I'm one of the top-rated heroes of S.H.A, also known as star hero academy”

“My name...is Kaito Mora, I was on my way when this villain attacked. He had immense power, but my power seemed to catch him off guard with ease” Kaito looked up at the tall hero who was about 6’3, had short black hair, blue eyes and wore a blue hero suit with a white cape.

“Well then Kaito, allow me to bring you to S.H.A myself.” The hero said with a wide smile. Before the young boy could respond, Ultamizu wrapped his arm around him, moving at immense speed. Kaito watched as everything around him blurred by the fierce speed the hero traveled.

In mere seconds they stood at the academy with many students making their way inside when they noticed the top-class hero standing before them. “Everyone look, it’s Ultamizu!” The students and citizens of the city began to crowd around him, asking for autographs and pictures while Kaito made his way past the crowd. “Sigh, I wonder what it feels like to be such an admired hero.”

Meanwhile a trio of other heroes arrived to the scene of destruction and spotted the villain still lying there in the street. “Ugh, looks as though that Ultamizu forgot to grab the villain before leaving, must’ve been too distracted by the paparazzi.” The heroine stood tall with long blue hair, green eyes dressed in a white costume. She and the other two heroes descended down by the body. The other two were average level heroes unlike her since she was also a high-class hero loved by the community. She was known as Icy Winter since her powers focused mainly on ice-based moves.

The other two were heroes not may knew, one was rift, a hero with the ability to create a portal with multiple parts of his body, such as his; hands, feet and even looking in a direction. He had dark-brown hair with blue eyes dressed in a dark-blue leather suit with white gloves with the symbol of a portal on his chest.

2nd was a hero who could turn his body into pure lava, once the lava hardens, it will form a hardened shell around the rest of his body like a shield. He was known as the molten hero, his hero name was Molten Sun. He had dark-red hair with orange eyes dressed in a black hero suit with orange outlines.

As Winter aimed her palm down toward the villain, a figure appeared behind them. “I’d stay away from him if you know what’s best for the three of you” Winter spun around towards the figure, creating a dome of thick ice around the figure’s location. It was quiet for a few seconds when the ice shattered to pieces sending shrapnels of ice in different directions.

The three of them saw a masked man standing before them. He wore a black mask with purple glowing eyes emanating from the opening across the eyes. He wore a black cloak with black armor that could be seen through his open cloak. “I’m afraid this is a battle you simple can’t win. You’re welcome to try, for I enjoy a great fight however, I'm simply too strong for the likes of you three. Now if you excuse me, I have things I need to do”

The masked villain stepped forward before moving at immense speed, knocking the three of them back as he grabbed the fallen villain by their arm and creating a portal behind him. “Hopefully we can have a really match sometime heroes, until then, make sure to train, for the next day could be your last” As the villain retreated through the portal, Rift attempted to keep the portal open by manipulating it, but could feel a strong force closing it. That’s when a bolt of electricity shot out just before it close, knocking the poor hero off his feet.

“Kazuma!” The others cried out as their friend laid in the street stunned by the strike. Winter saw the portal close off and grew angry. She struck the ground shaking before turning back to Kazuma. “Rift are you ok!?”

“Y-yeah, just a bad injury, I'll be fine. C-come on, we need to head back to the hero quarters and report what’s happened, I feel as though something bad is about to happen”


The mysterious masked man stepped out of the portal, standing in a large underground cave-like area with faint lights barley illuminating the area. He dropped the man over by the wall when he finally regained consciousness.

“W-where am I!? He stood up looking around to see the strange masked figure looking at him. “This doesn’t seem to be a star hero prison...who are you? I assume you saved me before those heroes could arrest me and lock me up”

“My name is not important for the time being, though I've brought you here because I'm putting together a legion of villains in hopes of taking down the hero organization. Though I could possibly do it myself, I alone am not strong enough to overthrow such a strong organization. That is why I ask you to come and join me so we may destroy such pointless heroics”

The man looked at him and sighed putting his hands in his pockets. “Sorry, but I work alone, I attempted to let them capture me which you ruined so I'm going to have to decline” He proceeded to walk away to find an exit when the masked man continued: “Getting into Star hero prison to find him will be much easier with my help, you’re nowhere near the strength needed to perform such a task. Join me so that we can gather members or die by my hand...Ryuga, or do you prefer dark bringer? For I do believe that’s what you call yourself”

The villain stopped with a serious expression on his face. “You act as though you know me...just how is it you know my name? I haven’t said or told anyone my name for a long time. Are you some kind of stalker?”

“Let’s just say, I know your brother, he was a great hero...though when he was imprisoned for a crime he didn’t comit, his brother turned to crime, thinking of ways to get his brother out. This world is dark, but together, we can create a better world, join me and let us fix the flaws of this world. If you ally with me, not only can we save your brother, but take down the accursed system that condemned him”

Ryuga stood there motionless, memories of that day coming back...

Flash Back

He stood in the small kitchen of their small house with his brother knelling down beside him with a smile on his face. He wore a yellow hoodie with blue shorts while his brother wore a black shirt and jeans.“Ryuga...I’m going away for a while...please, be strong. I don’t want to be a burden on you or others. I will always love you and am happy to be your brother” Ryuga was a small boy only 10 years old as his 15-year-old brother was put into power-nullifying cuffs and taken to star hero prison. As the car drove away, Ryuga ran after it before falling into the mud as it began to rain. Big brother...big brother!”

End Of Flashback

Tears began to flow down Dark bringer’s face as he grinded his teeth and clinched his fist. “Why should I join you just because you say you’ll help? How do I know you won’t just betray me in the end?” Purple energy began to outline the man’s body as he turned to face the villain. “My brother is in prison for something he didn’t comit, I want the bastard who framed him dead and my brother freed! How do I know you can even free him!”

Dark bringer advanced straight for the masked figure with immense purple energy swarming around his body as he threw a punch engulfed in fierce power right for the man’s face when a purple mist surrounded them, dark’s power was nullified leaving him powerless as he flew right for his opponent. The assailant caught Ryuga by the throat before tossing him back on his back.

“I assure you I can help and I never go back on my world. Though I'm seen as a villain, I keep every promise I make. So, I tell you this...we will get your brother back”

Back At S.H.A...

Kaito had gotten his slip that told him he’d be in room 106. He walked through the empty hallway since most students were already in class. The floor was black tiles with a white wall and blue lockers. He reached room 106 where he saw the class mostly full. He found a seat in the front of the class in the middle row beside a beautiful girl. She had long brown hair with green eyes wearing a white shirt and jeans.

He couldn’t help but look at her but shook his head to stay focused. That’s when their teacher walked through the door, he was a tall man wearing a black coat with a white shirt and black pants. He had black hair brushed to the right with blue eyes.

“Welcome students, my name is Mitsuhide Obutari, also known as Life Surge. Today will go around the room and you’ll tell me your name and what your ability is”

“Tagamori Rioda, ability: Sound Explosion, I'm able to take any sound I make and cause it to explode, the louder the Soud, the bigger the burst” He said with a calm emotionless expression. He had shaggy black hair with hazel eyes wearing a black shirt and dark jeans.

“Mizuki Mirai, ability: Shark, I have shark-like teeth along with the ability to both manipulate water but also liquify my body into pure water” He held his hand out as his fingers morphed into water before reverting back to normal. The boy wore a black sleeveless shirt with matching pants and pale blue shoes.

Next was the girl that sat beside Kaito. “Nari Toga, ability: Adaptore, I'm capable of manifesting the body parts of animals all over my body along with their abilities, such as a cat’s night vision” Her eyes became green cat eyes before reverting back to normal.

“Kaito Mora, ability: Teleport, I'm capable of teleporting to a person I'm looking out within a 10 feet radius” He knew that wasn’t his power, but didn’t want anyone to know what his true power was...not yet...

Yagumi Tensai, ability: Kinetic energy, the faster I move the more energy I can build up like a battery then release it in an electric burst of red power” He had slit back black hair with silver eyes dressed in black long-sleeve wearing jeans.

“Ino Shingin, ability: Hypnosis, I can cause anyone to fall asleep, once under my hypnosis, I can control their actions and even make them use their abilities” The boy had white hair, red eyes and dressed in a black jacket with matching pants.

“Kimiko Odawara, ability: Gravity force, I'm capable of increasing the gravity around me or to a specific person or item just by looking at them. The harder I concentrate, the stronger the gravity. But the more items I focus on the weaker the gravitational pressure” She was a tall girl with light-green hair, hazel eyes dressed in a black shirt and blue jeans.

“Nanami Sokada, ability: Momentum nullification, basically I can stop any item or person in midair depending on how big the object or thing is. The greater the mass, the harder it is to stop” She had blue hair, glasses wearing a red shirt and a gray skirt and black leggings.

“Akira Altoma, ability: Smoke and ash, I can create and turn my body into smoke, along with the ability to ignite them at any moment like dynamite” He had light brown hair, red eyes wearing a white hoodie and black jeans.

“Heizo Kumara, ability:...bug pheromone, my breath gives off a scent that attracts bugs and insects which then I can command and control” He had blonde hair with blue eyes wearing a black surgical mask wearing a white shirt and tan pants.

“Alrighty class, now that you’ve introduced yourselves, it’s time to go over what it really means to be a hero” He wrote: “What does it mean to be a hero?” On the board with chalk before facing them. “For some, being a hero is all about becoming famous, being well-known or remembered for years to come. For others, it’s about money, power...thinking as though you’re above everyone. But to be a hero, you must cast those aside...being a hero isn’t about the fame or the power or money...it’s about saving those in need. Maybe they’ll be those whom you believe don’t deserve your help, but know this...to a true hero...the lives of all living people are equal, no matter how they’ve treated you. You should never hurt the ones you wouldn’t want hurting you. Picture yourself interacting with yourself but from a different perspective, you don’t want to hurt yourself so why hurt others?”

Kaito thought to himself...(Why do I want to be a hero...because I know it’s the right thing to do, there’s those out there who can’t protect themselves from the others who will do as they please to either crush or even kill those they think is beneath them. I may not be strong, but I've had my ability from the age of six and have used it enough to know how it works. I feel as though it’s at it’s full potential, but...you never know what could happen when a situation shows it’s face)

Nari Toga sat here deep in thought...(The reason I want to be a hero, is to fight villains, it’s always been my dream and saving people. My ability to useful for both of those. The strength and power of the bear, with the speed and precision of the cheetah. She rested her chin on her hands with a smirk on her face...

“Alright class, I know it’s a little soon, but I thought we might as well begin our first training course as soon as possible, I'm not the kind of teacher that gives out paper work unless it’s actually important. So let’s head out to the training course”

The students followed their teacher to the back of the school where there was a large obstacle course with a race track, field and few other spots for them to train. They stood at the starting point of the track field as their teacher continued: “Alright, the first test is speed, I'll test you all on how fast you are using your powers. I’m sure many of you are confident in your abilities, but overconfidence is what can be your downfall...now let’s go”

CHAPTER 1 Let The Training Begin

The students lined up across the starting line when a bell went off signaling they could go. Mizuki converted his lower torso into water, moving across the track at a fast pace. Nari began running, picking up speed that’s when she formed cheetah paws on her hands and feet, moving on all fours, passing the others as she moved at 50 miles an hour with Mizuki now in 2nd place.

“Oh no fair!” The boy called out still halfway in his liquified state. The girl smirked calling out: “Too bad Mizuki! Nothing’s faster than a cheetah's run!” Akira ran at normal speed, he knew he could use his smoke ability to repel himself further, but possibly choke the others with all the smoke around them. So far speed-wise, most of the students were moving at human levels of speed aside from those two.

Yagami could feel energy flowing through him from all his running. With a smirk he took another step as an outline of red energy covered his body before he took off in one step, launching himself past Mizuki, reaching Nari.

“Heh, hey Nari” The two of them moved at full speed, reaching the finish line at nearly the same time when Yagami’s kinetic power rain out just seconds before he could reach the finish line. “Aww, too bad” The red-haired girl taunted showing her sharp teeth as she reached the end just seconds before Yagami who had to normally run the rest of the way.

Kaito was running at normal speed as well, he knew his ability wouldn’t be good enough in this situation. His was more for when something was coming towards him or if his target was in a short distance. Out of the 10 students he came in about 5th place. Compared to the top three it wasn’t that bad.

“Damn, I guess speed isn’t really my strong side” Kaito said to himself out of breath. Next they had to hit targets using their power. First up was Nari. She aimed her palm towards the far away red target as spikes grew from her hand. Taking a calm breath, she fired off three spikes, hitting near the center of the target. “Heh, good enough”

Next was Tagamori, the young man walked up to the spot they were supposed to stand at with their target about 50 feet away with his right hand in his pocket as he let out a loud whistle right for the target before snapping his fingers. The path between him and the target erupted in an explosion leaving a scorch mark on the target.

The others started at him in a surprised and slight scared expression as he walked away with an unphased look. Heizo was next. Slowly pulling his mask down, he let out a long slow breath...that’s when a swarm of wasps flew past him, stinging the target before flying away.

Mizuki converted his fingers into pure water as they froze into sharp pieces of ice. Looking right at the target, he threw the three icicles right for the target as it pierced the target. “Yeah, head on!” The hero cheered throwing his fist in the air with a shark-tooth smile.

Next was Akira who aimed his palm toward the target as smoke and ash manifested from his open palm. Focusing it around the target, he ignited it, causing it to erupted in a blaze of flames before causing it to die down. “Pretty good for my first try if I do say so myself” He smiled brushing his light-brown hair out of his face walking away.

Lastly was Kimiko since the others couldn’t hit the targets using their powers. The girl looked right at the target as it began to shake. Others watched as it hit the ground from the immense weight she was putting on it.

“Good work class, I have high hopes for you all to become great heroes. Now then, this is where it gets interesting. You all will be randomly paired with an opponent and fight them one on one”

“Alright! This is going to be fun!” Nari cheered cracking her knuckles with a grin. “I’m so not looking forward to this” Heizo complained. “Oh don’t be such a wimp, this will be a great chance for me to test out some new combinations to improve my fighting skills!” Meanwhile Kaito stood beside Mizuki as they both watched Nari try to get the others excited.

“How are you feeling about this exercise Mizuki?”

“Eh, I can handle myself in a fight and do enjoy a challenge, but not really a fan of fighting my classmates. But who knows, maybe I'll get into it when I actually fight” He struggled.

The first fight was Nari VS Mizuki. They stood in the middle of the track field that had a fighting arena inside the track’s ring. The others watched standing on the track. Tagamori stood off to the side seeming uninterested as he looked off to the distance as if there were many other things to look at.

“Let’s go sharky!” The red-haired hero taunted bumping her knuckles together as they became bear claws. Mirai’s entire arm formed into water that froze in a thick ice lance. This excited his target even more as they charged each other. Toga slashed with her sharp bear claws, shattering the boy’s ice lance as it shattered like glass, hitting the floor becoming water.

“Aww, is that all you got sharky? I was hoping for more” She held her fist out to him in a taunting way when the water on the tiled floor rose up, reforming his ice lance. Mizuki gave a toothy grin as well as both his arms were now ice lances. “You want a real fight? Alright Nari...you’ll get one”

Both charged each other as she went to shatter his lances once more when the shark hero pulled his right arm back, reforming his hand, striking her in the abdomen as she staggered back landing on her back.

“What a cheap tick...but I got to give you points for tricking me that time” She pushed off the floor flipping back onto her feet as her skin transformed into a dark-shell-like material as if she was wearing armor. “Round two and you might want to use your lances, this shell is stronger than any other”

“Sigh...” Just then Mizuki fired off three sharp icicles without hesitation, they struck the girl’s shell but broke on impact. “Shit, this might actually be difficult. I guess I'll actually go at 100%” He took a deep breath as his entire body became water except his feet and arms that became thick ice. “Let’s go!”

“Wow, they’re really going all out, I can’t image how a battle with a really villain would go” Heizo commented. Kaito gave him a nod watching. Nari threw a punch right for her combatant who put his lance’s in a shape of an “X” to block the coming strike. The force of her punch was so strong, the others could feel a slight shake with Mizuki’s ice breaking completely hitting the floor in a puddle of water.

The boy fell to knees as his body reverted back to normal. “Damn, I wasn’t expecting this fight to be so one-sighted" He let out a sigh while Nari looked down at him still smirking as he jumped off the arena while the winner threw both arms in the air celebrating her victory.

“Alright, next fight: Kaito vs Tagamori” The teacher announced motioning the red-haired hero to leave the arena. “Aww, can’t I keep fighting until I lose!?” She groaned as her arms fell as she gave him an annoyed look before leaving the stage.

Kaito stepped onto the stage a little unsure about fighting Tagamori after seeing what he did to that target, but he knew there was no point asking to change partners. (You don’t get to choose which villain you face in battle, so this shouldn’t be different. I’ll just have to give it my best and hope my power is good enough to beat or at least wound him)

“Begin!” Tagamori gave him a calm yet serious expression as he pulled out a single firecracker, tossing it over to his target. Kaito quickly closed his left eye as his right eye lit up with purple light right as His opponent snapped his fingers the moment the firecracker went off, causing a blinding flash of light with a powerful explosion, that’s when he realized Kaito was right in front of him unphased by the blast.

“What!?” The hero’s eyes widened in surprise as the air was knocked out of him as he was struck in the ribs, sending him staggering back landing on his back near the edge of the arena. (Cough...cough...what happened? That didn’t feel like teleportation, even if he could teleport instantaneously, how did he know where I was and land a blow with such ease during such blinding light? Surely that would’ve thrown him off...Wait...he’s not a teleporter...he’s a...)

Quickly getting to his feet Tagamori pulled out a whistler, blowing into it just enough to be much louder than a human whistle. Just as he snapped his fingers, Kaito appeared behind him, locking his arms behind his back in a firm grip.

“Heh, I'm impressed Kaito, you had me fooled...I thought you were a teleporter...but the truth is...you can stop time” Tensai whispered to him. Kaito’s eyes widened as he let go of him. The dark-haired hero patted his shoulder with a slight smirk before walking off stage leaving the poor hero standing there unable to think of what to say.

“Well, that was unexpected, but I guess let’s continue to the next match” Mitsuhide commented as they prepared for the next round. “Alright...let’s do Akira vs Yagumi”

The two heroes faced one another in the arena. Akira smiled as smoke emanated from his open palm. “Go easy on me” He joke as the smoke flowed around his palm. Yagumi smirked stretching to get kinetic energy going.

“Who said I was going to go easy on you?” The hero taunted. The kinetic hero began jumping in place as red energy began to flow around his body. “Are you done building up power Yagumi? I’m sure I can end this in one shot”

“You sure about that?”...Akira abruptly moved his foot in his foe’s direction as smoke and ash rushed towards him like a thick fog. Taking a breath Tensai pushed off of the stage floor, launching himself into the air just as the mist around him ignited into a trail of flames. “Whoa, almost had me there, but sadly not close enough!”

The hero came down hard, aiming his foot right for Akira when the hero all of a sudden became smoke just as his attacker struck his location, leaving a large crack in the stage.

“Haha, too bad” Akira responded in his smoke state. The charged hero spun around, kicking at the smoke only for it to have no effect. “Shit” That’s when he realized the smoke and ash around him was thickening. (My energy is nearly trained just from those two movements at full speed!) He launched himself into the air once more when he realized there was a cloud of ash and smoke right above the arena. “Oh shit”

Without anywhere to go, he was hit with a burst of flames as his body was burned and injured falling back to the stage. Akira floated up towards the descending hero, reforming his human hand to catch Yagumi just before hit the stage.

“That was a great fight, I guess we’ll wrap things up for today, I'll give you all two days to rest since your next obstacle will be a bit more challenging. I expect you all to be ready for it”


Kaito made his way towards his dorm room when Mizuki came up behind him. “Well, seems our dorms are right next to each other!” The hero said with a smile once more showing off his sharp shark-like teeth.

“Y-yea, I wonder who else is next door” Kaito commented. The hallway was on the 3nd floor, it had a purple-carpeted floor with white walls and black doors aligning both sides from rooms 1-50. The first floor was the class rooms, the 2nd were the teacher’s rooms, 3rd and 4th were the student’s dorms.

Kaito laid down in his bed in his dorm room which felt like a small apartment, it had a bedroom, a small living room and a bathroom so felt between an apartment or hotel room. The floor was a black carpet with white walls, a large window on the right side of the room to look out over the campus with a bed with black sheets and blanket.

Not long after laying down, Kaito fell asleep...

Deep within the dark city streets...

Ryuga made his way through the dark and cold city streets searching for Somone when he spotted a hooded figure standing in the shadows as small metal items seem to fall from his lips. The villain approached the figure when a small projectile flew past him, piercing the street light just a few feet behind him.

“It-s-it's a nail!?” He turned back to see the hooded figure step out of the shadows into the faint light of the street light. He wore a black jacket, black shirt and pants with a mask pulled down revealing a blister on his bottom lip. He had purple eyes and black hair with his hands filled with sharp metal nails.

A smirk appeared across his face as he asked: “Can I help you with something?” Ryuga felt a little uneasy from him, the figure seemed mentally unstable with a sadistic-like voice. At first the words caught in the man’s throat before responding: “We’d like you to join the Phantom syndicate to take down the star hero association”

The man’s smirk grew wider as he pulled out a single nail, holding it between two fingers before launching it right for Dark bringer as the man just managed to dodge it just enough for it to pierce the side of his cheek leaving blood running down the side of his face.

“Hehe, who said I need help to take down the heroes? I assure you I'm quite capable on my own...observe” Aiming his palm towards his wounded target, a sudden pain surged through his body as Ryuga fell to one knee coughing up blood. “W-what the hell!? B-but I didn’t even see him attack!”

“You must be ignorant then, you see...I did attack you, when that nail made contact with your cheek, I left a piece of it inside, now it’s traveling through your body destroying it from the inside. Think of it like lead poising”

That’s when a figure stepped out from a rift right behind the assailant. The dark-haired man launched three nails right for the figure in the dark as a purple mist filled the street. The nails repelled away from it’s original target, stabbing the villain in the shoulder as blood dripped from his shirt.

“Hehe...the pain...it feels fantastic...who are you dark figure? I must have a look at your face” The villain sadistically laughed slowly walking towards the figure reaching out for them when an abrupt force launched him back, causing him to land in the streets with a car driving right for him.

The staggered man grinned closing his eyes as the bright light came closer when he felt himself fall through a rift, landing in the arms of the masked man standing beside Ryuga. “Enough of this, are you going to join our cause or not? I have no problem killing you here and now and throwing your corpse in the dumpster in the alley behind us”

“Are you sure that’s such a good idea? I have a piece of metal moving through that poor boy’s body and could kill him at any moment. So unless you’d like to see him die, I'd suggest you let go of my collar and just walk away”

“Hmm, so you’re willing to kill the boy? Then by all means...do it” The masked villain taunted slamming the sadistic man up against the brick wall by his throat. The assailant gave him an evil grin clinching his fist. They watched as Ryuga waited to die...only to realize nothing happen.

“So, you said something about killing him?” Their target’s eyes widened in shock. “No. No! That can’t be! The brat should be dead! What did you do!? The hooded foe began breathing fast and harder in a crazy manner still up against the wall by his throat.

“So then, you have two options: Be killed by my hand or join our cause and I assure you...death by me is worse than you can even imagine”

“Rrrrr! What’s in it for me if I join you!?”

“You’re free to do whatever you want so long as you do the tasks I give you and in exchange, I'll give you whatever you want when are goal is complete”

“How do I know you’re not just bluffing!?” The figure created a rift behind him, revealing the insane of a vault with piles of gold. “If it’s money you want, I assure you I can provide it. Now then, I want your answer, if you refuse to answer in 10 seconds, you will witness a fate worse than death”

“Hehe, I can still do what I want and be given anything I want if I help you both? Then fine...I'll help you both, so long as I get to kill a few people in the process” He gave another sadistic grin before their leader released him. He created a rift back to the large underground base telling their new ally to go through.

“By the way, what is your name?”

“Hehe, Kaiosa...also known as toxic metal” The villain left while their boss remained beside Dark bringer who finally stood up, the pain gone with just some hints of blood in his mouth.

“W-where did you even find someone like him!? Ryuga groaned wiping the dried blood from his lips. “He’s not what you would call a silent villain...your average villain would hide or burn the body. But him...he would put you on the wall of an alley with nails in you until you were found between one to three days later. Though he may pose a problem again at some point, I'd rather have him nearby rather than hunting him down and interfere with our plans. Now then, we have more villains to recruit for our goal...let us go”

Creating another rift, they went through with it closing right behind them. Ryuga found himself inside a bar with many suspicious-looking people. “Who are we looking for here?” His boss pointed to a man sitting at the bar, he had white hair, dressed in a white coat. The pair made their way over.

“Excuse me sir, I'm told you are willing to take jobs in exchange for great sums of money” The white-haired man drank his glass quickly before turning to them, revealing is orange eyes.

“That’s right, however I'm not looking for anything at the moment so piss off”

“Are we quite certain of that, for I am willing to pay far more than any of your past jobs” The sitting man gave him a serious expression now giving his full attention. “How do you know what jobs I've done or even how much I was paid?”

“That’s not impotent, never the less, your highest paying assassination paid you One million. I’m willing to pay you double for a task of fulfilling our goal of taking down the star hero association” This sparked the man’s interest before he told them he wasn’t interested. That’s when the masked figure grabbed the white-haired man’s shoulder, pulling him into a rift instantly.

They repapered in a large field outside the city standing in grass with the city lit up behind Jin. “So, it’s a fight you want? Fine, I've been looking for something to burn!” A fame-like aura swarmed around the man’s body as he manifested a sphere of fire of fire floating in his palm.

“If I win, you will join our cause”

“If I win?”

“I’ll pay you the two million and leave you alone”

“Heh, easy money. Allow me to show you the power of Jin, AKA Flaming death!” the sphere of liquid flames spiraled in the villain’s grasp before launching it right for his target who stood there motionless. The sphere of flames was launched right form him. Just before contact, his foe opened a rift inches between him and the coming projectile as it flew inside before closing.

Jin put his guard up looking around when a rift opened beneath him, mere moments before it hit him, he slid across the dirt nearly losing his balance, his coat whipping around. “You sketchy bastard, I should’ve known you’d pull something like that since you have the ability to teleport. But I won’t lose to someone like you!”

Ascending into the air with an outline of orange light, he crossed his arms fast like an “X” creating a cyclone made entirely of liquid flames before clinching his crossed fists, causing the flaming cyclone to condense and implode, burning the grass all around them with a gust of heat washing over the field.

Touching down back onto the scorched field he saw nothing but a wall of flames where the masked foe had been. “Hmm, did that finish him off, or did he just teleport at the last second?” At that moment his target came out of a rift at great speed, moving his hand like a dagger, striking Jin in the neck as purple energy transferred from him to the assassin's body before fading.

“You bastard, did you really think a hit like that would knock me out?”

“No, but I'm sure I've already won this fight”

“Won!? Are you kidding me? I’m still standing and can still fight!”

“Oh? Then by all means, come” The masked man held his hand out, motioning him to fight. Jin focused his power into his fist, advancing right for his opponent, striking the man’s chest, only to realize nothing happened, no flames or explosion.

“What-what is this!? I know I put everything I had into that strike!”

“It’s quite simple really...I possess the ability to nullify one’s powers for a set amount of time. With that strike, I've sealed off your powers for the next 10 minutes. So, as I've told you...I've already won this battle”

The Day Before...

Winter and the others; Rift and Molten sun made their way to the star hero headquarters, it was near the center of town with a field surrounding it, protecting them from a surprise attack. Their way high walls surrounding the headquarters as well with a large golden door with: S.H.A in the center of it. Molten sun aka Noragama carried Kazuma on his back as they reached the large gate.

Winter put her hand on the scanner while a camera looked at her. She pulled out her elite-hero badge holding it up to the camera before the doors began to open. They made their way inside, as the large doors closed behind them. The S.H.A also known as star hero association was a massive building that looked like an entire fortress, it was a gray building with several floors, far bigger than star hero academy.

They made their way up the gray stairs inside where they found themselves in a large lobby with a red-carpet floor, white walls, a front desk window a few feet from the door with chairs, tables and couches in a few spots like a hotel lobby. Winter went up to the front desk while Noragama set Kazuma down in a chair still hurt but at least conscious.

“Welcome back Winter how was the mission?” The front desk clerk asked with a smile. It was a beautiful young woman with green hair, blue eyes wearing a black business suit. Winter sighed responding: “Not good, the criminal got away, not only that, another villain appeared and saved him, we assume they're either working together, or the man that saved our target is just trying to keep us from capturing villains”

“Wow, that’s not good, if that keeps up we could have a problem on our hands, I'll let the CE0 know so you and the fellow high-class heroes can plan a strategy before this gets out of hand” The desk clerk quickly called the CEO informing him of the growing suspicions and possibility of needing a meeting of all the elite heroes.

“Hmmm, very well...inform all elite heroes that a meeting will begin in three days...”

CHAPTER 2 Becoming A hero

The next day Kaito awoke to a knock on his door. After splashing some water on his face and fixing his hair, he opened the door to see Mizuki and Nari standing in his doorway. “Hey Kaito, since tomorrow is when we continue or training, we were thinking about walking around the city for fun and were wondering if you wanted to join us?”

“Are you sure that’s a good idea? Hasn’t there been a lot more criminal activity lately?”

OH come on Kaito don’t be such a downer, we’ll have plenty of time to sit around here, who knows how often we’ll be able to just relax and explore Fukahama!” Mizuki replied in an excited tone clinching his fist trying to contain his excitement.

“Besides, if a villain shows up, I can easily deal with them” Nari reassured him growing sharp claws on each finger to show him shew was more than capable of taking on any low-rank villain or thug that may show up.

“Sigh, alright let’s go, I guess it’ll be good exercise instead of lying-in bed all day” They smiled as Kaito followed them through the hall over to the elevator. As they waited, they talked about what they thought the next obstacle was going to be.

“I think we’ll have to fight the teacher, it’s usually the castle with this kind of training”

“I think he’ll have us search the city for low-rank villains and try to take them down” Nari said with an excited smirk. Mizuki held back a laugh asking: “Is that your guess? Or is that just what you want to happen?”

She gave him a slight annoyed look, telling him: “A bit of both, as I said: “I want to be a hero so I can fight villains” That really gets my heart pumping, the rush of a great battle. To me, there’s nothing wrong with wanting a fun as long as you do what’s right in the end”

“Heh, I guess that’s true, though don’t let the rush of battle go to your head Nari” Mizuki reminded her just as the elevator door opened.They made their way outside into the large city streets. There wasn’t much traffic around the academy, but as they got further away, the city began to look more lively.

“So...is there something we’re looking for in the city or are we just exploring?” Kaito asked. Nari told him they were just trying to relax and get some air before the next training.

Just then they a car sped past them with the cops right behind them. “Sweet a car chase!” The two watched as Nari’s smirking face was covered by a hard shell along with her torso while her arms and legs became cheetah paws. “I’ll catch them first!” She took off on all fours at a fast rate through the streets.

“Sigh, I guess I'll join in. Kaito, come on” He held out his hand as his most of his body became pure water aside from his arm. Kaito slowly took hold of his friend’s hand as he was launched down the road by Mizuki trying to keep up with Nari.

The female hero was catching up with the car, passing the cop car when a passenger from the black car in front of her stuck his head out the window, firing a gun at her. The bullets struck her armored face causing it to get forced back but she kept moving at her immense speed.

“Shit it’s not working!” The thug called back to the driver as the hero grew closer to the car. Nari leapt into the air towards the car when the vehicle made a quick turn, causing her to miss and land in the street.

“Tsk, fine, you want to play that game? Alright then!” Clapping her hands together, she grew human-sized falcon wings as they grew out of her back spreading apart. “I won’t let you get away!” She soared into the sky at a fierce speed, she reverted her armored face back to normal so she could see clearly, moving across the sky at nearly 200 mph.

Since shew wasn’t used to flying, she flew far above the normal-sized buildings to keep from crashing into one. Meanwhile Mizuki and Kaito were just behind the car. The shark hero formed a thick chain made of ice and attached it to the cop car’s front bumper. Giving the police a thumbs up, the cop car slammed on it’s breaks, causing the car in front of them to stop for a split second before the ice broke, causing the car to go rolling down the street towards other cars and citizens walking across the street.

“No!” Kaito’s eyes flashed purple as time all around the streets came to a halt for all except him and Mizuki since they were gripping each other’s hand. The hero became confused.

“What happened!?”

“I’ll tell you later, hurry and save the people before I run out of stamina!” With a nod the hero flew through the streets in his water state, getting everyone out of the way while Kaito focused on the car in front of him. As long as he looked in it’s direction, the car and everything around it would be frozen in time. (The longest I've ever been able to stop time was possibly five seconds, so he doesn’t have much time. I could extend it to 10 at the most, but that would have a bad impact on my power and eyes)

Mizuki was almost done when Kaito accidently sneezed breaking focus as time resumed. “What!?” He watched as the car continued to roll down the street crashing into other cars towards a woman with dark-hair in a tan dress holding her baby. Kaito was too exhausted to use his ability again, that’s when Nari swooped down, getting the woman and her baby out of the way just in time.

“Great work Nari!” Mizuki complimented as the thug’s car finally stopped in the middle of the road upside down. The two quickly climbed out of the windows attempting to make their escape when the cops arrived in front of them getting out of their car, pointing their firearms towards the two men in black leather clothing.

“Halt! Put your hands up or we will open fire!”

“Damn, we would’ve escaped these damn cops if it wasn’t for these brat heroes” One of the thugs muttered with his hands up. The two men were cuffed and placed in the back of the car while one of the cops told them: “I’m impressed, such young heroes stopping escaping thugs while managing to save those in trouble. You three will make great pro-heroes one day” He tipped his cap before making his way back to the car.

“Wow we did great Mizuki! Even got a compliment from the cops, too bad we didn’t get to fight them. What about you Kaito? I didn’t see you do anything while I was flying overhead”

“He did, if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have been able to save those citizens from that car except the woman you saved. Kaito can stop time, I think he doesn’t want many to know cause I'm sure villains would target someone with that kind of ability so don’t tell anyone”

“Sigh, fine. A power like that is useful and I'd hate for him to be targeted by villains. Anyway, I'm hungry, let’s see if we can find something to eat” They made their way through the streets when they found a place to eat at. They sat in a black booth waiting to order, the floor was a black tiled-floor with brown wooden walls and a bar a few booths past them.

Once their food came, they began talking about what as to come in their next lesson. “Ugh, I'm not looking forward to the next training session” Kaito groaned. Mizuki nodded eating his chicken he ordered. Nari was biting into a chicken drum ripping the meat with her teeth scarfing it down. Kaito looked at Mizuki who was eating normally even though they both had sharp teeth and gave off similar vibes though Mizuki came off a little nicer.

“She must really love meat” Mizuki joked. The red-haired girl gave him an annoyed expression still eating...

After eating they decided to head back to their dorms where they fell asleep...

The Day Of Training...

The students were led by their teacher Mitsuhide into the empty part of town to begin their next obstacle. “Alright students, today you’ll be taking part in a new task, there will be enemies all around this part of the city along with citizens who volunteered to partake in this lesson. This will be a free for all so you’ll all be on your own. Your job is to take out as many enemies as you can while saving the citizens in danger.

“I knew I wasn’t going to like this” Kaito muttered knowing his power isn’t enough to take on multiple enemies at a time. He took a deep breath trying to relax while Nari clinched her fist with a smirk on her face. “This is going to be awesome! I can’t wait to break some bones!”

“Sure, that’s what a hero says” Mizuki taunted crossing his arms looking at her while the others stood aligned in front of the empty city. The teacher raised his hand into the air, “Ready...begin!” A loud bell went off as all the heroes raced through the streets. Just like the race, Nari morphed into her cheetah and armored state, racing across the road with Mizuki in his water form not far behind.

Yagumi ran as fast as he could, the kinetic energy beginning to build up within him until red electricity whipped around his body. “Let’s go!” Taking another step, he advanced past all the other students, even Mizuki reaching Nari as she spotted the first enemy, it was a human-sized cyborg with red eye.

She lunged into the air, transforming her hands into bear claws. With an abrupt slash, she landed behind the robot with her back to it as it broke in half blowing up. (Heh, one down) Yagumi continued past her, dashing in a straight path when he spotted a drone flying above him a few meters in front of him. It began firing red lasers at him causing him to dodge side to side while getting closer.

Once he was just a few feet away, Yagumi launched himself into the air, spinning in mid-air before destroying the drone with a powerful kick. “Got it!” The kinetic hero managed to roll just before hitting the ground so he wouldn’t land on his feet and possibly hurt them. “Well that went, well, but jumps like that seem to drain my power fast, I need to try and remain on the ground to keep moving so I don’t run out of power so fast”

Just then he spotted a citizen lying in the street motionless. Running as fast as he could, he felt his energy once again building back up when he saw a cyborg near the poor citizen. “Hmph!” Moving once more at tremendous speed, he put some of his power into his fist, striking the target head-on, causing it to go staggering across the street before blowing up on impact. Yagumi got on one knee pacing his hand on the man who laid there. He wore a red shirt, tan pans and had black hair.

“Sir, sir are you alright!?” The man opened his eyes and sat up. “Yes, thank you young hero!” The citizen got up and ran back to the starting point for the exit while Yagumi stretched getting his body going.

Meanwhile Tagamori walked through the streets with his left hand in his pocket and a small golden bell in his left hand. He had a calm plain expression on his face as if he wasn’t worried about the goal. Just then he spotted a cyborg flying right for him using a jet back aiming it’s arm cannon right for him.

“Sigh, I don’t even need my bell for someone like you. Your jetpack is all I need” Focusing on the roaring sound of the A.I’s jetpack, he snapped his fingers, causing the entire area around the cyborg to explode in a blinding flash of light, shaking the entire block.

“Hmph, a jetpack creates noises far greater than my whistling which just makes them easy targets. However, if a citizen is nearby, I could be at a disadvantage and may have to use a smaller sound wave or draw them away from their hostage somehow” That’s when he spotted a young woman lying in the street. “I’m coming!” The hero called out running towards her.

Just then a robot stepped out from an alley nearby. “Damn it! I knew something like this would happen, though the robot doesn’t look as menacing for some reason” Instead of it looking like it was made from silver metal with red eyes like the others, this one was made out of a different white material with blue eyes.

“Suspicious, why would this one look far different then all the others?” Meanwhile their teacher Mitsuhde made his way back to the academy where he and a pro-hero watched using cameras they placed all over the city. “Hmmm, seems Tagamori is the first to come across one of the unique enemies” Just then Ultamizu walked through the door.

“Ah, I see you started the test without me, how rude Mitsuhide” The hero sat in a chair beside them as they sat in a small room filled with computer screens of cameras.

“Well, you’re not really known for being on time Ultamizu, you should learn to show up early rather than over sleeping” A goofy shocked expression grew on the heroes face as he cried out: “What!? Me, over sleep!? I assure you I was working out and just lost track of time”

The teacher rolled his eyes as they proceeded to watch the students. Tagamori slowly approached the robot who looked at him with glowing blue eyes before stepping in front of the citizen, blocking the hero from them. Before Tagamori could think of a strategy, the cyborg suddenly created a clone of itself. “What!?” The original remained by the hostage while the clone took off right for him.

Just as Rioda could focus on the robot’s sound and detonate it, the A.I fired it’s fist like a rocket, detaching it from it’s body to get in close. The student dripped just before the projectile could hit him. He landed on his back and watched as the fist flew right over him then back to the clone that reattached it’s fist.

“Tsk, this is going to be a real pain if I don’t figure something out soon”

Meanwhile Kimiko was jogging through the streets when she spotted a drone flying nearby. The moment it spotted her it fired of red plasma blast from it’s cannon causing her to take cover behind a building. She waited a second, before stepping out, aiming her palm in the target’s direction, causing the gravity and weight of the drone to increase by 10 times, causing it to fall from the sky and impact the street creating a crack in the road.

Surprisingly it hadn’t exploded on impact but was unable to move from the small crater. “Looks like your helpless now robot” She taunted brushing her green hair out of her face as she approached the stunned enemy. It was unable to move it’s cannon as well leaving it virtually defenseless.

The closer she got, the stronger the gravitational force was put on the A.I. She reached the enemy who was now getting crushed by the fierce amount of weight being put on it’s metal body. She frowned at the enemy and put her hands on her hips as she stepped on it’s head causing it to malfunction.

“Sigh, that was a stubborn robot, not many can withstand such force when I'm in a five feet range. Now then, if I can just find a civilian in need so I can get some points for this test”

Heizo was walking through a random street as he pulled down his mask letting out a slow breath. A swarm of wasps came flying from an alley over to him. “Search for civilians to help” He commanded them. They took off in multiple groups while he kept one with him. He closed his left eye and saw through the wasp’s eyes as it flew through the city. It spotted a cyborg and flew over to it.

The small creature crawled inside and began chewing on the circuits inside. It began to short-circuit before it blew up. The wasp took to the sky to watch over the streets while the hero made his way down the long city path.

Mizuki was moving through the streets with ease, whenever a cyborg fired at him, the laser would pass right through his water form. Once in a close enough range, he would manifest shards of ice, throwing them right at the targets, piercing through their metal bodies before erupting in small explosions.

“Hehe, it’s going to take a lot more than this to slow me down!” The shark hero cried out with a shark-tooth grin on his face as he continued through the city where he spotted a citizen being grabbed by the throat by a robot. It turned it’s head looking in his direction when the enemy suddenly fired two red beams from it’s eyes. They went right through the water hero’s liquified body as he hardened his arms into sharp ice lances advancing toward his opponent.

As he was just 20 feet away from the foe, it fired two beams right for him. Before he could react, the beams shattered his lances completely. “Hmph, let’s see you stop this! Reverting his hand back to normal, he formed a ball of water launching it right for the A.I. The robot blasted up into the air using it’s rocket boots still holding it’s victim when Mizuki manipulated the ball of water, causing it to move up right for them.

The sphere of water covered the robot’s face before freezing instantly into ice. It dropped the citizen as spikes shot out from every direction inside the ball of ice destroying the enemy's head. Moving at full speed he reverted his upper body back to human as the man in a black business suit fell into his arms.

“Good you’re safe” The hero commented before putting the man down. “Thank you so much hero!”

Meanwhile a few streets away, Tagamori pulled out his small bell, throwing it right for the clone. The robot converted it’s hand into a cannon aiming right at the small bell as it hit the ground letting out a ringing noise. The assailant fired a beam of energy just as the hero snapped his fingers to set off the explosion.

Just as he snapped his fingers, the beam of energy hit the same location. The sound of the beam destroying the bell multiplied the power of Tagamori’s explosion, causing an immense burst of light that sent a vast wave of force in all directions, shattering the windows of nearby walls.

“Didn’t go as planned, but hopefully that was enough power to do some damage on the bastard” The light cleared with a crater in the middle of the road. Looking in front of him he saw the 2nd robot was badly damaged, half it’s face and body had been scorched by the burst of power. “Good, seems it took a fair deal of damage. Though, since it’s a cyborg I doubt they feel pain and it won’t give up until it’s completely destroyed”

That’s when something raced past him, he looked to see Nari forming armadillo shell around herself as she charged in towards the two opponents. The damaged A.I fired off a blast of red energy right at her. Nari crossed her arms like an “X” To block the coming attack as it hit her arms head on. She could feel intense heat as the blast hit, slightly cracking her shell.

“You don’t have what it takes to beat me!” The female hero cried out advancing right for the damaged robot, throwing an armored punch right for the target. Her blow was so strong, it broke the victim’s face causing it to explode. “Heh, one down, one to go!” The original cyborg began to panic creating multiple clones when a mist of smoke rushed past the duplicating A.I. Nari and Tagamori watched as the smoke was set ablaze, burning the group of robots to the point of melting.

They looked to see Akira standing a few feet behind the location of the explosion. “I saw you guys struggling with that guy so I decided to melt them beyond the point of fixing”

“That was a reckless move Akira, you could’ve hurt the citizen, which reminds me...where are they!?”

“Don’t worry, I used my smoke to help them escape while Nari was going after the first robot”

Meanwhile Mitsuhide and Ultamizu continued to watch. “Surprised by their teamwork, however...here’s the real challenge of the test” Mitsuhide commented as he reached over and pushed a big red button on the control panel in front of him. Most of the students had regrouped in the middle of the street when the ground began to shake violently.

“What’s going on!? Kimiko cried out as the students looked around. Heizo sent his wasp high into the air to see a colossal robot that was about 80 meters tall, bigger than any of the tall buildings that surrounded them. It was made out of a black metal-like material and looked like a massive battle suit with a robot’s head attached. It had large arms that could convert into cannons with red laser eyes and rocket boosters on it’s back.

Many of the students stood there in fear as the massive robot came closer, each step shaking half the city. “Don’t you guys stand there! The teacher’s watching, we need to pass this test!” Nari shouted. She reformed the armadillo shell around herself with kangaroo feet as she launched herself into the air before changing her hands and feet to a frog to climb up the buildings to get higher.

“She’s right, we can’t give up just because our assailant is bigger, let’s do this!” Kimiko shouted aiming both hands in the direction of the approaching enemy. She slowed him down by increasing the gravity around the target to the point the massive cyborg couldn’t lift it’s foot high enough to walk.

The area surrounding the massive A.I shook fiercely by the colossal weight being forced down on it with buildings collapsing from the force. Kimiko’s body tightened as her hair shook. She began to breath heavily but didn’t break her focus on their target. “You guys better start attacking soon, I can’t hold it back long giving it’s size and mass”

Tagamori snapped both his fingers simultaneously, causing an eruption of power far more powerful than all the others. With the cyborg and Kimiko’s noise shaking half the city, it was enough sound for the hero to create powerful detonations that could normally kill anything within his range. Though as the light faded, he saw the cyborg with minor scratches but nothing that could affect it.

“Shit, all that power and it barley looks damaged at all” Kaito was unsure what to do, even if he could stop time, it would only be for five seconds and at the rate the battle was going, it would be useless unless he was trying to save someone from getting crushed.

“That bastard’s tough, but let’s see just how hard his armor really is” Yagumi moved his body as fast as he could, building up as much power as his body could hold. After about a minute, his eyes were glowing red and his hair stood up as red electricity whipped around him with fierce power. “Alright...let’s go!”

Yagumi ran towards the massive creature at normal speed, trying to save all his stored energy for the right moment. The A.I spotted Nari and fired a beam of red energy just as she leapt from a tall building towards the metal titian. The blast missed, connecting with a building a mile away as it was completely obliterated in a burst of fire.

Now in a close enough range, Yagumi launched himself into the air, filling his leg with every ounce of power he had gathered just moments before, kicking the side of the cyborg’s torso with so much power, the armored skin cracked but didn’t break. He felt dizzy from using so much power at one time and fell to the streets below. Kaito ran towards the robot and waited till the last second to activate his ability as time all around him came to a halt. He made sure to keep his eye on his falling friend just before blinking as Yagumi landed in Kaito’s arms.

“You ok?”

“Y-yeah, thanks, just got dizzy for a second” Meanwhile Nari slashed the cyborg with all her strength using eagle claws, slashing across the colossal A.I. That's when an alarm echoed throughout the city and the A.I's red lights turned green before turning away from them making it's way back to where it came out of.

"Damn it! We must've run out of time!" Ichiro responded in an annoyed tone crossing his arms while the others regrouped walking back towards the academy. As they finally reached the entrance, their teacher stood outside waiting for them.

"Hmm, I guess you all aren't ready for the robotic titian yet. Never the less, you all did a good job. Some of you need more practice but even for those who think they've mastered their powers, you're wrong, there will always be room for improvement, even if it's something minor like a new combo or finishing attack. If you don't believe you need improvement, then you will never truly get better, not only as a hero, but as a person as well. Tomorow begins your next challenge, make sure you rest up for it"

The class sighed from how hard they were getting pushed, but knew complaining wouldn't get them anywhere. They just gave their teacher a nod before going back to their dorm rooms. Kaito, Nari and Mizuki stood out in the hall going over ways to beat the robotic titian in their next encounter.

"That hunk of metal seemed near unbreakable, yet we managed to somewhat damage it, yet no matter how hard I slashed at it, I couldn't seem to critically break all the way through it's metal shell" Nari commented in an annoyed tone.

"Well, out of all the students, Ichiro seemed to do the most amount of damage. So, we know he's good at dealing blows, Kimiko was capable of slowing such a massive creature down which also makes her a reliable piece in defeating it...Mizuki, if you and that guy with the power to turn into ash try and enter the robot, you could destroy it from the inside"

Mizuki thought for a moment before giving a surprised look. "You're right, why didn't I think of something so obvious!?" Kaito placed his hand on his friend's shoulder assuring him that it's easier to plan ahead of time rather than during a battle when your mind is racing...

The Next Day....

The students were taken back to the city for their next challenge. "Alright class, today you will all be fighting in a free for all. You may team up, but not straight up overwhelm others with 3 against one and other stuff like that. If I see teams of more than two then you will lose points. I wish you all luck. With that their teacher headed back to the academy to watch the fight.

The students were spread all across the empty part of the city so they wouldn't all be crammed in one small area. A loud alarm echoed through the city, signaling the start of the challenge. Kaito took a deep breath, making his way through the empty streets before taking cover behind a building. Peeking out he saw Mizuki facing Ino in the middle of the streets.

"Hypnosis!" Ino shouted as his eyes glowed pink and threw his hand out in the direction of the shark hero. He abruptly stood still as his eyes glowed pink as well. Ino smirked walking up to him preparing to punch him in the gut when Kaito activated his ability racing up to them. He slapped Mizuki in the face, hoping to snap him out of it while tripping Ino as they fell back before freezing I mid-air.

With only seconds left, he ran into a small narrow ally before closing his dry eyes. Mizuki staggered back a few steps but was free of the hypnosis while Ino landed on his back "What the hell happened!?" he looked to see Mizuki's entire right arm transform into water as he sent it right for the hypnotic hero. Ino put his arms up to block when the water warped into a bubble, tarping the poor boy in a large bubble of pure water.

he looked around and watched as the outer-layer of the bubble became thick ice except around his face so Mizuki could make sure they didn't suffocate. "Do you give up Ino?" The shark hero questioned with a slight smirk on his face but worried about his safety at the same time.

The boy gave him an angered look but closed their eyes giving up. Mizuki snapped his fingers as the bubble of water and ice shattered open before becoming water once more, flowing back to the shark hero as it reformed back into a hand. (One down!) Mirai told himself before becoming a water silhouette of himself, soaring off through the city.

Meanwhile Kaito came out from the alley, carefully walking down the sidewalk in the direction Mizuki went when a male voice called out: "Don't move" Kaito stood still with his hands up. That's when Akira stood right behind him. "Heh, poor move of you just walking out in the open like this. You made this too easy for me"

Just then, a large armadillo shell came soaring right for him like a cannonball. Akira managed to jump back out of the way just in time as the sphere struck the street with immense force. "What the hell!?" Akira exclaimed. Given an opening, Kaito turned to towards Akira, using his ability to freeze time as he charged right for him, unleashing a barrage of punches as hard as he could before his eyes snapped shut.

Nari stood up reverting back to normal as she looked at Kaito with a smirk. “Heh, can’t you take care of yourself, you probably would’ve lost if I hadn’t shown up”

“You got a point, now let’s hurry and take the others out before they have a chance to gang up on us” Just then Akira came charging towards them when Kaito once more stopped time once more but realized he had forgotten to rest his eyes before using it as his eyes once more shut and time resumed.

Akira sent a blizzard of ash right for the pair when Nari transformed her skin into an armadillo shell as she wrapped her arms around Kaito just before the ash ignited in a fierce explosion. Multiple other students noticed the burst of flames and smoke as some of them made their way over.

“Ready to give up?” Akira smirked with smoke swarming around his palm. Just then a tsunami came flowing over a building in Akira’s direction as Mizuki surfed it at the top without a surfboard. A shark tooth smile on his face as the colossal wave wiped the target out as the shark hero descended down to the pair with a flow of water.

“Hey Nari, hey Kaito, glad to see you both already found each other, now I'm here to help” That’s when Kumara could be seen walking towards them from down the road as she slowly pulled dower her mask letting out a calm breath. Dragonflies swarmed to her before she pointed towards the trio in front of her as the fast insects darted right for them.

“Don’t worry, they won’t get far Mizuki commented as he aimed both hands out towards the coming swarm, unleashing a wave of water right through the streets as the insects were washed away by the fierce wave of water. “Told you they wouldn’t get far” Just then the three of them felt themselves lit off the ground as they floated in mid-air. Kaito looked to see Kimiko walking towards them, her light green hair blowing in the wind.

“You shouldn’t let your guard down” With a smirk she raised her palm up before throwing it down towards the floor as the three heroes hit the ground with a loud smash, the light gravity now multiple times stronger than before as they found themselves pinned to the ground. Kaito unable to look at his opponent was pinned down by the immense weight.

Mizuki unleashed a wave of water in all directions but the gravity caused it to hit the ground not far from him. Nari attempted to shoot spikes from her body, but again the weight caused the spikes to hit the ground. “Give up, as long as I have you pinned, there’s nothing you can do”

Just then a small projectile landed in front of Kimiko as it bounced up in front of her, it was a dark-blue marble. She realized what was happening when an explosion went off in front of her causing her to fall backwards, scared of getting hit head-on by the small burst. She looked past the pinned trio to see Tagamori walking towards her with an emotionless expression and one hand in his pocket.

“I was hoping to take on Nari one on one for fun, but seems I'll have to take you out first” He pulled out a large rock from his pocket, throwing it right at her. In reaction the girl increased the weight of the rock as it landed a few feet in front of her with a smash. “Wrong move” With a snap, the area around the rook blew up in a far stronger explosion, knocking the girl off her feet covered in minor burn before landing on her back.

Her concentration broken, Kaito and the others quickly stood up and Mizuki sealed the heroine inside a sphere of levitating water above the street only leaving her head above the barrier. Tagamori walked towards them as Kaito stood between him and Nari who was stretching from being pinned by so much gravity. “You’ll have to go through me first” The young hero responded with one hand out blocking the approaching target from Nari.

“I don’t have business with you Mora, now step aside” Both stood motionless staring one another down when the target clapped in Kaito’s direction. The young hero quickly activated his ability stopping time as he walked over to Tagamori preparing to snap when the hero elbowed him in the abdomen with all his strength just as his eyes instinctively shut resuming time.

Rioda coughed feeling all the air knocked out of him falling back. As he fell, he snapped his fingers igniting a burst of flames and smoke between him and Kaito just before hitting the street. Mora was slightly burned but remained standing while his target quickly got up. The hero kept his right eye closed preparing for another time stop when Nari told him to stop.

“Don’t worry Kaito, I can take it from here” She smiled walking pasting him stand just five feet from her opponent who pulled out several marbles in between each finger. Nari formed crocodile skin and put her arms up ready for the coming attack as the marbles landed around her before erupting in multiple small bursts of fire around her, she was singed but not hurt much.

“Nice try, any more ticks up your sleeve Rioda?” With a smirk she charged right for him, manifesting an armadillo shell around her fist as she struck him in the ribs sending him staggering back several feet landing on his side in the middle of the street in pain.

“Sigh, looks like we’re almost done. We just have three left and one of them isn’t much of a threat” The female hero said looking around when she saw Ichiro Sato running down the building behind them with kinetic energy building up around them as a red outline glowed around his body.

With a smirk Sato launched himself off the building going right for Nari with a fierce kick as red electricity swarmed around him. The adaptive hero made her entire arms armadillo shell just before crossing her arms to block the coming strike. The attack was so powerful, Nari was sent down the road, her feet sliding across the ground as the pavement cracked from the sheer power of Sato’s attack.

“Heh, come on Toga, I'm sure you can fight back, can’t you?” Meanwhile Ino and Nanami came out from an ally approaching Mizuki and Kaito who were the only ones left. “Sleep” Ino spoke as her words reached Mora, causing him to collapse in a deep sleep. Mirai covered his ears just before the voice reached him and was unaffected. “Heh, it didn’t work!” The shark hero taunted.

“Don’t worry sharky, I wasn’t expecting it to be that easy...Kaito, attack Mizuki” The sleeping boy rose up, his eyes closed as he charged right for him. The white-haired boy manifested a tentacle made of water, knocking his friend back several feet when he stopped in mid-air before hitting the ground. The shark hero saw Nanami had stopped the staggering hero before he could fall any further as Kaito got up once more.

“This is going to be a pain in the butt if I don’t stop Ino first” Transforming his arms into pure water, he launched them right for her, grabbing her in a tight grip before throwing her into the air. “Ino!” Nanami cried out turning her attention towards her ally.

(Perfect) Mizuki thought to himself with a shark tooth smile. Ino fell from several stories towards the street when Nanami stopped her just before she hit the ground. (Now!) The moment he knew Ino was safe, he launched one of his large water fists right for Nanami knocker her out.

He looked at Ino who was too terrified to continue. “There, all that’s left is Sato” He looked to see the kinetic hero unleashing fierce combos at high speed at Nari who could only block the relentless attacks. As the barrage of attacks continued, a black rift opened behind Mizuki and Kaito to see a tall thin man with black hair and red eyes step out with a sadistic grin and a cut across his face as he aimed his palm in their direction. “Blood manipulation: blood restriction!”

Throwing his hand out, thread made of blood shot out from the assailant's fingers as they pierced Kaito’s arms and torso. The boy’s eyes widened from the sheer pain rushing through his body, he shook as a burning sensation rushed through him as if his very blood was on fire before it began to get cold.

“Kaito!” Mizuki manifested a shark made of water as it soared right for the criminal barring it’s water fangs. The villain detached his thread from his victim but was swallowed up by the water shark before it formed into a sphere of thick ice.

“Are you ok? You looked like you were in a lot of pain” The shark hero commented placing his hand on his classmate’s shoulder. Kaito looked at his friend as everything around him seemed to sway back and forth, he could see two of his friend before collapsing in the street.

Down the road Sato and Nari were exchanging blows in mid-air, Nari had large white wings sticking out of her back to keep her airborne during the intense fight when they heard one of their classmates cry out for help. Te pair paused for a moment when Nari responded: “Hmm, strange, that didn’t sound like a fake call for help, I should go see what’s going on to make sure nothing serious happened. Sigh, and just when the battle was getting good”

“Don’t worry, we can have a rematch later when this is all over” Sato said as Nari flew towards the fight while Sato built up kinetic energy running on foot. Meanwhile Toga flew overhead to see Kaito out cold. “Mora!” She flew towards them when blood thread shot out from the sphere of ice right for Mizuki. The adaptive hero flew in the way turning her body into crocodile skin just in time as the thread struck her arm but didn’t pierce through her skin.

The sphere of ice shattered as their assailant landed on his feet covered in ice as he let out a sigh with his breath visible. “T-that was cold, you kids are better than what I expected, I might not be able to pierce you girl, but can the same be said for the water boy!” Once more the villain prepared to attack when a rifted open up behind him to see the masked villain with his hands behind his back.

“Ketsuki Itami, that’s enough...as much as I'd enjoy to see these young heroes suffer, I didn’t bring you here to kill them, remember why I brought you here” Just then two blue slashes in the shape of a flaming “X” formed between the students and the two villains as their teacher Mitsuhide Obutari walked out wielding a katana engulfed in blue flames.

“I step away from the screen for a mere five minutes and come back to this? You both will pay for hurting my students...Sword strike...106!” The three students watched as their teacher dashed straight for Ketsuki for a one-shot strike when he came to a halt mid-attack. All looked to see the masked villain gripping the flaming blade with his bare hand, the flesh burning but their assailant didn’t even flinch.

“You certainly have power, but you’re not the one we’re looking for...paralysis” A purple aura went from the masked villain’s palm, outlining the teacher’s body when the blue flames dissipated from his katana as he collapsed on the street unable to move.

“R-run away” He choked out to his students. Nari clinched her fist as her entire body formed into an armadillo shell-like material with Sato standing beside her with a red light outlining his body. “Sorry teach, but when someone threatens my friends, I don’t let that go so easily” A grin grew on the girl’s face as she aimed her fist towards the pair firing spikes from her fist right for them.

“Blood coffin!” Ketsuki formed a thick layer of blood around him and his leader as the spikes struck the goo but were unable to pierce through it. Sato leaned back before taking off at full speed, using most of his stored power off the back as he kicked the wall of thick blood, sending a jolt of red electricity through it as the substance fell to the ground in a pool of red goo.

“What!?” The villain looked to see Ichiro come flying towards him, unleashing a barrage of kicks to his face, sending him smashing through the window of an old office building just nearly missing their boss who stood there not even flinching.

“Hmph, I didn’t expect my pawn to be so useless, seems I’ll have to go with plan B” Just then The decedents could be seen headed right for them, they were the trio Kaito had seen when he met Ultamizu. Icy Winter landed before the masked villain as her long blue hair blew in the wind as Rift stepped out of a portal beside her and Molten sun reformed his human body from being pure molten lava.

“You! You were that bastard that took that criminal away before we could take him to the Star hero prison! This time, I won’t let you get away! Done of eternal winter!” Her teammates looked up to see a massive dome of ice form above the city as the entire area was sealed within the colossal dome of ice. “Now you have nowhere to run” Winter snapped as snow began to fall from the top of the dome as if it were winter.

“You poor girl, you forget I have the ability to teleport like your ally, speaking of which” Moving at immense speed, the criminal grabbed Rift by the face. “Paralysis...power sealing” Once more the dark aura swarmed around his target, but this time a jolt of pain rushed to Rift’s head as his eyes widened in pain before he was dropped into the pavement. “There, I've sealed away your ability of rift creation, don’t worry it’s not gone forever, but it will be near impossible to use it ever again”

“You bastard! Who are you!?” Winter shouted enraged as a blizzard began to build up around them, the snow and fog growing thicker. The masked villain laughed responding: My name is Kanazetsu, I've come to gather fellow villains as well as kill any foolish heroes that dare stand in my way”

The villain vanished in a flash of light when Molten sun cried out: “He’s right behind you winter!” The girl turned to see their masked foe reaching right for her, a dark-purple mis swarming around his palm as he reached for her face.

“G-get back!” The ice hero jumped back, creating a large spike of ice right for her assailant as his hand was impaled with blood seeping from his wound with the ice sticking out of his palm. Kanazetsu pulled his hand back as he floated into the air with a purple aura outlining his body. “Hehe, your reaction time is impressive...or was it just luck?”

The heroes watched as the hole in the villain’s hand quickly closed in mere seconds. Winter watched in shock before crying out: “What is this!? A person normally has only one power, why do you possess four!?”

“Come now, why would I tell you such a vital secret, so what if I have more than one ability? Even if I only had one, you surely will lose either way. Now then, allow me to take the one thing that makes you special Icy winter” The masked villain moved up to the young hero, striking her in the abdomen knocking the air out of her as she collapsed to the ground.

“Now then...” As he reached for her, Molten jumped in the way. “No you don’t!” In his human state, Molten sun went to headbutt the tyrant when the foe touched his back as a sheer pain rushed through his body as Kanazetsu reached inside the hero’s body, pulling out an orange sphere of energy. “Hmph, I meant to take the girl’s ability, but the ability to become molten lava is an interesting substitute. Ketsuki”

The villain laying in the office building stepped out of the shattered window walking over covered in shattered glass and cuts while the masked villain pulled out a containment pod dropping the sphere of orange light inside. “I need you to take this to the base while I finish up here” He handed Ketsuki the pod opening a rift as the man walked through it before it quickly closed.

“I sadly don’t have another containment unit to store the girl’s power, so I'll let you keep yours for now” The dome of ice began to melt as Tomari awoke seeing the masked villain and quickly got to his feet. (Hmph, seems like an actual villain, looks like I'll have to pull out my trump card to stop him quickly) He pulled out a small black ball that was a speaker. “Let’s see how he deals with this!”

Tossing the small device over to the man, it gave off a loud noise that echoed through the city as Nari and the others covered their ears. “You poor child” Their target created a rift right below the speaker just as Tagamori snaped his fingers. He saw his speaker fall right in front of him just as a devastating explosion went off all around him.

“Tagamori!” Nari cried out. The others watched as their friend was launched into the air, half his body badly burned with half his clothing burned away. “Nooo!” Mizuki transformed into a water version of himself, flying right for his falling ally, his hands reverting back to normal as he caught him just before the young hero hit the street.

Tears fell from the shark hero’s eyes at the sight of his friend’s scorched body. “He shook with both rage and sadness as the ground began to shake. “Rrraaaggh!” A dome of water covered the city as dozens of sharks made of water shot out from all directions of the dome of water right for the assailant. “Y-you won’t get away with this! You’ll-you’ll pay for this!” Setting his friend down beside Nari and the others, Mizuki clapped his hands together as the colossal dome of water morphed into a massive fist as ice formed around it for extra power.

“Suffer!” All watched as the fist went straight for the masked villain, striking him head on with devastation power, shaking the entire city. Mizuki felt weak from using such wild power as he fell to one knee looking at their target laying in a large crater, part of his mask shattered.

“Did, did we defeat him?” Sato asked, watching the body carefully. That’s when they heard a weak laugh uttered from the injured man. “Hehe, d-damn it. To think that brat had this much power up his sleeve. If I didn’t have regenerative abilities I might’ve lost consciousness, too bad for you, in mere moments I'll be healed and back on my feet” They watched as the villain slowly rose up from the dirt, floating into the air dusting himself off with only his red glowing eye visible from his damaged mask.

That’s when a hero landed in between the heroes and villain in a fierce shockwave of speed. All looked to see Ultamizu standing before him. “Don’t worry, young heroes, seems I've made it just in time...I shall light the way with my power and rid the city of this villain!” The tall buff hero wore his blue suit and white cape as he pointed at his foe with a confident smile.

Taking a step forward, he unleashed a shockwave of force just from moving. “As I've said a million times before...I shall light the way with my power...for I am Ultamizu, the hero of justice!” The hero advanced right for Kanazetsu, throwing a fierce punch right for his already damaged mask. That’s when the villain caught the immense blow with one hand as the area around them cracked apart, windows for miles shattering to pieces from the immense power.

“Impressive, it’s been a long time since I've had someone stop one of my punches, just who are you villain?” That’s when the man teleported into the sky away from the hero. “As much as I'd like to get to know you better, I'm afraid I haven’t the strength to fight any longer...until we meet again hero”

As he created a rift once more, Ultamizu used all his strength to jump from the street, launching himself straight for the villain at immense speed. “I won’t let you get away!” As the valiant hero reached for him, the tyrant sent a powerful shockwave of force right back at him, sending his flying backwards, crashing into a large building as it came crashing down...

Everyone was taken to the S.H.A medical center as Tagamori was placed in a bed with the right side of his body wrapped in bandages, Molten sun A.K.A: Shawn Conners sat in a doctor’s chair as they scanned his body for any changes. The doctor was a tall man with dark-brown hair, green eyes wearing a doctor coat as he used a gun scanner to see if the hero’s body had changed.

“Sigh...I'm sorry molten sun, I mean Shawn Conners, seems you really have lost your powers. I can’t believe such a thing is possible, I mean, to forcible take away someone’s powers as if it’s a mere object in one’s body? That just sounds like blasphemy”

“So, you’re saying I'm nothing more than a human now doc!?”

“I’m afraid so, allow me to show you” The doctor pulled down a projector screen as he showed two pictures side by side, one was a blood cell and the other was a blood cell with blood cell with a glowing substance inside it. “As you can see, one blood cell is a normal human blood cell, while the other is what we call an awakened blood cell. Notice how there’s an anomaly happening with it. That is the source that give’s one their power and in the center, must be a core anomaly that sends it throughout your body. That masked criminal must’ve realized it and forcibly took your awakened source out of you there by stopping the anomaly's flow within your body”

Meanwhile Ultamizu stood out in the hall with Mitsuhide who had recovered from his paralysis. The young teacher struck the wall in anger as he looked down at the tiled floor. “I couldn’t do it...I couldn’t protect the students when they were in real danger, I've failed as their teacher!”

The pro hero frowned placing his hand on the instructor's shoulder motivating him not to be so hard on himself. “Don’t worry, none of your students were killed and that masked villain could stop my punch with one hand, so it was a low chance you could’ve beat him even if you hadn’t been paralyzed. But remember this: As long as heroes exist, we shall light the way with our power...unleash your power and show your students and the world that you are more than just an average hero”

(My mentor said those words to me when I was just a novice hero, though she’s gone now, her fiery spirit lives on in my power)


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