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This story is the poem which is meant to be read by everyone around me

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The light that shines within the dark I Jalen O’Donoghue

I was drinking some tea with my dog right beside me and the apples in the tree were so tasty.

but then it became total darkness in front of my eyes there was no lights none that my eyes can see.

It felt like as if I was in a dark pit of smoke but then I instantly woke.

but then I had to take the blame by seeing a flame but there was nothing that I could grab with my two hands until there were multiple bands

I have always enjoyed the scene around me but then one day it went away

But then I saw a big beam of light but then there was something to the right of the light we wish we were the only ones that cannot understand what it feels like to be stuck in the dark but now that it is the truth of the light that is within the darkness now I can see the scene

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