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Chapter 1

Here I am shopping for new date clothes listening to Big Girls Don't Cry by Fergus when I run into a hot muscled guy. I took my headphones out after I stand up then dust myself off. "I am so sorry sir, I did not see you." I checked myself mentally only to find out that my hip got bruised.

"It's quite alright. You ran into me pretty hard and fell, are you alright?" He asked concerned. He must have seen the look on my face.

Ever so softly, "I've had worse." Then at regular volume, as I picked up the clothes that fell without showing any pain. "I'm okay." I adjusted my long sleeve shirt and he gently caught my hand which meant he saw the bruises and marks. 'Shit! Shit! Shit! I have to get away before anyone in my 'family' found out. I am going to leave this store and state.' I pulled away and walked away as quickly as I could. Putting my headphones back in I heard Evanescence playing I knew I stayed too long. I found a backpack, small toiletries and with the clothes in my arms was enough for me to run.

Getting to the check stand I paid for everything, got my change, placed everything in the bag and left the store real quick. I grabbed my bike and got away from the store.

Out of nowhere he, the guy I ran into, was in front of me making me swerve. I learned how to slide to a stop without falling off but I cursed in my language that I haven't spoken in a long time. "Valtieck va toosket!" I looked at him before seeing the ghost of my sister standing next to him.

Wide-eyed I started shaking my head and speaking very fast in my language. I must be confusing him but he must have caught a few words to somewhat understand: sisters ghost next to you. Before cussing again, "Valtieck va toosket!" He waited for me to calm down which took a little while. A truck pulled up behind him.

"Hey guys, mind grabbing her bike? It won't fit in the car." He says.

"Check under the seat. There is a GPS tracker on it. Please either destroy the bike or destroy the tracker. Either way, I am dead. They are going to find me." After a while, I slipped back into my other language while wrapping my arms around my stomach while touching my hip. "I can't have them find me. They already killed my sister." I said very softly. I was staring at my sister who was watching the guys.

She mouthed, 'Go with them. They will keep you safe. Manchien solt talek.'

So I reply back, "From heaven to spirits from earth to dust shall we return." That caught the guys' attention.

"What's that supposed to mean?" The one conceiv driving the truck says. But I wasn't paying attention. I have never liked seeing ghosts. It only reminds me of my past. I looked up at the sky hoping to find the best way to explain but there was no answer up in the sky to help me.

"Manchien solte talek vaine tonacke." As soon as I said that phrase the guy on the passenger side jumped out of the truck with a shocked look on his face.

"You are alive? I have been searching for you little sis." I instantly recognized the voice before the face.

"Lateich mainch?" I asked.

"Yes little sis, it is I. We are a long way from our land don't you think?" My big bro said.

If he is here then I am safe. I lost my Magicka in this land. I have weakened over the years. "They killed sis." I still haven't explained who They were but I walked over to big bro and whispered, "I am very weak without my Magicka and I am not going back. They stole my Magicka."

The look on his face showed he was on a mission. "Do you remember the locket?" He nodded his head. "There is a door that goes to the basement. There is a box with my name on it. The box, take it as soon as you see it and run. The locket is in the box along with other things." I gave him the address and followed the guy from the store to his car.

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