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Cursed by the Gods to end a war, hunted by the people who started it. * After being found guilty on the charges for practicing witchcraft, Yima was sentenced to life and in three years time she was to be executed. The ship that was transporting new prisoners to Osi was attacked by the notorious kuozwa, the pirate king's private ship. After agreeing to marry the pirate king's son in exchange for a chance to enroll at the only magic school, Ngula, Yima doesn't expect any more trouble to come her way, but it does.

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Heart of glass

[ It seemed like the real thing but I was so blind]

"I'm not a witch." Yima said for the thousandth time that day, first before the corrupt court that would have loved to see her burn and now to a strange man who just saved her from the worst punishment a girl like her would never have survived, Osi, the inescapable penitentiary which was found in Aarunt, she was sentenced to life on the charges of practicing magic.

"I believe you." He said uttering the words she had longed to hear from someone, anyone other than herself. Heat spread out in her chest.

She nodded once, leaning further back into the rough brown couch that she was beginning to hate. She hated the color brown. It reminded her of her mother, who only wore clothes that were of that color.

"It suits your eyes." He was right, her big brown eyes matched the color perfectly well.

"How did you know?" She asked hoping he wasn't going to say something as crazy as being able to read minds. It was obviously her fidgeting and the ugly glare she gave the couch before she sat down.

"Let me show you instead," The deep blue glow of the rytuid from the tank above him caused the entire room to feel crowded and spacious at the same time. "The house leaders are on their way."


Yima twirled the ring on her finger, she would have thrown it away but it looked pretty and it made her untouchable. Her father in-law, the pirate king, was feared by every breathing creature because of his thirst for bloodshed and violent crimes.

The pirate king knew what power he would have if he's son married someone with an ability, especially someone who was known as a witch. He would be untouchable, seen as a god and that he became.

The man's eyes slowly found themselves on her ring finger and she couldn't stop the frown that took residence on her face, she knew what was to come even before he said anything.

"Have you met his son?" The pirate king's son.

"I have, multiple times." She recited everything the pirate king told her to say. She had never seen his son before, even when she signed the contract his signature wasn't there.

"Is he as handsome in person as he is in the stories that everyone has grown to know and love?"

"They didn't do him justice." That part was her own, if she was going to keep up this lie she was going to go big.

''You don't seem like the type of person who would lie,'' he was wrong but she wasn't going to correct him.

He smiled, like he had just shared an inside joke with himself.

Ngula boarding was found in Aarunt and was situated in the city of Guni, where the families of every criminal locked up in Osi lived.

The island was surprisingly only known for having the most guarded prison, it was a good thing.

He was quiet as he scrutinized her, she kept her head high, posture straight and maintained eye contact not wanting him to think he had her intimidated. Looking up at him, she took in his appearance paying attention to everything. The features on his face that stood out the most were his bushy eyebrows. His gunmetal blue eyes were filled with so much excitement and curiosity, that it was hard to look away.

He looked to be in his late forties and she couldn't deny that he was oddly handsome. His lips pulled up in a knowing smile and she felt blood running to her face in embarrassment, the thought of him being able to read minds bothered her a lot. She shifted her eyes to his desk which was neatly arranged and on it was his name tag which read, Med.

On the wall were six large pictures of each house leader. Only one was headed by a boy, he looked to be her age with short blond curly hair, sunken blue eyes and a beautiful smile. He was part of house tifins.

She returned her attention to Med and noticed that he was having a conversation with someone over a mind link, mind links were formed only by blood oaths when two suitable people took part in that ceremony. Undergoing such a ceremony was risky because many people have died from trying to link themselves with unsuitable people. Turning back to the wall, she took a glance at the people that she was yet to meet feeling both nervous and excited. She hoped that someone had something that she could relate to, even just a little bit.

She knew she possessed something, she could feel it.

They sat in awkward silence as they awaited their arrival.

After the rytuid made its fourth complete turn, the double doors swung open revealing six people in uniform, except each had a different badge on their breast pocket. Zelda, the house leader of house lintos had an intimidating presence. Her long grey hair was tied back in a ponytail, she was taller than Yima thought she would be.

Nyx, leader of house imits was standing at Zelda's left. Her large blue eyes narrowed when they spotted Yima and she looked away. Falcon, the leader of house greens was the shortest and also, in my opinion, had the most beautiful hair color, the shades of the eastern rainbow.

Adira, of house waves, was the complete opposite in the sense that her hair was the shade of the Durt bridge, colorless with brown edges. It moved like the ocean waves and sat proudly on her head, spilling onto her shoulders like water.

Brielle, of house droppers, sent Yima an encouraging smile and she smiled back. Her almond shaped eyes didn't focus on anything at all but it still managed to feel as if she was watching the whole room at once. Hunter leaned against the wall in almost a ghostly way, it was like he wasn't even there. His gaze was fixed on Med and Yima followed suit.

''As you have already noticed, we'll be receiving a new student," he paused, "show her what you can do."

Everyone's eyes fell on her and she was glad that she managed to keep a straight face and pretend as if she couldn't feel their piercing looks.

The first to step forward was Falcon, who raised her finger tips in the air and within seconds branches and vines swirled together to form a roaring dragon. Yima lost control of her jaw and it fell open as she clapped for her, Falon nodded her thanks before returning to her original position.

The rest didn't look surprised, they looked bored.

Hunter blended in with the environment so well that it was hard to tell where he was, after his sudden disappearance several objects disappeared with him. Yima's eyes widened and she nodded her head several times, impressed. The objects appeared in different areas and as for him, in front of her. She jumped back in fear and even after she realized that it was him, her heart was still pounding.

He extended his right hand towards her and gestured for her to hold his hand, she hesitated and slowly placed her hand in his and he raised it to his lips giving it a gentle kiss. His lips felt cold and hostile on her burning hot skin. As she watched him return, she noticed Nyx was rolling her eyes and fake yawning.

Adira closed her hazel eyes for what felt like a few seconds, her eyes had changed to the color red when she reopened them, with her hands stretched in front of her and her palms facing up, water formed at her fingertips. Only until she absorbed the water back, did Yima realize that she had drawn it from her own body.

She let out a gasp, amazing!

Adira turned away like it was nothing and returned to her previous position. Brielle walked up the center of the room effortlessly, Med took out a jar of screnies, they were the most silent animals. He placed them in different locations, and they immediately started running at amazing speeds, but that didn't stop Brielle from slowing time only for them, causing them to move in slow motion.

It was now Zelda's turn, her eyes focused on Hunter, Falcon and Adira's badges causing her eyes to change into multiple shades of color. She turned her attention to the room and repeated what they had all done. Yima stood up from her seat and sat back down embarrassingly. Zelda had a cocky smile on her face. Nyx was next, she marched right in front of Yima and before she knew what was happening, she was staring at herself. She screamed in an unladylike manner, she suddenly felt dizzy and placed her head on the arm of the couch for support.

Before everything went black she heard Nyx say, ''definitely not an imit.''

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