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Go figure

I laughed to myself when I saw the direction we were going. It was a road often travelled, familiar indeed. I for sure was no stranger to it nor were the passengers that were traveling with me. Somehow no matter how much you go down this road you can never prepare yourself for what you drive through. I slightly tapped the brakes to slow down. I even pulled the car over on the side of the road. I put on my emergency signal and my emergency brake. I needed help. Desperate to stop the other car from damaging mine I cried out to the Lord for help. Please don't let this car behind me crash into mine. It should be obvious that I am not on the road anymore. I've even indicated that my vehicle is stalled and is not a danger or threat in this bad weather. That however didn't stop the car from coming at me and at full speed. Taking a deep breath I advised my passengers to brace themselves. I waited for the impact. What else was I supposed to do? I'm stuck on the side of the road, in a stalled vehicle, and with passengers. I can't just abandon the car nor the passengers. As soon as I exhale, one of the passengers through a diversion and it upset the other car so much it worked. You must be thinking, what worked? The diversion of course. It caused the other driver to turn its vehicle around and go another way. No doubt the day was shot. The trauma alone took the entire day to deal with emotionally. Go figure. This isn't new. It happens every time I speak up for my self, disagree with him, or challenge his truth. Our vehicles go down the wrong street. I used to speed to go through this storm but speeding only puts me in danger. I'd talk back and have a response for every disrespectful comment that rose up against me but that only put me equal to his speed. It was exactly what he wanted, to have justification as to why he treated me like that. I used to slow down and be overly compliant, apologetic, and passive but it only hurt me the more. I was trying to try an alternative way to stop him from attacking me in front of our children. I was trying to agree and show remorse apologizing for everything I said or everything he heard so we could have some kind of peace on this road. Sounds good but didn't work. The insults became louder and more disrespectful. I seen myself taking a broomstick and knock him clear across the chin so he could remember who he was talking to, but I didn't. Suddenly my baby girl did something so innocent, so brave. He was hit by her hand. She thought it was playful but it knocked the food out of his hand and made him angry. So what did he do. He aborted the mission and left the house. It's definitely been about 12 hours of peace but I got a good feelings that even when he returns he'll pickup where he left off or come back and act as if we left on good turns. This issue will never be brought up and I'll be sitting wondering, if we ever got closer to closure or is it just a dead end. Either way today was another unexpected rain storm. I have chosen to allow this rain to nourish the seed that was planted. Not cause a flood of confusion.


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