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Life for me

life for me is not the best. I find money but it's only a dollar. I have a mom and sister but they hate me. I have kids but my husband stole them. I get a dog but it runs away. I am about to get into a relationship but I some how ruin it. Life has always been pretty crappy for me. It's like I am in a hole, and I try so hard to climb out, but as soon as I get to the top, about to get out. Someone comes along and kicks me back down and I have to start all over again. It seems that it never gets better. Nothing ever works out for me and it sucks. It's like I almost get something but it always never happens. Sorry about venting. You don't have to like this I'm just depressed and trying to get this off my chest.

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I’m sorry
October 08, 2021, 11:56