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🚨CONTAINS SEXUALITY, NUDITY, CORSE LANGUAGE MAY TRIGGER SOME PEOPLE READ AT YOUR OWN RISK🚨 I'm Amber and I'm like every normal 19 year old I go to school and work hard but I don't dream about boys. I am too damaged my daddy-issues get in the way of my social life I don't drink or do drugs but here's the big one... I don't sleep with ANYONE I vowed to myself that I would never talk about my past. I broke that vow when I meet Lincoln Will I follow my heart or let my daddy issues get in the way will I talk to him or try to run And when he starts to ask about my parents I have to make a chose to either lie or tell the truth. I just hope that my heart does not get broken.

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Not worth the fight 🖤Amber🖤

I sit at the cafeteria with my friend Jenna were on our second day of school more like our second day of hell.

"Amber are you listening to me?" Jenna asks.

"yeah of course I am" I lie

"I've known you for 7 years don't you you think I know when your lying?" she gives me that look that my mom use to give me, that I know your lying and you better explain yourself look.

"I was just daydreaming" I say.

"really daydreaming about what?" she pauses " are you dreaming about a boy?" she says the last part in a whisper.

"NO you know I don't think about that stuff" she should know by now that I gave up on men along time ago.

"I know but a girl can dream right?" she says with a dreamy sigh.

"sureeeee" I laugh.

"so what class do you have after this?" she asks.

"I have art class I can't wait I love art" I say with my own dreamy sigh.

"I know you say that everyday for the past 7 years" she rolls her eyes.

then she starts talking about her math teacher I then proceed to zone out I start thinking about my classes when I Remember that o have to pic up my siblings and bring them to their foster home the Jones house isn't that bad their better then what our father did to me-

"freak alert" I don't need to turn around I recognize that high voice anywhere.

"now now Amber don't you think it's rude to ignore people when they are talking to you?" she pauses and I debate running for the door but then she says "look at me when I speak to you bitch"

that's when I lose it the past 5years worth of anger pored out as I will around and go to slap her when strong arms come around me I am not done fighting though so I yell "well 'bitch' who are you to judge your mom's a whor-" a hand covers my mouth before I can fight agenst them they talk to me.

I can feel his mouth close to my ear as he says "it's not worth the fight" his voice is smooth and deep but not too deep he then let's go of my mouth and unlocks his arms that were around my body I slowly turn around.

I gasp when I see pearcing blue eyes with pecks of gold staring at me. his eyes are like none I have ever seen

he laughs "I get that a lot don't worry and yes they are natural" then he pauses and says "I'm Lincoln by the way" he gives me a small smile.

"I'm Amber" I say dumbly I feel my face heat up this has never happened to me before normally I don't talk to guys. I don't know how to act.

we're staring at eachother for a long time. Jenna starts laughing and we look over at her to see what was so funny but she's looking at us oh boy here we go.

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