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Price On Your Head

It was a cold wintery night and anything bad that could happen generally did. On this particular night a man by the name of Alphonzo Flit-wick had just finished another all night shift at his local grocery store. As he was closing the store he just happened to look to his left and saw a man armed with a gun pointed straight at him. Empty the register said the man as he crudely aimed the weapon. For a second Alphonzo Flitwick just stood there thinking of a plan to dispose of the assailant. The guy who at this point knew that Alphonzo was thinking about how he could get rid of the guy. For a split second Paul the guy with the gun pondered letting Alphonzo go. Never the less he emptied out all the registers in the store but only after he pressed the hidden burglar alarm behind the desk. Within an instant a doezen or so police cars pulled up to the front of the store. Alphonzo pulled back his fist and knocked the man flying over the front of the desk and as he stumbled onto the floor he knocked over a display of marbles that he trips on and falls head first into the arms of a cop named Jacob Peters. Well well well we meet again Paul winters. The most notorious criminal in robbery history. You’re going away for a long long time. Are you kidding I’ll be out before you can jumping jackrabbit. A day later sure enough Paul winters walked out of prison a free man. The first thing he wanted to do was get revenge on the guy who knocked him out. He breaks into the store and waits in the shadows for the employee to come in the next morning. Before he had left the store that night he swiped the keys from the clerk. Luckily flitwick had a spare key. Opening the door Flitwick stood there he froze in place for he knew that he wasn’t alone. Someone had broken into the store again. Grabbing one of the cart hook straps Alonzo walks around the store sensing he’s not alone. He hits Paul winters with the hook strap. As the metal hook leaves his forehead Paul suddenly has an idea. The gun he had with him was just on the customer service desk. He grabbed it aimed and fired.

Chapter # 3

A Race Against Time

Paul winters junior was ashamed of his father. He just couldn’t believe he had stolen his rifles. He had started to regret ever building the cursed things. But it was ok because his father didn’t know about his newest invention. He had built a time machine out of an old UPS Truck. His plan was go to go back in time to when he invented the guns that were self loading and destroy them so that no one not even his father could get to them. This would also help to keep him out of jail. Two days later he had finally finished his Time machine. He then got inside the truck switched on the time circuits and then went back to September 4th 2021. Unfortunately he couldn’t risk bumping into his past self so what he needed to do was find a way to get by without coming in contact with his father or his younger self. This wasn’t going to breast he thought to himself as he landed the time machine. Paul winters senior was drinking in a bar when suddenly he saw a brilliant bright light flash before his eyes. He noticed something outside he had seen a ups truck vanish out of thin air. How was this possible he said to himself. Things were starting to fall into place. The next morning Paul Junior walked over to the Pale Dragon bar where he knew his dad would be. Dad I need the keys to the house. I lost mine. Unbeknownst to Paul senior Paul junior hadn’t lost anything he was getting the keys so he could get into the house and confiscate the guns he had made. He grabs the guns and returns to the time machine. He then travels to Japan and throws the weapons into an active volcano. Meanwhile at the county police station Sargent Peter Wilkerson has just questioned a suspect in the kidnapping of a teenage girl. Her name is Caroline Prescott. Caroline was last seen in her parents front yard playing basketball with a group of kids from her school. When suddenly a man in a black van stopped in front of her and kidnapped her as she was screaming for help on e of her best friends Andrew Bakersfield called 911 and told the police of the situation. Apparently a tall muscular Caucasian man got out of a black van and approached a girl in the parking lot of a middle school.

Paul winters junior grabs the keys to the ups truck he just got a call that his neighbors daughter had been kidnapped. He had to take the time machine back to 11:15 that day. As he raced against time to try and find Caroline before she got taken. Caroline Caroline Prescott where are you. Paul called out to Caroline hoping that she could hear him. Caroline turned around she heard someone call her name. Paul winters what are you doing here. Caroline I have a feeling that today you’d be kidnapped. Caroline it’s very important have you noticed any black vans being parked near Oakridge middle school. Come to think of it I did see a black van parked at a stop sign two minutes ago. As he motioned for Caroline to come with him he told her to get inside the truck. Listen Caroline I have to tell you something. Right now you are sitting in a time machine that I constructed out of a UPS Truck.

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