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This story is about all of the daughters I’ve driven front horror movie villains going to the same school together and you find your self with the Halloween queen or Michaela Myers who helps you escape her own dad

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The spooky scary amazingness

Hi, I am Annette, The daughter of Annabel, this is Cheryl, she is the daughter of Chucky, this is Michaela Myers, and she is the daughter of Michael Myers"said Annalee. Hi, Annalee didn't introduce you to me, my name is Cheryl, and I am the daughter of Chucky"said Cheryl". i'm Jaycee Voorhees, and I am the daughter of Jason Voorhees, I just hang out with those who come on our turf, but my dad doesn't like that, he wants me to kill them, but I don't want to kill those innocent people"Said Jaycee". hi, I'm Felicia Krueger, the daughter of Freddy Krueger, I don't want to kill those when I sneak in their dreams with my dad, I just wake them up and I lead them out of the room that my dad is in"said Felicia". Hi, I'm Michaela Meyers, the daughter of Michael Myers, I do not want to kill anyone because they're also innocent why should I kill them unless they wanna be like my dad then sure but my sister McKenzie loves killing those with my dad but I don't"said Michaela". my name is Patricia wise, and I am the daughter of Pennywise"said Patricia". hi, I am Valentina, and I am the daughter of ValekHe comes out of paintings just like I do, but I don't wanna kill anyone he always says come on Valentina you have to kill people with me and then I just say I'm going back to the house dad you do it on your own because I don't want to harm anyone so I bring them to a safe shelter so that way my dad won't hurt them"said Valentina". I am Selena, and I am the daughter of sloppy, I don't want to be evil, instead of an evil spirit in my body, I literally have a good spirit in my body more like a spirit of Jesus then the spirit of you know who"said Selena

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