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The Story Of Jeddayah Swearenjen The King Of Alkatraz That Was Betrayed By Trakos. Will He Succeed? Will He Regain His Leadership? Find Out About The Author - Numan Zafar Is A 13 Year Old Boy That Writes Fiction Books For All Ages

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The Immortal

It All Started When Jeddayah Swearenjen The King Of Alkatraz After Finally Conquering The 4 Kingdoms Went On A Journey To Live A Peaceful Life And Left Trakos In Charge As He Was Going On His Way To West As Suggested By His Advisor He Met A Shady Looking Person He Was Wearing A Cloak. He Said "My Majesty Could I Offer You A Knights Sword, It Contains The Power Of Talking To The God's". Jeddayah Took It As A Joke And Asked The Guy For The Price "50 Múdrh My Lord"

The King Agreed And After Selling The Sword The Trader Magically Vanished. As Soon As The King Held The Sword He Knew What The Trader Was Talking About. He Immediately Felt The Power Rushing Through His Veins He Could Feel The Wind Blowing. As He Stood There Beside His Horse Suddenly Lightning Strook Infront Of Him. He Took Cover Beside A Tree. From The Spot Where The Lightning Had Strook, A Heavily Built Man Came. Half Naked. He Was Angry And Was In Absolute Rage. He Stood There As If He Knew Jeddayah Was Hiding. Come Out I Won't Hurt You He Said. Jeddayah Immediately Stood Up And Said "Who Are You And What Is Your Buisness With The King?" In Reply He Said "I Am wRath The Protector Of The Lightning Realm And You Call Yourself The King You Puny Mortal". I Am Jeddayah The King Of Alkatraz And You Are Trespassing In My Kingdom, Said Jeddayah

"You Dare Oppose Me Mortal? You Don't Know My Power Yet!" Jeddayah Took His Sword In His Hands In Order To Defend Himself. Prepared Just As Wrath Charged In One Swing Jeddayah Chopped Wrath's Head Off And His Journey Began.

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