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What you will get with this manifest action journal Mindfest > Find out what you really want? < Get the law of attraction working for you > See a new reality > affirmations < Self discovery & Self Love > Motivation, & productivity < Figure out what's holding you back, Release limited beliefs, < Redefine, revamp, recreate, rediscover the authentic you! < What's meant for you? < Realize what's stopping you? < Learn how to change it.  < Conquer your demons. < find the personal power in you < Cord cutting, meditations, Eft < soul searching questions  < Set personal, business/professional goals & smash them < Get your energy  aligned with your ultimate vision < Blueprint to your desires  < stress relief I've put together all the best information you can find from all the experts,professionals coaches  to becoming your best self and living your best life and getting the law of attraction to start working for you in your life

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The process




✓ NEED MORE self love ?


A concrete strategy?

,✓ Clarify life's Blueprint life's purpose?

✓ Need an Action plan?

NEED to Develop new healthier habits?

Need a New mindset?


is exactly what you need, what you've been waiting for!

Easy to use

All the tools needed to start manifesting.

script your way to your desired life!

manifest the life you were meant for!

Realizing our destiny opens us up to higher realms of being&

To reach self-mastery.

You should have a manifesting practice that is specially designed for you.

This is an interactive manifestation journal to help change your mindset with the best tips and techniques to develop and change your life.

self-love, is hard to do sometimes but you can learn howit can be attainable through selfrediscovering & fine tuning yourself even after hitting rock bottom, "from a past dripping with sin to a future dripping with gold", strive & get into your flow so you can live your best life! & BECOME the Highest version of yourself.

Be inspired & inspire others to get creative rise & overcome
All of the stereotypes of society and negativity that comes from living a life of judgement addiction & hardships,fuck your past it's never too late to find true personal power,

< Don't underestimate what you were meant for!

> Find out what you really want.

> Create your new reality.

< Be bold!

< This is your time to shine.

Change it Inside out

NOTHING actually changes in your physical reality until you change inside first.

Always work on you first mind body and soul then everything else will start to fall into place.

Create your dream life with simple actions.

What do you want to create today?

✓ Design a routine to improve your wellness.

✓ Emotional Awareness you need to control your emotions recognise don't let them control you and let them go.

✓ You want to learn how to get your emotions in flow with positivity

✓ What your thinking about right now on creates the base of your current point of focus which you can change

✓ Do t wait to be happy from external condition s be happy now

✓ Your emotions influence what you manifest in life

✓ Become emotionally healthy regardless of your circumstances

What we call "Self-mastery" is a form of self-control, the capability to keep focused and lead your life towards your main objective. But this is one of the aspects of this term.

The best way for us to reach self-mastery is to get out of our own way. That’s why this guide was built, to assist you on this new life- path. You will be able to point out all the pitfalls and tips to reach personal development.

Spend Your Time With The Right People

It is really important to carefully pick the “chosen ones” to spend your time with. We all have long-time friends that we love but not all of them think alike or share the same life goals. But in order to reach our main goals it is crucial to surround ourselves with positive and like minded individuals. That by itself will improve your days, boost your energy and keep you motivated!

When you see some of them succeed, you will just feel motivated to do what it takes to have the same feeling.

Have a Plan

It doesn’t really matter what you want to accomplish, it is just really important to set your main goal, together with smaller goals that can lead to the whole plan getting done. This way you can keep motivated by achieving small goals towards your main objective and this way you can also keep track of your progress, as they say, “it is not about the objective, it is about the journey”.

This is exactly why a full-plan, split into small tasks, is so important. You don't want to feel miserable doing terrible little tasks to reach your main goal. Every step should be nice and clear, and it should also make you proud and excited to be moving forward!

To organize everything, you can use a vision board, with tasks and pictures of a house, a nice car, whatever your objective is, place all info you can in a place that you can take a look at every day, this can be really powerful to your brain, your subconscious will work to make your vision become a reality.

Have daily Goals

As we have said above it is important to break your HUGE goals into smaller parts to keep you motivated and moving forward, but this is one step beyond, try to create daily goals, in a way that your brain will always have something to work on and receive a result, or a feedback at the end of each day. Just write your results down, this will

give you a sense of fulfillment due to your progress.

Learn from successful people

Successful people already made it, try your best to connect with these people and learn from them. Reading biographies from your industry is a good start to change your mindset.

Have a Morning Routine

One of the best things you can do in the morning is to "wake up" your body and give it a sense of purpose. Again, we are trying to give our brains small things to work on and receive positive feedback for it. In the military it was always a good practice to wake up and fix the bed, this just gives our brains a little sense of achievement to start the day.

Just try to implement these little routines in your life and it will go a long way toward your goals.

scriptyour thought for the day?

Be savage , do something new, get out of your own way!

You need to get out of your routine and do something out of the box.

If what you're doing now isn't working for you then change shit up or shits gonna stay the same old same old.

tell yourself you are committed to the challenges of these pages & I believe my life will start to improve starting now! 



The power is already in you!


There's power in your words.

Some say magic!Important!

Pay attention to the words you say to and about yourself and the world around you.

Certain words are powerful When they get used, they can be reality creators.

Much wiser to be conscious of your thoughts and feelings so you know what you're creating.

When you write your though—ts out on paper it brings them to life!, and into the conscious which gives you the power to transform them.

Simply by acknowledging your thoughts.

If you expect to never get what you want in life, that’s exactly what you will attract.

Random thoughts

shit in your head?


Say out loud:

I think therefore I am.

When you resist change you resist life.

The act of writing the reality you wish to create creates focused intention.

< Get clear about what you want!

< Getting clear about what you want helps you focus on your goals.

< Your attention for receiving becomes refined & subconsciously you’ll let go of the stuff holding you back.

< It also Creates space for new opportunities & what’s important to you.

< You tune into yourself.

< It’s a process of self discovery.

< It raises your vibration to attract positivity into your life.

< There is no judgement and no wrong way to journal.

Hacks for scripting

< Be creative, Cut and paste

< Date it so you can look back to see if you're alighted & on course .

< It's your ultimate guide to your personal power,

< Use it for self reflection self discovery

< Write out goals and to-do lists.

< Write out successes and achievements

< Gratitude diary

< Ideas, brainstorms & blueprint to your ultimate life

< You can script your dream job , house your ideal partner or relationship.

< Change your self talk to positivity.

< Create who you want to be.

< Pay attention to your thought process.

< What you give thought to is what you bring into your life.


Concept of the Law of Attraction,

The Law of Attraction is one of the 12 universal laws that you should know & knowing them will help you align yourself with what you want.

manifesting process:

Get clear on what you want,

step by step.

identify what beliefs or habits are holding you back

then change them.

Manifestation: is the phenomenon that occurs when something that was a part of your imagination becomes actualized in your physical reality.

There's more to the process of manifestation then just thinking ,

The actions you take on a daily basis come from your thoughts.

Allow your mind to connect to Source energy .

finish this sentence:

I want to ?

Dear future self,

The law of attraction responds to the thoughts you think, the words you speak and the emotions you feel.



say out loud:

I choose to forgive to help me heal, & so I am forgiven.

How to manifest what you want!


Put in the work,

take steps towards the ultimate desire.


Your beliefs on manifesting?

What are Your beliefs on living the life you desire?



Are Two of the most powerful words, and what you put after them can define you & shape your reality. So pay attention to what you say, ask for & pray for.

Be mindful of what you speak out loud!

Powerful words

& what follows these words is created.

-I Am

-I Can

-I Do

-I Desire

-I have


these power words into a sentence to help you start manifesting!


Your energy goes towards where your attention goes.

When making decisions, pay attention to intuition and signs.

Listen to your emotions.

Get your inner self to connect with your intuition.

with the following.

< Meditate.

Messages from your intuition are quiet,so Pay attention to your five senses.

< Pay attention to your dreams. When you're sleeping, your subconscious mind can talk to you, throw your dreams, write your dreams down.

< If you have intuitions about the future, write them down.

< Your intuition speaks to you through your body physically .anxiety feeling uneasy or uncomfortable sickness.

< When you're trying to make a decision, pay attention to your gut because it's telling you what’s up.

< Got a sick or bad feeling in your gut? could be your intuition trying to warn you & tell you what's up.

< Change up your routine. < When you're too busy, it's hard to pay attention to your intuition.

< Being in nature

< Engage in repetitive movement

< Breathing.

What do your Instincts and Intuition feel like?

< sense of warmth

< breath easier

< having visions

< tingly and goosebumps

< you relax

< high alert

< loss of energy


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